David will come to FACTS 2016 Comic Con in Belgium

Submitted by markusonwheels on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 17:53

Does ‘The Hoff’ even need an introduction? David Hasselhoff has once held the world record for Most Watched Man on Television Ever (yes, this is an official Guinness World Record title). The name Hasselhoff alone is enough to send everyone who owned a TV in the 80’s into a fandom frenzy. And now, it’s time to freak out, because Mr. Knight Rider and  Mr. Baywatch are coming to FACTS, neatly wrapped in one package called David Hasselhoff.

The Official World Fan Cruise with David Hasselhoff!

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 08/14/2016 - 21:54

It's been confirmed! David Hasselhoff is hosting an official world fan cruise in November, 2017! The cruise will take off from Italy on November 4, 2017 and visit Spain and France before returning on November 9, 2017. 

Be sure to check out the exclusive fan package for the cruise: 

  • Concert
  • GetTogether
  • Autograph session
  • Event evening "David in Person" in the large Theater
  • David is on board with you for the duration of the cruise
  • Many fan moments more...

No access for other cruise guests!