Chapter 1: The Little Prince

On July 17, 1952, in Baltimore, Maryland the joy of the Hasselhoff's was very big, because little David was born. His mother, Dolores and his father, Joe were proud parents of four beautiful girls. So, their fortune was perfect with the birth of David. Finally, they had a son, because they had hoped so long to have one. David's four sisters -- Diana, Lisa, Jean and Joyce -- looked very carefully to their little brother 24 hours a day. "My God, my four sisters loved me and were totally crazy about me as I was a little boy!" says David with a smile on his face.

David and parentsDavid's father, Joe Hasselhoff, was a manager in a security enterprise and was well paid. His mother took care of the five kids. The Hasselhoffs come primarily from Germany, but the family came to America a long time ago, to see what was real about the story of the "American Dream". But, that David this dream could make come true and even go back to Germany as a star did never someone believe of them.

In the middle of this big family, David grew up. He knew every time that there was someone who took care of him. But he learned to test what he was thinking and so he got many attention, which he could change into something positive. David was never a little selfish kid, which wanted to be in the middle of everyone. He liked it more, to be alone and to observe everything to make his own thoughts about it. His father described him as a very quiet and shy kid. It happened very peculiar, that he was going out of himself. But his parents remember that as David was seven he came so enthusiastic about the play "Rumpelstilskin" back home. He had only that fairy-tale in mind and he always said that he wanted to get the role as the hero of the fairy-tale sometimes. Every time when the Hasselhoffs had visitors, little David showed them some little things to entertain them. While he was doing that he really was happy like never before!

He was like a changed kid as he played the role. At the beginning that there was a public, he changed himself from a shy kid to a magic little prince, who battles with all he had for the princess. He brought the public with his grimaces and puns to laugh. On this way he could dig his other things that were on his mind. For him it was a sure thing that he would do something with acting or singing in his future.

His parents had pleasure to see that David had a new interesting thing found in his life. David didn't stop to speak about his new interests until his parents got him into a theater school. David was there most of his spare time. With a lot of ambition he acted his first role. In the same year he had his theater debut in the musical "Peter Pan" and there he showed everyone what a beautiful voice he has. His parents were very proud of their son. After the play David was sure that that was what he's gonna do in his future.

After High school he made his way to the rooms of the theater group, where he stayed. He played every role he could get. One time he even stood in a typical vesture from Bayern (Germany). In the beginning David was very stark and didn't move himself that much. But he had a way to understand everything very fast, and that convinced his teachers a lot. They were sure that he could make it in the future!

David says about himself, that he was at that time very small and he looked very funny and tall. At a play he was so uppish like no one else. David could need this energy very well. Because of the profession of his father the Hasselhoffs had to move very often so he needed to make new friends.

Acting helped David over so many things and gave him at every new school the possibility to establish himself. The most important thing for him was to be a member of the theater group at his school. Every time he got the star of the theater group in a very short time, because of his big ambition and his talent. Maybe it was because of this time that David got such an iron will and a very big optimism.

When David was 16, and just visited the Lyons Township High school in Illinois, he fell in love with a girl named Sandy Shirley. David was the swarm of the school, she says. Every girl wanted to have a date with him and because David didn't make the first step she did and invited him. For months they were indissoluble. But then his career became to David more important than girls. In the age of "sweet" 17 he reached his target. He came into the Troupe Of American College Players, a junction of the best High school-actors (actresses) from the USA!

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