I wish to thank Andre Albrecht, for translating the book into english and summarizing it from german. This book is by Jorg Fischer, titled "David Hasselhoff." Unfortunately, translating the whole book was left unfinished. You can purchase David's newest Biography, "Making Waves" by clicking here.

Chapter 1: The Little Prince

On July 17, 1952, in Baltimore, Maryland the joy of the Hasselhoff's was very big, because little David was born. His mother, Dolores and his father, Joe were proud parents of four beautiful girls. So, their fortune was perfect with the birth of David. Finally, they had a son, because they had hoped so long to have one. David's four sisters -- Diana, Lisa, Jean and Joyce -- looked very carefully to their little brother 24 hours a day. "My God, my four sisters loved me and were totally crazy about me as I was a little boy!" says David with a smile on his face.

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Chapter 2: Gale and Pressure in Los Angeles

David made his leaving examination at the La Grange High school in Chicago, where the Hasselhoffs lived at that time. "I was so obsessed of become an actor that I neglected all the other subjects in school. My leaving examination marks were very bad, that I couldn't go to the College, unfortunately," David shrives. But the 19 year old David didn't want to go there, so he didn't care. His target was a school where he could learn acting. For that David fulfilled the presupposition easily: he decreed over the look and the talent, and he proved, that he was in the correct situation, to work hard for his target.

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Chapter 3: Knight Rider the Black Knight

Brandon Tartikoff's choice seemed to be a direct hit. David was the perfect actor for the role of the agent Michael Knight, who was the hero with the leather jacket, the cowboy boots and full of cool sayings. He hunted criminals and flirted with beautiful women. Michael Knight was ever on the side of right and law. He took care that the good side was at the end the winning side. While he was taking care of that he was ever human, cordial and had a big sense for humor. Not a cool hero with hard fists, but a man with mistakes and feelings, with whom every one could identify himself/herself. He was a modern hero, who keeled on believing that violence and criminals could be conquered. "I knew right from the start, that Knight Rider was the TV show, I was ever waiting for," David says.

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Chapter 4: Behind the Scenes

While the Knight Rider years were going on, there has changed a lot in the live of David Hasselhoff. The hot twenties were now behind David. As he was 32 he met Catherine Hickland, who acted in another NBC-Soap: "Capitol." So David promised to himself to make his biggest wish come true: A Family. So he made a marriage proposal to Catherine. They got married in 1984.

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