The 'HofGarden' has pizzas named after David Hasselhoff characters

Submitted by Sarah on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 06:50
HofGarden Pizza

There is a pizza place in Richmond, Virginia, USA that sells various pizzas - all named after different David Hasselhoff characters. The HofGarden has pizzas named "The Zardu Hasselfrau", "The Ansel LaDouche" and "The Michael Knight" among many others. 

Bobby Kruger and owner Carter Snipes will donate $1 for every pizza sold over the next 90 days to Building a Better RPS, a non-profit formed by parents of children who attend Richmond Public Schools.

The charitable pies will continue supporting a different charity every three months. Pizza will be available on the rooftop via a new brick oven coming later this year.

HofGarden Menu

About Building a Better RPS

Through Building a Better RPS, hundreds have volunteered their time to clean up Richmond schools.  Founder Scott Garnett said that the organization has done about $200,000 worth of work over the past year and a half. They have fundraised through donations, and pairing with restaurants and different breweries in the area.

The money raised has been going towards work like landscaping and cleaning up the appearance of the schools. A network of volunteers pitches in to help replace ceiling tiles, lightbulbs, painting, cleaning inside and outside and making general repairs.

Source: WTVR