Stomp: Three tips to be successful from David Hasselhoff

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 12/18/2016 - 22:21
David Hasselhoff on The Ship

Stomp was able to catch up with David Hasselhoff on It's The Ship earlier and asked him for three tips on being successful.

Read more of the article at Stomp! Here is an excerpt:

In the flesh, 63-year-old David Hasselhoff could not have looked better, exuding an air of confidence and magnetism that naturally held the gazes of the room. 

As an interviewee, The Hoff was chatty, reactive and disarmingly warm -- everything that an interviewer could have asked for. 

Perhaps his most striking quality would be his humility, a seemingly impossible quality for someone of David’s standing. 

David talked about how important it was that he never let fame cloud his belief, and considered it a privilege to be invited to the ship.

Do not mistake his humility for self-doubt though.

The Hoff is a confident and energetic man, brimming with positivity that shone through and through the entire span of the interview. 

Thanks to Julia K for the link!