Funner has a new Mayor: David Hasselhoff

Submitted by Sarah on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 05:47
David Hasselhoff: Mayor of Funner

You read that right. David Hasselhoff is the Mayor of Funner, California. Funner is a tiny swath of federal land in northeastern San Diego County on which Harrah’s Resort Southern California sits. The marketing company i.d.e.a. is rebranding the area and created this commercial for the area. 

“We … renamed the entire destination,” announces i.d.e.a.’s website. “Funner, California is now a place all its own.” Or, as the i.d.e.a. advertisers say: “We’re putting Funner on the map, literally.”

But there is a lot of buzz. Much created by Hasselhoff, or “Mayor Hasselhoff,” as the Harrah’s staff is addressing him, he informed me Wednesday. “It’s so weird,” the actor confessed.

Hasselhoff flew in from sunny Miami with his fiancée, Hayley Roberts, to kick off the promotional campaign.

"Who’s funner than ‘The Hoff’? He’s the quintessential first mayor," said Ryan Berman, founder and chief creative officer of i.d.e.a. 

“We actually came in a couple of days early so we could enjoy ourselves,” said the actor, but the weather didn’t cooperate. When Hayley told him, “It’s cold,” he chuckled as he recalled his response: “I know, but they have a lazy river.”

Harrah’s has enlisted Hasselhoff’s help in emphasizing its mission “to deliver unique experiences that evoke good times and laughing out loud.”

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