David Hasselhoff is thriving in Hollywood

Submitted by Sarah on Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:17
David Hasselhoff

MovieFone talked to David Hasselhoff recently about Killing Hasselhoff and his career. David says a big swerve for him in his career is to play something evil. He played an evil character in the movie Avalanche and it's one of my favorites.

What's left that you haven't done that would be another big sort of swerve for you?

I think a swerve would be to play something evil. I did it in a movie called "Avalanche," and "Jekyll & Hyde" [on Broadway], where I played an evil guy. It's like the evil guys are actually... I don't care what anybody says: they're easier to play than the good guy.

And I think that the dream project for me would be to redo "Knight Rider." In 2017, like "Logan." Make it a hard-ass guy that's just pissed off. Then he finds the KITT car and they go back and they say, "One man can make a difference. We can still do it." They do it. They do it in the right way. Like "John Wick" was way too far, but it was really great. It's just kind of a combo of that coolness I think would be a nice sayonara? When you walk away and you say, "This is my au revoir. This is my sayonara."

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