David on Justin Bieber, Knight Rider, and his musical heroes

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David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff recently talked to The Metro, answering questions about his friendship with Justin Bieber, his new Killing Hasselhoff film, Knight Rider and much more. 

How did you become friends with Bieber?

I went to the MTV Europe Music Awards and I met him. He said, ‘I’m your biggest fan.’ Whatever everybody reads about him… I’ve read the same crap about myself and I said, ‘Just don’t read it, throw it away. And remain true to yourself.’ Let the kid grow up. We all make mistakes. I don’t even know what’s true or not. All I know is he and his manager have been incredible to me.

Who were your musical heroes?

Sammy Davis Jr was my favorite guy in the world. I saw him and Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli many times. I was also into The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Elton John, who I met, and Paul McCartney, who I also met. They all seemed to know who I am because of Knight Rider and Baywatch. Paul McCartney said Linda wanted to be on Baywatch. I couldn’t believe I was having that conversation. We ended up becoming good friends and I saw him two or three times, and I was on stage with him at the Coachella festival [in California] when he sang Hey Jude to a hundred thousand people. I don’t care what anybody’s perception is, I was standing next to Paul McCartney and he had deep respect for me. It was an amazing moment.

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Source: The Metro