NAPCON collaborates with David Hasselhoff to reshape the process industry with artificial intelligence

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David Hasselhoff

"For decades, we have been pioneers in creating solutions that bring production facilities to the present day, and our newest products are set to revolutionize the entire industry. To celebrate this, we wanted to create something similarly legendary, and what could be more suitable than having the world's smoothest operator meet with the new era of sophisticated artificial intelligence. Just like KITT, NAPCON is the smooth operator's main man," says Joanna Viileinen, Communications and Marketing Specialist, NAPCON.


Neste creates products that utilize modern artificial intelligence with it's NAPCON product family. The process industry has operators as the true stars of production facilities, so NAPCON is collaborating with the smoothest operator there is - David Hasselhoff - well known as Michael Knight from Knight Rider with his car KITT. 

Building the next industrial revolution with artificial intelligence

Everything happens in a matter of seconds, exceeding human capabilities in optimization. Artificial intelligence is utilized to understand physical reactions and phenomena within production processes. 

The ground-breaking NAPCON Games is applying simulations based on real-life phenomena to make the the best operators even better. 

In the first part of the series, NAPCON and David Hasselhoff are on the lookout for that special Industry Champion. They are challenging operators around the world to prove their skills by playing NAPCON Games Distiller, a revolutionary process operator game.

The finals of Operator World Cup 2017 will be held in Houston on February 8, 2018 between operators from Neste and MOL Group, which is a leading integrated Central & East European oil and gas corporation headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

The Operator World Cup 2018 will start in the spring, more information will follow. To encourage all operators to join, the game will be available for a free 30-day trial.

Take a look at what happened, when David Hasselhoff and NAPCON met for the first time: short version of main film.

More information: Joanna Viileinen, Communication and Marketing Specialist, joanna.viileinen(@)

Source: Neste NAPCON