Brave Cop earns praise from David Hasselhoff

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The New Hoff

A student police officer, Mohammed Nadeem, showed nerves of steel when he jumped into a freezing river to assist a man in distress, thus earning himself the nickname 'The Hoff' from colleagues. 

David Hasselhoff saw the video of the rescue, and is hoping to meet with the hero student police officer in Greater Manchester. 

See the bodycam video of the rescue at Daily Mail.

The student police officer showed nerves of steel to brave the bracing temperatures of the River Irwell to assist a man in distress, thus earning himself the nickname 'The Hoff' by colleaguesThe actor, who played head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, was alerted to officer Mohammed Nadeem's heroics when Hardy's Gate Bridge in Bury became the scene of a rescue that could have come straight out of the classic 90s TV show

Student officer PC Mohammed Nadeem (left) has been nicknamed 'The Hoff' by his colleagues after Baywatch star David Hasselhoff (right), who now wants to meet him

Hasselhoff, who also starred in 80s television series Knight Rider, praised the student officer, dubbing PC Nadeem as 'the new Hoff'.

The actor added: "The real heroes are the ones who act on instinct without hesitation, the ones who believe that we all can help each other."

"I want to meet the real heroes and say, 'Good on you. Let me shake your hand'... 'One man can make a difference' is the theme of Knight Rider, this student police officer made the difference. So cool, so proud. Give it up for Mohammed, the new Hoff."

The Baywatch star tweeted his praise of PC  Nadeem as 'the new Hoff'.

David Hasselhoff  was alerted to officer Mohammed Nadeem's  heroics when Hardy's Gate Bridge in Bury became the scene of a rescueDavid Hasselhoff is hoping to meet with a hero student police after he saw a video of the PC jumping into freezing water to save a man in Greater Manchester

After the rescue, superintendent Rick Jackson, of GMP's Bury Borough, said: 'Without hesitation, PC Nadeem dived off an 8ft drop into freezing, deep and fast-moving water. The man is now safe and receiving the treatment he needs.

"I'd like to commend PC Nadeem's actions which were a prime example of why people join the force - to protect people and make sure they are away from harm."

Hasselhoff's publicist confirmed the actor will be the UK in mid-March, when he hopes he can personally praise the officer, before heading to Germany for a series of concert dates.

The man and the brave officer, also aged in his 30s, were then handed over to paramedics who dried them off and took them hospital.

Mr Dorrington said: "The police officer was that cold that we had to take his clothing off and put a foil blanket on him.

"He was shivering and dithering when we got him in to the ambulance."

Source: Daily Mail