David Hasselhoff Spotted on Barry Island

Submitted by Sarah on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 05:51
David Hasselhoff in Barry

One of the biggest stars on the planet - David Hasselhoff - surprised residents of Barry Island when he was found filming an advert yesterday. 

He was accompanied by his girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

Phyllis Street resident and Barry Island Primary School staff member, Suzanne said: “I was just on my way home from work when I turned the corner and saw his big trailer. After waiting for about 10 minutes The Hoff came walking out and over to the small crowd I was amongst. What a really nice guy.”

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Barry Island is best known for being one of the main locations in BBC comedy, Gavin & Stacey.

The Hoff shot to fame thanks to Knight Rider and Baywatch, and he has also had a successful singing and theatrical career. His partner is Hayley Roberts from Glynneath.

Local resident Lauren Rennie captured David while he was spending time chatting to people and signing autographs in Phyllis Street.

Lauren said: “We were waiting for him in my street to come out of his trailer and thankfully the waiting paid off He came over and had a chat. He also had photos taken with residents. He gave out signed pictures too. He was a very friendly guy – a gent! His wife was friendly too.”

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