Submitted by Robert Knight on Tue, 05/31/2016 - 22:24

Following the huge success of his 1989 album Looking For Freedom, David Hasselhoff returned to the music scene with his 1990 album Crazy For You. David once again joined forces with award winning German producer Jack White to collaborate on this project. The title track Crazy For You kicks off the album. This song is an upbeat, feel good tune, that David still performs in his concerts to this day! Written by Jack White and Charles Blackwell, who also penned several tunes for the legendary Elvis Presley, this electro synth-pop song will have you singing along to its catchy chorus. Released as a single on vinyl and cd single, the song reached #4 in Austria, and climbed to 18 in Germany, and 21 in Switzerland.

The albums second track is the rock style I Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your Heart. Written by the amazing song writer Diane Warren, this song showcases David's vocal talents while delivering a memorable song about love and passion. David has performed this song live in concert several times over the years and remains a stand out track on this album.

Passion is track 3 on the album. This song is also a synth pop tune, that one can tell immediately is a Jack White production. David takes us on a ride with this one painting a picture of chasing a girl that he has an eye for. The music itself will remind you of the hit song Gloria by the late Laura Branigan.

The next song up is the ballad, Was It Real Love. One of my personal favorites, this is an amazing song in which David brings the listener into the world of a man who is heartbroken over a break up, but who still cares deeply and is unable to think of anything else but the woman who has his heart. Another stand out song on this amazing album.

September Love, co-written by Mark Spiro, is a schlager style song, with a catchy beat and story-filled lyrics, that follows as track 5. Track 6, a song definitely written for the times, is Keep The Jungle Alive. David delivers a rap style performance and spreads the message of saving what's important in the world.

The 7th song of the album, the first on side B of the LP, is the single Let's Dance Tonight. This rock/dance track will have you moving from its opening note. This is also a track that David still performs in his concerts around the world. In addition to its album release, the cd and 12" vinyl singles include a few different dance mixes of this one.

One And One Make Three, a song which David performed live in the USA on the Oprah Winfrey show, follows as the next track. A highlight of this one is David welcoming his daughter Taylor Ann into the world in his lyrics.

Kiss In The Night is the next song up on the album. This song reminded me of the song Avignon from David's Looking For Freedom album. It is another feel good song with an up tempo beat.

From here we move on to the Paul Anka written anthem Freedom For The World. David delivers powerful heartfelt vocals on this track, which is about looking at the way we treat one another, and caring enough to appreciate what we have been given in the world.

Let's Spend the Night Together, and Lights In The Darkness close out this album on a note that leaves us feeling like we've been on a journey, and ready for more. Whether its via download, cd, LP, or even cassette, Crazy For You is definitely an album that all fans of the Hoff will appreciate!