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David's 5th studio album, titled, "David" would be released in 1991 on the BMG Music label. Following the success of his previous 2 albums, David ventured into a bit of a new style of music with this record. The albums first track "Do The Limbo Dance" is a great, feel good, dance track that David still enjoys performing in concert to this day. Other singles from this album include "Gipsy Girl", "Hands Up For Rock N Roll", and "Are You Still In Love With Me". This album was released on LP, CD, and cassette, and would also be released, minus 2 tracks, under the title "Close To Heaven", which is also a track on the album. Although this one is out of print, its worth getting your hands on, as there are some really great songs on this one!


Do The Limbo Dance                       3:47

Gipsy Girl                                          4:07

Are You Still In Love With Me         4:27

Casablanca                                        4:11

I Feel Your Love In The Air              4:17

In Stereo                                            4:07

Hands Up For Rock'n Roll              5:00

Feeling So High                                 4:35

Close To Heaven                               4:11

Room In Your Heart                          3:58

Who's Leaving Who                          3:27

Taylor Ann                                         3:29