Submitted by Robert Knight on Fri, 07/15/2016 - 22:35

Shortly after the release of the album "You Are Everything" in 1993, the album "Miracle Of Love" was released in the UK. This album was a reworked version of "You Are Everything" minus a few songs, and with the addition of the track "Blame It On The Night". This track would only be made available on this album, and the single "Summer Of Love" a year later. Also featured is an English version of "Wir Zwei Allein" titled "A Star Looks Down Tonight". This album really has a great mix of ballads and rock songs. Originally, this was the album to be released in the USA in January of 1995, until plans changed and David released his self titled album "David Hasselhoff" on April 11, 1995.


1. If I Could Only Say Goodbye  4:10 

2 Until The Last Teardrop Falls  5:29 

3 Give Me Something Real  3:44 

4 Miracle Of Love  4:45 

5 The Best Is Yet To Come  5:23 

6 You Are Everything  3:55 

7 Current Of Love (Featured On "Baywatch")  4:13 

8 Tighter And Tighter  4:55 

9 Blame It On The Night  4:12 

10 San Pedro's Children  4:27 

11 A Star Looks Down Tonight  4:25