New York Post Interviews David Hasselhoff Ahead of Knight Rider Marathon

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 07/17/2016 - 06:21
Knight Rider marathon on the El Rey Network Sunday

The New York Post talked to David Hasselhoff today in anticipation of the upcoming Knight Rider marathon on the El Rey Network. 

Do you have a favorite “Knight Rider” episode?

The three episodes where I also played Garthe Knight [Michael’s estranged brother], who was a corny character with a mustache and an earring and had dialogue like, “Michael Knight is a living, breathing insult to my existence!” My father told me that Garthe was a far better actor than Michael Knight. It was the funniest thing Dad ever said. And I always remember the episode where Michael got married — it was called “White Bird” — because the star of a TV series in the ’80s could not be married, so you knew the fiancee or about-to-be-wife would not live long.

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