Is Everybody Happy

Submitted by Robert Knight on Tue, 07/26/2016 - 20:30
Is Everybody Happy

The compilation album, "Is Everybody Happy", was released in Europe in 1995 on the Ariola Express label. The album features singles and album tracks from the albums, "Looking For Freedom", "Crazy For You", "David", & "Everybody Sunshine". This is a hard one to find on cd or cassette, but the tracks are readily available on iTunes from other albums and compilations. If you can get your hands on it, be sure to add it to your collection!



1 Is Everybody Happy  4:28

2 Let's Dance Tonight  4:37

3 Gipsy Girl  4:07

4 I Feel Your Love In The Air  4:17

5 Looking For Freedom  3:56

6 Crazy For You  4:37

7 Feeling So High  4:35

8 Casablanca  4:11

9 Summer In The City  4:15

10 Do The Limbo Dance  3:47

11 Are You Still In Love With Me  4:27

12 Taylor Ann  3:29

13 Foolish Lullaby  3:56

14 The Wilder Side Of You  3:43