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Artwork done by fans. Enjoy.

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Adam's Story (Coming Soon)
My aunt and uncle knew one of David's friends and I asked if it would be possible to get David's autograph. I was sick with pneumonia at the time and when David found out, he felt bad so he arranged a meeting with my parents I didn't know aything about it at the time of course, so one day I'm in school and my parents decide to take me out of class in the late morning and they tell me that we're going out to lunch downtown so I figured "Oh cool".

Bill's Story (Coming Soon)

After four hours of driving and a stop in New Haven I arrived at the airport and went to the international arrivals gate. I looked at the screen and saw that the plane will arrive 30 min later. Oh NO!!!!!!! I just sat down and waited and waited and waited. But luckily the time past by very fast and the door opened. Than he came out. 

Fan Photos

Photos of fans with David Hasselhoff.
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These are fictional stories written by fans. Enjoy!


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