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Ask KITT With the KITT App

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Ever wanted your very own KITT? Check out this KITT app for iPhone. It talks back, plus there's information about the actors, the show, and behind the scenes. The app is $2.99 on iTunes.They just updated the app to make it better then ever, and they need your reviews. It's compatible with iOS7 and iOS6.Get the app here

Ask the Hoff hits the App Store this Friday!

An app for your iPod Touch or iPhone that is similar to an 8-Ball, except you Ask the Hoff for your answer will hit the App Store this Friday!App Store:iPod Touch | iPhoneAlso accessible through iTunes: iTunes Store > App Store

It’s a really simple idea and we won’t pretend it’s anything but – you ask a question, shake your iPhone or iPod Touch, and The Hoff will provide the answer. Throw in a gospel choir recorded in Dallas (courtesy of Chris Stevens, Creative Director at TM Studios) and a clean comic-book styling, and the result is a fun, polished app that will launch in the App Store for just 59 pence.

Unlike most celebrity-based apps which lift soundtracks from film and television without permission, the material is 100% Hoff and recorded exclusively for this app. We’ve worked very closely with the Hoff’s agents in Los Angeles – the benefit of doing things properly is we’re partners in this project with the man himself, so we feel we’re in a great position to take on the App Store charts....This is big news for us – it’s a silly, simple app but we’re hoping plenty of people have fun with it, not only in this country but around the world. We’re finishing off a PR campaign for both online and offline activity, so you should hear more about Ask The Hoff in the days to come.

Thanks to Hayls for the link!From: Never Odd or Even LLP