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David Hasselhoff, HomeJoy and Clorox: Hassle-Off Cleaning

Who wouldn't want their home cleaned by David Hasselhoff? David recently started advertising with the new Clorox cleaning supplies with the help of HomeJoy. It was part of a contest put on by HomeJoy last week, where you book a cleaning and three lucky winners get a visit from David Hasselhoff.Check out Clorox's site for the "Hassle-Off" campaign.

.@Homejoy cleaning surprise for the new @Clorox "Hassle Free" cleaners #HassleOffDay#adpic.twitter.com/orVbcRS3iX— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) March 23, 2015

Here are the luck winners:

So, this happened! @davidhasselhoff cleaned my apt w help from @homejoy and @Clorox! pic.twitter.com/sGwbkzxnP4 — Alex Levine (@alexklevine) March 23, 2015

Congrats #HassleOffDay winner, @hmason! We hope your flex is strong & your home is sparkly! @FastForwardLabs@Cloroxpic.twitter.com/s0Mfkk9KKl — HOMEJOY (@Homejoy) March 23, 2015

Congrats #HassleOffDay winner, @ralphieaversa! Were you starstruck by your sparkling home & @DavidHasselhoff? @Cloroxpic.twitter.com/te18d56OG0 — HOMEJOY (@Homejoy) March 23, 2015

Congrats #HassleOffDay winner, @alexklevine! Hope your home is smiling thx to Charline, @DavidHasselhoff & @Cloroxpic.twitter.com/83yuz7PSPf — HOMEJOY (@Homejoy) March 23, 2015

Source: HomeJoy

Clorox has enlisted David Hasselhoff, sexagenarian star of such 1980s TV shows as "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider," to front a social-media campaign behind a "Hassel-free" line products for millennials who rarely clean as diligently as their grandparents did.Mr. Hasselhoff stars in Vine videos and Pinterest cleaning guides, backed also by paid social media on Facebook and Twitter, to tout "convenient clean" products, said Rita Gorenberg, public relations and social media group manager for Clorox.Mr. Hasselhoff will also help solicit entries for a contest to conclude on "Hassle-Off Day" next week, in which Clorox will join Homejoy to provide house cleaning to three winners in New York City.

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