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David Hasselhoff Hosts the Loerie Awards

David Hasselhoff hosted the Sunday night leg of the 2011 Loerie Awards in Cape Town, South Africa, much to the delight of the 1,500 people who attended the event at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Chants of “Hoff, Hoff, Hoff” rang out as he introduced himself and the man most famous for his roles in television series like Baywatch and Knight Rider responded with a barrage of “Hoff” jokes.

“I feel ‘Hoffle’ that I can’t stay longer in Cape Town,” he said, before he told the audience about how much he enjoyed visiting Table Mountain with his girlfriend this weekend.

At a media conference after the event, Hasselhoff explained that he saw the Loerie Awards as an excellent opportunity to express himself to a creative audience. “My whole life seems to be ruled by the media - best to kinda embrace it and address the negative media - turn it into truth.” Throughout the event he made light of his career in television as well as some of the scandals he has supposedly been involved in off screen.

Sunday night’s session of the 2011 Loerie Awards paid tribute to the best digital and television brand communication in South Africa. Cape Town featured prominently, both as a film location and as the home of many award winners, such as the team from HelloComputer, who won the Grand Prix award.

Cape Town Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille thoroughly enjoyed the event and said straight afterward: “We want to keep the Loeries in Cape Town.” Loerie Awards CEO Andrew Human said that there are four other destinations competing with Cape Town to host the 2012 Loerie Awards and that a decision will be taken in December this year.

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Source: Cape Town Blog