David Hasselhoff talks "Up Against the Wall"

Multifaceted entertainer David Hasselhoff chatted with Digital Journal about his new Audible book "Up Against The Wall." Affectionately known as "The Hoff," he also spoke about the impact of technology on the entertainment industry.

This is an Audible original production that was written and performed by Hasselhoff himself; moreover, it takes place in the fall of 1989. "The best compliment I could give the people reading the book is that the people of East Germany, who are my rabid fans and come to all my concerts, have told me that the events in the book are all so accurate. I have so much in there that really did happen, and to me, that was really cool," he said.

"We took a lot of the self-effacing, egotistical humor of David Hasselhoff and we put it in the book and what really happened. I have had 40 gold and platinum records and I've had a huge career where I do my tours, and we put all of that in there. We put in the honesty and the brutality of what happened in East Germany. It was awful," he explained."If you listen to the book, you will love it. The book is eight hours long, and it takes a while to listen to, but that's what they wanted. It is fun," he said.

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