David Hasselhoff at the Forum

Christmas with the Hoff

With everything happening around the holidays, it seems this got lost in the shuffle. Dan Carver, the director at the Forum, just posted a few photos on his Twitter today from the event last month.






Source: David Hasselhoff's Twitter


Hollywood Christmas Parade

Photo Courtesy Jennifer CatanoThe Hollywood Christmas parade was Sunday afternoon, and while David wasn't able to be there since he's in the UK for Peter Pan, he was there in spirit. Jennifer Catano drove David's personal KITT for the parade.If you want to see David's KITT in action, the Hollywood Christmas Parade will air on the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 11 at 2pm. KTLA-Los Angeles will air it locally Dec. 20. After that, up to 350 stations will run the tape of the parade in syndication during the holiday season.American Forces Network will broadcast the event to military troops across the globe.Photo © Jennifer CatanoPhoto © Jennifer CatanoPhoto © Jennifer CatanoPhoto © Jennifer Catano

David Hasselhoff Talks Panto on ITV News and BBC Radio

David Hasselhoff on ITV News from Sarah M on Vimeo.

It's panto season in the North West - it means lots of people working very hard over Christmas and lots of last minute prepartions are underway. It also means the Hoff is in town.Yes, the one and only David Hasselhoff is playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Manchester Opera House.

Source: ITV

Also, David was on BBC Radio with Justin Moorhouse. Click here to listen - he comes in at 37.10. There are 6 days left to listen as of this posting.

Christmas With 'The Hoff' - ET Canada

Check out the video here.Every entertainment reporter has an interview wish list. It’s kind of like a letter to Santa but instead of a shiny new bike, you ask the big guy for just five-minutes with Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney or Bono. I too have one of these lists, but mine reads a little different than most.It’s embarrassingly nostalgic; featuring iconic folks like William Shatner, Betty White and my first legitimate crush: Knight Rider. Well, Christmas came early this year because I finally got my one-on-one with David Hasselhoff.The Christmas Consultant was shot in the quaint Vancouver suburb of Fort Langley, just around the corner from where I grew up. In the TV movie, The Hoff plays an over-the-top holiday planner with a dark secret and a passion for tacky ties (see the above photo).Production transformed the town into a holiday happy land complete with fake snow and wreaths in doorways, and The Hoff was in his element. He delivered page after page of dialogue, and between takes he waved and smiled at the curious locals. Crew members said he was hard working and a class act. I would describe him as a 60-year-old man with the energy of a toddler on Christmas morning.Once I got him in the director's chair, The Hoff opened up about his new Welsh girlfriend; his love/hate relationship with the press and what holidays are like at the Hasselhoff Residence.He was gracious, goofy and (in true holiday spirit)… giving.Watch the exclusive interview on Wednesday's ET Canada 7:30 p.m. ET/PT!

Source: ET Canada