David Hasselhoff reveals true story of "Fact or Fiction" book Up Against the Wall, and teases sequel


David Hasselhoff has done it all throughout his career – nabbed crooks with a talking car on Knight Rider, turned beach jogging into a phenomenon on Baywatch, and even sat on the Britain's Got Talent judging panel!

But did you know he was also involved in a secret spy ring that went behind enemy lines in the dying days of the Cold War? Okay, that didn't technically happen in real life, but it's the intriguing premise behind his new Audible Original Production Up Against the Wall.

This spy thriller blends the history from his anthemic real-life 1989 performance before thousands at the Wall with the fictional story of a CIA Agent, who uses his resemblance to The Hoff to carry out a dangerous mission behind enemy lines.

David recently chatted with Digital Spy about co-writing and narrating Up Against the Wall, with The Hoff predicting much of the fun for readers will be trying to decipher what is fact and what is fiction.


"I told [my co-writer] all the experiences of David Hasselhoff and my life, and he was really cool, and he came back with an idea about going behind the Berlin Wall," the actor recalled. "And having a guy like go back and be involved in it through espionage.

"With my knowledge about what happened to me at the Wall, it's really called, 'Fact or Fiction'. You decide! That's just something that we came up with. There's a lot of fact in this, a lot of fact! And there's a lot of fiction.

"[The reader] has got to figure out what happened and what really didn't happen. I think that's fun for the reader. It's fun for me… It really turned out to be something very entertaining, something very moving, very heartwarming!"

Narrating all of Up Against the Wall proved to be a huge accomplishment for the iconic star because it was the first time he had to play every single character – from the East German assassin to the femme fatale to three different versions of himself!

"It's really difficult," he admitted. "It's much easier to do a scene where you're sitting across from a person, and you're looking at a person, doing a line. Then, cut, print, two or three takes and you're done.

"This is like, you've got to get it correct. You've got to be the narrator… I'm playing David Hasselhoff the spy, I'm playing Greta and I'm playing David Hasselhoff the narrator in one sentence! How do I do this? I figured it out. It was difficult, really hard!"

The experience of making Up Against the Wall was so rewarding that Audible is already working with Hasselhoff on a follow-up Original Production, although the details of that story are being kept hidden behind the Wall for now.

"It turned out so good that we have a sequel to it," he revealed exclusively to us. "I hope that people respond to it because it's fun… I [would forget] that it's me telling the story because I was so much into the story. It's a good story, and it's a story that needs to be told."

Up Against the Wall is available now for purchase in both the UK and the US exclusively on Audible. If you don't buy it now, you risk Hassling the Hoff, and who'd want to do that?