Exclusive: David Hasselhoff has some "good news" about the Knight Rider revival


David Hasselhoff has teased some very "good news" about the long-awaited Knight Rider revival in an exclusive chat with Digital Spy.

Fans have been waiting for an update ever since The Hoff revealed back in 2017 that he was working with then-Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on securing the rights for a "full-blown TV" revival of the beloved '80s action series.

In an era where everything nostalgic from Dynasty to Magnum PI has been remade, it seems bizarre that David Hasselhoff and KITT haven't been busting crooks for at least two or three seasons by now — so we asked The Hoff for an update while chatting about his Audible Original Production Up Against the Wall (out now in the UK and the US.)

"I was just talking to some people asking, 'They may ask me about Knight Rider, so what do I say?'" he laughed, before teasing: "They said don't say anything… yet. We're going to make an announcement."

The Hoff then hinted: "The good news is, there will be an announcement in the future and the real news is that I can't talk about it. But I'm very excited about it!

"Just know that when you're listening to the book [Up Against the Wall], the next thing that's coming down the pike is something else you'll remember with a lot of reverence. It starts with Knight, and ends with Rider."

Hmm, could that mean Knight Rider may return as a series of full-cast audio adventures – like The X-Files did with Audible a few years ago? Or perhaps it'll be that "full-blown TV" revival after all...

In the meantime, fans of The Hoff can hear him narrating an epic spy thriller set against the fall of Berlin Wall right now in Up Against the Wall, which is available for purchase exclusively on Audible in the UK and the US.