David Hasselhoff Comes to Birmingham Memorabilia Show

ITV: David Hasselhoff at Birmingham NEC

As we reported last month, David was slated to appear at the Birmingham Memorabilia Show in the UK.ITV was there and interviewed David about his appearance at the NEC, his favorite role and his time on Britain's Got Talent.When asked if he had any plans to retire, he says, "Never," then continues, "There's so many rivers left to ride and so many mountains left to climb."Click here to watch the video.

Source video: HoffArmy

David Hasselhoff to Attend Winter Memorabilia in November

David Hasselhoff posted on his official website yesterday that he'll be attending Winter Memorabilia in Birmingham from November 24 to the 25th.

I will be doing signings and Q and A's so come and ask me what you always wanted about Knight Rider or Baywatch or any other things I've done.Looking forward to see you all there and hear your questions.

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Britain's Got Talent Birmingham auditions

David Hasselhoff, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre returned to Britain's Got Talent on Sunday as they filmed the show's YouTube auditions round.Leaving the hotel to head to the theater for the last remaining auditions:
The reveal for the acts to find out if they have made it through to the semi final stage happens this week. Don't forget April 16th it airs on ITV1 in the UK.

David Hasselhoff Arrives at Birmingham BGT Auditions

David Hasselhoff arrived in Birmingham Tuesday for the Britain's Got Talent Auditions. He spent longer then the other judges outside to sign autographs and chat with fans before walking over to the media for some photos.[gallery]

Photos from Now Magazine and Birmingham Mail