David Hasselhoff Stops by ESPN SportsCenter

David Hasselhoff appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter last month.
David Hasselhoff joins SportsCenter in Knight... by TheBestViews

Checked out David Hasselhoff on SportsCenter tonight!

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This tweet is from a former colleague of mine. Wish I worked there when he met David!

David Hasselhoff Show Trailer

David Hasselhoff's Finnish TV show has a new trailer! Check it out. The show premieres April 2 on Sub.

David Hasselhoff Show alkaa torstaina 2.4. Subilla!Supertähti David Hasselhoff isännöi kevään hauskinta talk show'ta Subilla. Hasselhoff saa vieraakseen Suomen kiinnostavimmat vieraat ja tutustuu samalla suomalaisiin tapoihin. Ruotsissa menestystä niittänyt talk show oli suuri puheenaihe kotimaassaan ja puheenaiheita on varmasti luvassa myös Suomessa!David Hasselhoff The show starts on Thursday 2.4. Sub!Superstar David Hasselhoff will host the Spring funniest talk the show Sub. Hasselhoff gets a visit from the Finnish interesting guests and at the same time learn about Finnish customs. Sweden success reaped the talk show was a big topic of discussion in their home country and topics is certainly the permit in Finland!

David Hasselhoff to star at Blackpool Opera House

David Hasselhoff will star in "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" musical opening in Blackpool starting in October. David will play a an extrovert, party going DJ and nightclub owner on the party island of Ibiza in the early 1990s. He will front the cast of this new show. The creators promise "a heart-warming and hilarious story" and the "party night of the year." David's character's teenage daughter arrives to stay for the summer and he has to cope with being a single parent to a girl who wants to meet boys and live the party life. Suddenly, his motto becomes, "Do as I say, not as I did!"The world premiere will take place at the Winter Gardens on Friday, October 16 and run through Sunday, November 1. Tickets now on sale. Coun Graham Cain, Blackpool Council's cabinet member for tourism and leisure said, "This is another fantastic coup for Blackpool and we're absolutely thrilled to be hosting a world premiere. From attracting a superstar who is a household name all over the world in David Hasselhoff to bringing in a show packed with hits that everyone will love is a real statement from the Winter Gardens.""The show would be fantastic for all music fans, fans of the Hoff and those just looking for a great night out," said Michael Williams, Winter Gardens' managing director.Tickets to Last Night A DJ Saved My Life are currently on sale, costing from £20. Show times and prices are available online at www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk

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David Hasselhoff SmartSelfies Coming soon

hasselhoffAt the IAB conference in London, an announcement was made that David Hasselhoff has teamed withThings3D for the creation of SmartSelfies, which will allow fans to get a 3D printed selfie of The Hoff.“Joe (Wee) and I have known David (Hasselhoff) for a few years – we worked on his upcoming iOS game ‘Zombie Beach’ whilst at Chillingo (the company we sold to EA in 2010),” Chris Byatte, Founder and Director at Things3D told 3DPrint.com. “It’s really great to be working with David again – his number one priority are his fans. Using our patented smart 3D printing platform, he’ll be able to push content to the owners of Hoff SmartSelfies(TM), paving a completely new way of engaging his fans with fun and entertaining content.”

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See It. Believe It. Live It. David Hasselhoff at Cambridge Union

Cambridge UnionToday, David Hasselhoff visited the Cambridge Union in the UK to talk to students. The press release talks about what happened during the speech he gave.

On Saturday 24th May, David Hasselhoff visited the Cambridge Union to talk tomembers about his career as a singer, actor, and entertainer. Despite the pressures ofan examination term event, he attracted a large and enthusiastic audience whocrowded in to see the Knight Rider and Baywatch star.The event kicked off with a five-minute video documenting the life of ‘The Hoff’, andhis rise to fame on the back of the international success of both Knight Rider andBaywatch, before reminding the Chamber of the great array of activities he had takenon during his decades in the entertainment industry.Mr. Hasselhoff entered the historic chamber to roaring applause from the assembledstudents. The discussion started off with an exposé of the ‘Brand of The Hoff’ andhow it had developed: “The Hoff father got Hoff with my mother because he thoughtshe was Hoff stuff,” he jested. There was, however, clearly more work that went into‘The Hoff’ brand. Life is a “bizarre, spiritual, universal psychic path,” Mr. Hasselhofftold us, and to get ahead we need to “see it, believe it, and live it.” This positivitypervaded the rest of his speech, a running theme that seemed to unite the vast array ofpursuits ‘The Hoff’ has undertaken during his lifetime.Mr. Hasselhoff told us that Knight Rider, in particular, meant a lot to his audience, asit showed people how to “make a difference in your own life”. He went on to tell usthat, “thirty years later it’s all coming true.” And it really did seem to be, with ‘TheHoff’ telling the audience how Google created a talking car, and in true Knight Riderfashion, offered him a test drive.With these things, however, Mr. Hasselhoff tells us it’s not just luck. “Luck is beingprepared for opportunities when it presents itself,” he goes on. “Although a lot ofsolace can be found in coffee,” he smiles, “as without coffee I don’t think this couldbe true.” This drew an audibly empathic response from students in the midst of theirexaminations terms.In terms of future projects, Mr. Hasselhoff is clearly busy. He told assembledmembers how his plans for his new movie, ‘Killing Hasselhoff’, had been confirmednot 24 hours before speaking to the Union, telling them that he wanted to finish thewhole production in 25 days. Usually, he said, “film is like watching grass grow,” buthe pointed out that that was what was great about Baywatch; they could move a lotfaster than that because they owned the show.Overall the event was a lively one; and audience members were engaged and, in thecase of the long-term Knight Rider fans, largely in awe. The overwhelming messagewas positivity and an ability to get out and go change things. “See it, believe it, live it,”he reiterated, exiting to yet another roar of applause.

Cambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge UnionCambridge Union

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David Hasselhoff talks Starlight Foundation on Inside Bellus

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff and Joshua Shultz are hosting a new show called "Inside Bellus" for Bellus magazine, and episode one we join David Hasselhoff at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills. He was auctioning his stuff for the Starlight Foundation, and even surprises the TMZ tour bus.

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Tonight: David Hasselhoff on Unusually Thicke

On tonight's episode of Unusually Thicke on TVGN, David Hasselhoff is planning his estate sale for charity that happened earlier this month.In TheWrap's exclusive sneak peak, Thicke offers cautionary advice to Hasselhoff on a gig promoting an erectile dysfunction medication. But in the end, Thicke may be the one that takes away the career advice.

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Defend Your Digital Freedom with David Hasselhoff

re:publica with David Hasselhoff

David will be in Berlin, Germany May 6-8 to speak at a keynote about digital freedom, joined by F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen.

It will all start at re:publica, Berlin, where F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen, world-renowned security and privacy expert, will join with Freedome Ambassador David Hasselhoff to discuss the defining issues of today: digital freedom and privacy. They’ll also announce an exciting way you can make your voice heard.Not only that, it will also kick off the writing of the #fsecure #digitalfreedom manifesto - something we invite anyone who feels strongly about privacy issues to join. This is your chance to make a difference. The #fsecure #digitalfreedommanifesto will be a crowdsourced document licensed under creative commons.

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Knight Rider Q&A With David Hasselhoff

Knight Rider is coming to Cozi TV starting in June in the USA. Cozi TV is an NBC owned substation, so check your local listings. Unfortunately, Cozi isn't available on satellite. You can check to see if your local NBC station has this on one of their substations here.David Hasselhoff talks with Cozi about his upcoming Julien's auction this weekend benefiting the Starlight Foundation, then sits down for a Q&A about Knight Rider.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Win a Signed Tee

Hoff Shop ValentinesIt's Valentine's Day, so the HoffShop is doing a special sale, and you could win a signed Tee!Just visit the HoffShop and enter the code LOVEHOFF at checkout. You'll get 14% off! Don't forget to check out the new pink Don't Hassel the Hoff shirt for the ladies.DONT-HASSEL-2013-skinny

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David Hasselhoff at New College Nottingham

David visited students at New College Nottingham on Friday.

David at New College Nottingham

“NCN presents The Hoff” said the cinema-style backdrop in Screen 1 as the star grabbed a microphone and launched the college’s week-long Jamcon creative careers week by reflecting on his own career and giving 300 TV, film and media students some tips for the future.It helps if you’re lucky, he told them. “But remember that luck is being prepared for opportunity whenever it presents itself.”Before giving his off-the-cuff talk to students, The Hoff set out his plans for the immediate future.Next week he flies to Sweden to record Hoff Half Hour, a talk show that will be screened on Sky. Other upcoming projects include the film Killing Hasselhoff – a comedy in which a hitman is hired to bump him off – and the Discovery Channel documentary Shark Week.There is also talk of reinventing the character The Hoff as a superhero, whose special powers will include slow-motion sight and the ability to travel back in time.During his talk, the cult performer reflected on a career that has embraced TV smashes Knight Rider and Baywatch, documentaries, film roles and success on the concert stage and recording studios.“Life is about overcoming your fears,” he told the students. “Life is not fair, and I’m still learning that, but if you don’t feel sorry for yourself and move forward, it’s OK.”Asked about the best piece of advice he had ever received, The Hoff replied: “Never give up!”“He was really motivating and made me feel I can achieve anything,” said Sandra Tkacz [correct] , 19, of Aspley. “You can be tempted to give up on a dream but today I felt: ‘Why not?’”Ashley Carter, 16, of Arnold, added: “The Hoff is an inspiration to young people and shows them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it.”

Read more of the article at Nottingham Post

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David Hasselhoff Guest Edits the Nottingham Post

David at Nottingham Post: Photographer Angela WardCelebrity royalty David Hasselhoff took time out from his hectic theatre schedule to guest edit the Nottingham Post today.Arriving by chauffeur-driven car outside City Gate East on Thursday afternoon, The Hoff came in and gave us his opinion on the paper and all things Nottingham.He said he loves Nottingham because he can walk around freely."The city is like a pot pourri," he said. "Everyone is just getting along."And Su Pollard, he told us, embodies the spirit of Nottingham herself."She is always on - always positive," he said.We told him where the big parties are on New Year's Eve, and he said he might go down to Old Market Square.Hasselhoff also sampled the local speciality - Stilton - and said he loved it.

The Hoff is working up the boos and hisses as panto villain Captain Hook at the Theatre Royal. So, “how is he enjoying Nottingham?” he was asked at the morning conference.“Nottingham is like a pot pourri. You can see a posh professor walking down the street next to some hippy guy with hair growing in all weird places and tattoos all over him... and everyone is getting along.“It’s everything I thought it would be and more. People are lovely. They kind of leave me alone. In Manchester they were aggressive. I couldn’t go anywhere.“It helps that it’s dark here all day long. That works in my favour. What time is it? Two o’clock? It’s dark outside! That’s nuts!”So what about some special excursions?“Hayley [Roberts, his Welsh girlfriend] and Nick [Corjon, his PA and nephew] have been out scouting the city. I’m waiting for my daughters to get here on the 21st and I’ll take them to the hot spots.“We’ll go the caves. I learned that Nottingham was the last place in the country that still had cave dwellers. And I think I’ve met many of them! And we’re going to the Castle.”

Read more of the interview herePhotos: David Guest Edits the Nottingham Post

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Hoffwatch: David in Nottingham

Photo: Nottingham PostPeter Pan Panto hasn't even started yet, and ticket sales for Peter Pan, which opens on Saturday, have generated more than £1 million for the theatre.For ticket availability, call the box office on 0115 989 5555 or go to trch.co.uk.Peter Pan Stage

"He's certainly the biggest name we've had in panto for the 15 years that I've been here," said Jonathan Saville, director of sales, marketing and development at the Royal Centre."He's one of the biggest names who'll be appearing in panto across the UK this year; probably the biggest in terms of global recognition. We've had people buying tickets from all over Europe, including Germany and Croatia."Over 52,000 people have already booked Peter Pan tickets, a 17 per cent increase on this time last year, which broke records with 56.375 total sales. Mr Saville expects The Hoff factor to pass that once Peter Pan, which also stars Su Pollard and Barney Harwood, is up and running."Your local legend Su Pollard is really a pro," Hasselhoff told the Post, during a break. "And I'm a pro. We come from the old school.""We've been incorporating Hoff into pretty much everything. So the marketing office is now the Marketing Hoffice."As Peter Pan opens, next year's Theatre Royal panto will be announced, although the cast won't be revealed until the new year."We aren't going to get David Hasselhoff back next year," said Mr Saville."At least, I'd be very surprised if we do."One of my jobs this Christmas is to go to other pantos around the country to see who've they got and whether we want them to come to us next year."Tickets for the 2014 panto also go on sale on Saturday.See Friday's EG for more words from The Hoff. In tomorrow's EG Daily we talk to Blue Peter star Barney Harwood. And don't miss our chat with Su Pollard and The Hoff at nottinghampost.com.

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He likes getting out to quiet spots and just blending in "as opposed to being the Hoff or David Hasselhoff", he says. And he's looking forward to getting to know Nottingham."We're certainly going to enjoy it," he says. "My daughters are coming up for the holidays.""You'll see me in and about Nottingham," he says. "I'm not a recluse."I would love to come and see other shows (but) that's the problem because we're working. I like to get out to a resort, someplace out in the country. I really enjoy that."

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David Hasselhoff Surprises Fan Paula Fachal on Spanish TV

Silvia, David, and PaulaPaula says she loves her sister very much, and David has a good heart. Silvia tells us it was at least 6 months in the making with the show, emailing and interviews to make Paula's dream come true. The show is about giving loving messages to the ones you love. David sang Hooked on a Feeling to Paula, dedicated to her. One of the questions Paula was asked was what was David's favorite dessert. Answer: Chocolate mousse.Silvia says she would like to thank David for all the love he has shown.

David Hasselhoff on 'One Thing I Want To Say'

"Hay una cosa que te quiero decir" ("One Thing I Want To Say"): David Hasselhoff has visited the set of 'One thing I want to say' to be complicit in the surprise Silvia wants to give to her sister Paula, big fan of the actor, who suffers a disability due to a stroke he suffered at birth. Her disability made her childhood very hard and suffered bullying. At that time, Paula took refuge in the American star figure to forget her problems at school. The actor became her idol and he wanted to return the love she has given over the years fulfilling her dream. In addition, the actor has sent all his energy. "Keep believing in yourself, never give up, keep a positive attitude in life because this way dreams come true."Paula's life has not been easy. A cause of a stroke at birth, undergoes an irreversible disability that made ​​her childhood was very hard. At school, Paula suffered bullying and lived some really tough. That's when Paula took refuge in the figure of the actor David Hasselhoff to forget her problems. Since that time, the American star becomes her idol. Paula knows all about him and her dream is to meet him in person.In addition to the actor, the great support of her sister Paula was Silvia, who has lived in it since childhood overturned. Aware of her struggle, her effort and her desire to excel, Silvia wanted to pay tribute to her sister with the visit of her favorite actor, who after hearing the story of Paula wanted to return the love she has given during year. "I love you. People like you make a difference in my life and wanted to thank you for the bracelet you gave me, but it broke," said the actor."Keep believing in yourself"Very grateful to the support of Paula, the actor has sent a message of optimism to Paula, which has passed all his energy. "I want to thank, and the fan club, and your sister, for believing in me, because people like you are the people you owe me. I would like you to go on believing in yourself, and you never rindieses you have a positive attitude in life because of this way dreams come true. "Hay una Cosa que te quiero decir" Website

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