David Hasselhoff Performs on American Idol

David Hasselhoff performed an 80s medley on American Idol on March 25 on FOX.David tells E! Online, "They've invited me to come back to give me recollections of the '80s," before giving a major shout-out (and "Woo!") to the episode's other major special guest: Boy George, who will serve as the finalist's mentor.

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David Hasselhoff Show Trailer

David Hasselhoff's Finnish TV show has a new trailer! Check it out. The show premieres April 2 on Sub.

David Hasselhoff Show alkaa torstaina 2.4. Subilla!Supertähti David Hasselhoff isännöi kevään hauskinta talk show'ta Subilla. Hasselhoff saa vieraakseen Suomen kiinnostavimmat vieraat ja tutustuu samalla suomalaisiin tapoihin. Ruotsissa menestystä niittänyt talk show oli suuri puheenaihe kotimaassaan ja puheenaiheita on varmasti luvassa myös Suomessa!David Hasselhoff The show starts on Thursday 2.4. Sub!Superstar David Hasselhoff will host the Spring funniest talk the show Sub. Hasselhoff gets a visit from the Finnish interesting guests and at the same time learn about Finnish customs. Sweden success reaped the talk show was a big topic of discussion in their home country and topics is certainly the permit in Finland!

David Hasselhoff to Appear in New Alan Thicke Show

Alan Thicke has a new reality-ish tv show called "Unusually Thicke" set to premiere April 16 on TVGN. Alan Thicke is known from Growing Pains and the show centers around his life and his family in a blend of reality and situational comedy."Unusually Thicke combines my two favorite things: family...and laughing at my family," the 67-year-old actor said in a statement. "This series is my foray into the ‘reality-ish' television world where viewers will meet the lovable, unpredictable, and often challenging people who live with the real Jason Seaver."Some of the star's famous friends will appear throughout the season, including David Hasselhoff, Bob Saget, John Stamos and more.

Source: E! Online


David Hasselhoff Surprises Fan Paula Fachal on Spanish TV

Silvia, David, and PaulaPaula says she loves her sister very much, and David has a good heart. Silvia tells us it was at least 6 months in the making with the show, emailing and interviews to make Paula's dream come true. The show is about giving loving messages to the ones you love. David sang Hooked on a Feeling to Paula, dedicated to her. One of the questions Paula was asked was what was David's favorite dessert. Answer: Chocolate mousse.Silvia says she would like to thank David for all the love he has shown.

David Hasselhoff on 'One Thing I Want To Say'

"Hay una cosa que te quiero decir" ("One Thing I Want To Say"): David Hasselhoff has visited the set of 'One thing I want to say' to be complicit in the surprise Silvia wants to give to her sister Paula, big fan of the actor, who suffers a disability due to a stroke he suffered at birth. Her disability made her childhood very hard and suffered bullying. At that time, Paula took refuge in the American star figure to forget her problems at school. The actor became her idol and he wanted to return the love she has given over the years fulfilling her dream. In addition, the actor has sent all his energy. "Keep believing in yourself, never give up, keep a positive attitude in life because this way dreams come true."Paula's life has not been easy. A cause of a stroke at birth, undergoes an irreversible disability that made ​​her childhood was very hard. At school, Paula suffered bullying and lived some really tough. That's when Paula took refuge in the figure of the actor David Hasselhoff to forget her problems. Since that time, the American star becomes her idol. Paula knows all about him and her dream is to meet him in person.In addition to the actor, the great support of her sister Paula was Silvia, who has lived in it since childhood overturned. Aware of her struggle, her effort and her desire to excel, Silvia wanted to pay tribute to her sister with the visit of her favorite actor, who after hearing the story of Paula wanted to return the love she has given during year. "I love you. People like you make a difference in my life and wanted to thank you for the bracelet you gave me, but it broke," said the actor."Keep believing in yourself"Very grateful to the support of Paula, the actor has sent a message of optimism to Paula, which has passed all his energy. "I want to thank, and the fan club, and your sister, for believing in me, because people like you are the people you owe me. I would like you to go on believing in yourself, and you never rindieses you have a positive attitude in life because of this way dreams come true. "Hay una Cosa que te quiero decir" Website

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