Hasselhoff family at Pixie Lott Lipsy launch party

David Hasselhoff and his daughters Hayley and Taylor-Ann attended the 'Pixie Lott Lipsy Spring Summer collection' launch party last night at Chinawhite in London.

David and Bella Vida on BBC Radio

Yesturday, David and Bella Vida popped into Radio1 to have a chat with Scott Mills and basically have fun!You can listen to the interview here at Radio1 for the next 6 days, or you can download the podcast from yesturday's show here.Watch The Hoff play Innuendo Bingo here. Very funny!!Dont forget today The Hasselhoff's are popping into Richard Bacon's show on Radio 5 from 2:00pm GMT.

David Hasselhoff Interview with Metro

The Hoff is back and talking with Metro.co.uk about Britains Got Talent, his reality show and his new movie Piranha 3DD.

Why did you do this reality show?One, to help highlight my daughters’ quests to become singers. Number two, instead of reading complete unadulterated lies about  me in the press, this was a chance to invite people in to say: ‘This is who the Hasselhoffs are – we have a great family relationship, a heart and a sense of humour.’Are you worried your daughters will experience the negative side of fame?They already have because of my divorce and the stuff I’ve gone through. They’ve had to have a hard skin, especially at school. Every kid goes through challenges at school, whether you’re in show business or not, but it’s worse if people know  you because of your parents. We’re just a normal family that picks up the papers and reads what we’ve been doing, or haven’t, everyday. It hurts when your children are mentioned and when people assume things about them that aren’t true.How’s Britain’s Got Talent going?I’m having a blast. I find it very funny that I can’t understand what people are saying a lot of  the time. I’m very proud I’ve been asked to do it. I’m spending a lot of time in Britain and people are very complimentary.

Are there any British accents you can’t understand at all?The Scottish ones. The Glaswegian accent really got me but then I couldn’t really understand a lot of what people in Liverpool were saying – and Wales too. I’m having a hell of a time. I’m dating a Welsh girl and keep saying ‘what?’ all the time. I haven’t got through one sentence with her yet without saying ‘what?’ But at the same time I find it very sexy and cute, so she can talk all she wants.What acts in Britain would you not get in US?There was one act in America where a lady said she could whistle and birds would come. She did it and no birds arrived. The weirdest one in Britain was a guy who imitated trucks – I have no idea what that was about. It sounded like a giant man farting. And I think I’ve seen every Michael Jackson impersonator in Britain.What are your proudest achievements in your career?I loved working with Mel Brooks. When they asked me to do The Producers, they asked me to play the German but I wanted to play the gay director and he told me I did a great job, which I was very proud of.What have been the biggest disappointments?Not getting more film work and not being cast in the TV remake of Knight Rider when I brought the idea, the treatment and the story to the TV network. Hollywood can be fun like that.You’re filming Piranha 3DD at the moment – how’s that going?It’s a lot of fun saving beautiful girls from being eaten by piranhas and  it’s great to see everyone wandering around covered in fake blood.What lessons have 40 years in showbiz taught you?Don’t count on anything but yourself and God.What’s the secret of your enduring popularity?Love of people, humility and to respect the opportunities that I’ve been given. And, of course, my winning smile.You’ve had a well-publicised battle with alcoholism. Are people supportive?People never, ever ask; only the media. Interviews like this are obsessed with bringing it up because it sells newspapers. No one in the street has ever come up to me and said: ‘How’s your drinking?’ I welcome the support I receive from family and friends.What else would you like to achieve with your career?To bring down all the walls in the world. More seriously, though, I’d like to make a kick-ass Knight Rider film and I’m looking forward to seeing my daughters achieve success in their own careers.The Hasselhoffs starts on May 30 on Bio.

The Hasselhoff's Reality Show

The Hasselhoffs spotlights the life of single dad David Hasselhoff and his two daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley.

The series brings viewers inside the household of David Hasselhoff where “The Hoff” is just Dad and examines the challenges he faces as a single parent raising two young adult daughters.Despite juggling his multiple entertainment and business endeavours, he is the ultimate 'stage dad' and will do anything to help guide his daughters’ decisions as they pursue their famous careers.Starts Monday 30 May at 7pm and continues Monday nights at 7pm on the Biography(Bio) channel on sky - 156 and virgin - 242The Biography Channel

'The Hasselhoffs' Unaired Show Clips & Video Logs


A&E has some episode clips up through episode 6 of the show. We're unlikely to see the full episodes, so here are a few snippets from some of the unaired episodes. David also discusses some episodes in the video logs.Unaired episode clips:• Ep. 3 Crisis ManagementDavid decides his career needs a boost, so he sets out to find a new manager.  When David's daughters decide they also need a manager to help launch their career, David calls in a favor, only to find the girls are unrehearsed and out of practice.• Ep. 4 A Daytime DramaDavid thinks he'll have an easy go of it as a guest star on his old soap opera, The Young and the Restless, but he finds that times have changed and it's a greater challenge than he could have imagined. When David tries to do a nice thing for Taylor by getting her a small role on the show, he has to deal with Hayley's jealousy.• Ep. 5 Family BusinessDavid threatens to walk off the set when he learns a commercial he's booked has him cast as a villain. David also finds his hands full with his daughters when Taylor wants to record a new song, but Hayley can't find the time.• Ep. 6 The HoffatherDavid enjoys a supreme honor, when Pink's Hot Dogs adds a David Hasselhoff hot dog to the menu. But the naming ceremony almost turns into a disaster, when Taylor makes the mistake of booking the event on the same day as a Knight Rider convention in Vegas. With a charity tied into the event, David must pull off the impossible to save Taylor from disgrace.Video logs:• A Daytime Drama•  Crisis Management• Hoff the Record• AddictionClips: • What Would Justin Do?• Joel Takes a Shot in the Arm• Hayley Takes on Perez Hilton• Hayley's Bucket List• Big Target• The Hoffather (Part II)• Nothing to Wear!

Hoffy Holidays at MTV's The Seven

The Hasselhoffs stopped by The Seven to talk about their reality show while decorating a Christmas tree with Hoff balls, non-alcoholic champagne, mini microphones and KITT ornaments. Check out the fun times they had in this video.

Hasselhoffs Friday Press Coverage

It's Friday! Only a few days from the premiere of 'The Hasselhoffs' on A&E and the family isn't slowing down a bit. This will be the page to watch today for updates on their interviews.

Rachael Ray:

Access Hollywood: Hasselhoff Catchphrases Revealed

FOX59 WXIN Indianapolis

Popeater's Naughty or Nice with Rob
David Hasselhoff and his two beautiful daughters, Hailey and Taylor-Ann, tell me the biggest misconception about their super-famous father is that he's a raging alcoholic. "He's not. He's a hands-on parent more than anything else. He's the best father you could ever ask for. He's our best friend," David's great kids tell me.Stopping by my new HDNet show, 'Naughty But Nice With Rob,' the Hoff family admits they're all scared about the debut of their reality show, 'The Hasselhoffs,' this Sunday on A&E but also relieved for everyone to learn the truth about their family.

"The first thing we talk about is the hamburger incident," David tells me. "We face life head on. Our family is about honesty. We are not trying to be famous. We are famous. The show shows how hard it is to stay on top and that's what I want to show world."To see my entire interview with David, Taylor and Hailey, where they talk about their new dating rules for him as well as his new calendar that has various images of him with and without clothes, check out 'Naughty But Nice With Rob' on HDNet this Saturday at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Also don't forget to check out his show Sunday at 10:00 pm EST on A&E.

Access Hollywood

Associated Press

Futon Critic Interview with David Hasselhoff

From The Futon Critic

It's been almost 30 years since David Hasselhoff became a household name with the success of the '80s action series "Knight Rider" on NBC. Since then, he's gone on to headline the international success "Baywatch," have a huge singing career in Europe, become one of the judges on NBC's hit "America's Got Talent" and had the dubious honor of being the first dancer eliminated on the just-ended season of "Dancing With The Stars." And then, of course, there are the tabloids, where "The Hoff" has regularly appeared for years but the most notable instance being the infamous video that was leaked in 2007 featuring him in a drunken stupor.It's because of all the ups and downs in his long career that the entertainer realized it was time to set the record straight on everything about him and that arrives this weekend in the form of "The Hasselhoffs." In the A&E reality series, Hasselhoff guides his two daughters, Haley and Taylor Ann, through the rough terrain of show business and also lets cameras in on their life together as a close-knit family. Our Jim Halterman rang up Hasselhoff in New York City, where he was promoting the new show on the New York-based talk shows to find out more about the new series.Jim Halterman: How did the show come about in the first place?David Hasselhoff: I was doing a show called "Tales of the Hoff" and it was kind of like "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Ryan Seacrest and I went into business together and it was over at E! I couldn't really do a reality show because of "America's Got Talent" and then E! didn't want to do anything scripted. A&E called and said they wanted to do a show. I was more interested in doing scripted, they said they weren't interested in that but then I said, "What if I was to do a show about me being a single dad raising two kids and living a life where sometimes it's unfair about the press but also about being honest with myself and my kids as well as helping them pursue their music and follow their journey being my daughters?"JH: Did you think about how this show would be perceived in comparison to other reality shows like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians?"DH: The first episode is very heartwarming and tells a story of what the show is about. How we're a loving a family and how we get through life together with all the tabloids. It was an opportunity to have a half-hour commercial for who we are and not, "This is who we are because you read about it in a magazine." It was an opportunity to come clean and talk about what it's like being David Hasselhoff and the business. It's not like the Kardashians or Ozzy Osbourne. It's not over the top television. It's not like who's dating who and who's going out so in a way we thought maybe it was too soft but in the end we worked really hard at presenting a television show that I felt was not going down to reality but coming up to visiting a family that is successful in show business and wants to continue to be successful in show business. I didn't want this to hurt my acting or singing career and I don't think it will. I think whether it lasts 10 more episodes or no more episodes, we did it, we're there and in the end I'm happy with the progression of my daughters and why we did it was to exploit their music and say 'Hey, how can I help my daughters?'JH: In the show, we see you give a lot of advice to the girls but have they helped you in return?DH: These girls have really helped me. We're honest with each other; we're fiercely loyal to each other. What can I do as David Hasselhoff to bring awareness to the fact that they have great hearts and that they want to be in show business. They don't want to be famous; they don't care about that at all. They've seen what fame can bring but they want to be successful and they want to perform. We went from seeing them doing their scales and the hard realities of how hard work it takes and then, as you'll see in the last episode of the season, performing in front of 10,000 people. They were gaining the respect of the audience and gaining my respect because I kind of threw them out to the wolves. But they've found the same thing I found. They found happiness and passion and a sense of confidence onstage. Sometimes for us it's like pulling strings. It's easier to perform and be onstage than dealing with daily life! You get an honest reaction on stage from people. If you're good you're good, if you're not, you're not.JH: You've been in front of the cameras for so long but how did your daughters deal with it in shooting the show?DH: Because they were growing up on the set of "Baywatch" when they were little kids they were so used to it; like falling off a log. It was all kind of therapeutic. We forgot that the cameras were there and our emotions were overflowing. It was actually kind of cool. It was a way to let our emotions go. There was the stuff I was going through and then for Taylor to really leave school. I love school and I didn't want her to leave school and I loved going to visit her and being the King of the Universe. Then Haley got the lead in this [ABC Family] series called "Huge" and what it meant for her. In a way, these are all fantastic home movies so that's kind of where we're at with the show.JH: Do you see the girls as having thick skin since they've seen you go through so much?DH: Yeah, they've got thick skin because they've had to live with being my daughters. Most of their friends are incredibly supportive of me, as well. They have pretty thick skin. They've had to. There are a lot of times when they want me to sue every newspaper because they know what they say is not true. I just say 'You can't sue them all, honey. You just have to move on.'JH: What else do we see on the show? Do we get into your "Dancing With the Stars" experience?DH: It goes as far as the Comedy Centralroastand all the behind-the-scenes of that, my feelings about putting it all out on the table and let's get it over it and let's make the jokes once and for all and move on. I got "Dancing With The Stars" immediately after the show ended so we don't get to that. So now it's what's next for "The Hasselhoffs." If it continues, it's about what's the next level. It's kind of like Entourage meets Fame.JH: Do we get to see any romance in the show or does it stay focused on your respective careers?DH: That's all around the show. It's kind of like floating around and we don't really hit it over the head because it's more about our relationship. The romance and the dating and stuff are not really inherent in the show as much as it is our relationship as a family.JH: Do you think one ofthe keysto your career longevity is because you can laugh at yourself a little bit?DH: I think the key to my longevity is that the only person that can really bring me down totally is me. I've done a good job of that and I'm really good at getting back up. I love a challenge and I think what's really kept me going all these years is the public. When I go outside, people yell "Yo, Knight Rider! We love you, man, no matter what they say!" All over the world, I get total complete positive reaction from people and very rarely do I get anything that is negative. No matter what's been printed about me and the ups and downs I still seem to come out on top. "Dancing With the Stars," even though I was voted off first, got their highest ratings in a long time. "America's Got Talent" was number one. I have anew albumin Germany and I'm going to the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve and will be singing "Looking for Freedom." I think "The Hasselhoffs" is really just about a normal family who happens to be in show business. Like they say, "You put on a good show, you get great business. You put on a bad show and they give you the business.""The Hasselhoffs" premieres on Sunday night at 10:00/9:00c on A&E.

Yet More TV and Radio Appearances - Thursday Part 2

As tired as I am trying to keep up with all the TV, web and radio appearances by the Hasselhoffs, I can't imagine how they do it. Check out a few more radio interviews and these videos. Friday, the Hasselhoffs will be on Access Hollywood and the Rachael Ray Show, so don't forget to tune in to those.

Radio links from HNC:

Thanks to Hayley Munday for this video:Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Win a Hofftastic Prize Pack!

 A&E is hosting a contest for a Hofftastic Prize Pack! All you have to do is watch a short video and answer a question from the video. Then enter your information and hit enter. Contest ends December 10, so hurry on over to The Hasselhoffs Facebook page to enter! One drawback to the contest, only available to U.S. residents.

The Hoffs' 2011 Calendar

Zap2It received a promo package in the mail for "The Hasselhoffs" show that is premiering Sunday, December 5 on A&E. Guess what was in the package? A 2011 calendar! It's pretty cool, complete with scratch and sniff months, glow in the dark pictures, and one of the months has a picture of David on a tire swing that you can actually swing.Currently, this calendar is not available to the public.

Check out more photos from the calendar after the jump.