'The Hasselhoffs' Unaired Show Clips & Video Logs


A&E has some episode clips up through episode 6 of the show. We're unlikely to see the full episodes, so here are a few snippets from some of the unaired episodes. David also discusses some episodes in the video logs.Unaired episode clips:• Ep. 3 Crisis ManagementDavid decides his career needs a boost, so he sets out to find a new manager.  When David's daughters decide they also need a manager to help launch their career, David calls in a favor, only to find the girls are unrehearsed and out of practice.• Ep. 4 A Daytime DramaDavid thinks he'll have an easy go of it as a guest star on his old soap opera, The Young and the Restless, but he finds that times have changed and it's a greater challenge than he could have imagined. When David tries to do a nice thing for Taylor by getting her a small role on the show, he has to deal with Hayley's jealousy.• Ep. 5 Family BusinessDavid threatens to walk off the set when he learns a commercial he's booked has him cast as a villain. David also finds his hands full with his daughters when Taylor wants to record a new song, but Hayley can't find the time.• Ep. 6 The HoffatherDavid enjoys a supreme honor, when Pink's Hot Dogs adds a David Hasselhoff hot dog to the menu. But the naming ceremony almost turns into a disaster, when Taylor makes the mistake of booking the event on the same day as a Knight Rider convention in Vegas. With a charity tied into the event, David must pull off the impossible to save Taylor from disgrace.Video logs:• A Daytime Drama•  Crisis Management• Hoff the Record• AddictionClips: • What Would Justin Do?• Joel Takes a Shot in the Arm• Hayley Takes on Perez Hilton• Hayley's Bucket List• Big Target• The Hoffather (Part II)• Nothing to Wear!