Meet the Hasselhoffs Episode 6

meethehasselhoffsThe sixth and final episode of Meet the Hasselhoffs premiered last night in the UK. In this episode, the family and Radio 1's Scott Mills go camping and reflect on their adventures. DigitallyTuned kindly uploaded the episode for the world to see.Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

David Hasselhoff Says "Bring it On"

From BBC Newsbeat

Baywatch and Knight Rider legend David Hasselhoff is back on British screens in Meet the Hasselhoffs. It's the follow up to The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay and features the 57-year-old actor visiting the UK with his two daughters and personal assistant. He drops in to Radio 1 to see Scott Mills, meets his mum, gets to play polo and bumps into some Pearly Kings and Queens in a London pub.

How did Meet the Hasselhoffs come about?

I came over here to originally do a sequel to The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay, which was basically a story of a DJ (Scott Mills) who came to live with a guy he saw on television, and for me to share my life with him, to see what it's like in Los Angeles and the fact that it's crazy and fun.But behind closed doors I'm just a dad and a real person. We hit it off, so decided to do a sequel, something that nobody's ever done and take a motor home across Britain. We called it the Hoff road trip.

We show the chaos and pandemonium of what it's like for me in London during the summer. It's insane here. Everyone's got a mobile phone and everyone's got a camera and seems genuinely shocked when they meet me, but in a very positive way. It's madness.It was basically, 'Let's go out and see what it's like to meet the real people - Pearly Kings and Queens, sitting with them in a pub, playing polo and cricket, and go to Peterborough and go to a fair'. We got to go to Devon and hang with the lifeguards too.We did crazy things, every possible crazy thing we could - like rock climbing in the Scottish Highlands to looking for the Loch Ness monster. But the most amazing thing that came out of this was how crazy, funny and wacky our life can be, but how close we are as a family.

Do you think the tabloids in Britain, and probably in America too, are waiting for your next downfall?

I think [they] are always waiting for anybody's downfall, not just me.Nobody on the street says anything. Isn't it funny, with all the garbage that's been printed about me and my family, America's Got Talent is still number one?Knight Rider was number one and Baywatch was the number one watched show in the world. In a way, 'Bring it on baby. Say what you want', because people on the street go, 'How are you doing? You look so buff, you look so healthy'. I said, 'Yeah I am'. Believe what you see, not what you read.

Are you a fan of Susan Boyle now after seeing her on the final of America's Got Talent?

I loved her. She was very professional. She's just come from being a little lady in her own little world to a mega, megastar. She handled it very well. She was nervous. We're all nervous. If you're not nervous, you're not alive when you go on stage.She's amazing. I love Susan Boyle. She brought the world together. She brought a real amazing sensitivity back to the world. She's the most downloaded person in history and that's so great, to see that the world still has a heart and that people aren't just out to buy the latest magazine with some stupid article in it.

And Scott Mills - who'd have thought you'd be such good friends?

He's a great guy - I can get Scott on my radio in Los Angeles at four o'clock. I've got Radio 1 on my presets. My daughters, specifically Hayley, got really close to Scott. She feels like he's a brother. He's a real sensitive guy - I liked his parents - his mother and his grandfather were quite interesting.

Meet the Hasselhoffs is on Living on Mondays at 2200BST

Events this Weekend

Several events are happening this weekend, so here is a rundown of all the activities.

Saturday, Sept. 26: KnightCon UK:All European and UK Knightrider fans can meet each other, compare KITTs, and much more! All proceeds benefit The Children's Miracle Network. Located at: Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.Check out their website at and come out to promote a great cause and have a great time.**Please Note** This event is not specifically endorsed by Mr. Hasselhoff, nor has he made any specific declaration to be there. It should however be a fun event with some fun people for a great cause.
Sunday, Sept. 27: Das Hustlehoff:Oktoberfest Denver is holding its 2nd annual "Das Hustlehoff" 10k Run this Sunday in honor of Mr. Hasselhoff himself. Participants are encouraged to dress up in their best Knight Rider, Baywatch, or Hoff-inspired costume. View the "Das Hustlehoff" News entry.A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the American Lung Association.Backstage Auctions:The auction I mentioned a few days ago on Twitter starts, with many rare and never-before-seen David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider and Baywatch merchandise. Photos with negatives, interview tapes and interview notes are available for purchase. Check out all the available items at Backstage Auctions.Auction runs from Sept. 27 - October 4.
Monday, Sept. 28: Meet the Hasselhoffs:Third installment of the six-part series airs at 10 pm on LivingTV in the UK.Episode 1 | Episode 2

My London: David Hasselhoff

From the London Evening Standard

The London Evening Standard's Sylvia Mulder interviewed David recently and posted this interesting Q & A with him.

 Where do you stay in London?When I'm working, I like Covent Garden, because it's near the theatres. If I want to hang out and shop, I like to be in Soho. My favourite boutique hotel is Blakes in Kensington. But don't try to find me, I use several different names to disguise my presence.What was the last show you saw in London?I saw Chicago when Jerry Springer was in it and I also loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I would love to be in that show, it's so campy and fun. Jude Law was amazing in Hamlet.

Where did you last go on holiday?I've just spent six weeks in London and surrounding areas to film Meet the Hasselhoffs with my favourite two companions, my daughters. We went to Devon, which was a fantastic beachside experience. The Scottish Highlands was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to on earth. We also took the Eurostar to Paris and stayed in my favourite hotel over there, Costes. I love the Moulin Rouge area, watching the models and spies.What advice would you give a tourist?Look left.Which London shops do you rely on?Topshop is my girls' top spot. I go to Hawes & Curtis to get my shirts. I like the classy shops around Chelsea and Floral Street, but I try to stay away from the big stores.What's the best meal you've had in London?Anything at Giovanni's in Goodwin's Court, behind St Martin's Lane. They have a pasta carbonara dish named after The Hoff.What's your earliest London memory?I came here for the first time to promote Knight Rider in the 1980s and got to meet Princess Diana, Fergie, Paul McCartney and Richard Branson all on the same day. It was amazing.What would be on your tombstone?Hoff to heaven.What are your guilty pleasures?Watching reruns of Knight Rider.What would you do as Mayor for the day?I'd give everyone the day off when the sun comes out, because it so rarely happens for you guys.What's your life philosophy?Live, love, laugh, and take it one day at a time.What was the last album you bought?It was Chris Daughtry's latest album. Daughtry is a great talent and a good friend of mine.What makes you laugh?The things that people say to me in the street. The other day someone screamed: You are my biggest fan.'What makes you cry?Watching my children be happy gives me tears of joy.What are you up to at the moment?I'm busy helping my girls with their singing careers and I'm developing new projects for the Sharkwatch television programme on The Underwater Channel, to help make people aware of the slaughter of sharks. I've also been making my UK show Meet the Hasselhoffs, for which I really immersed myself in British culture. It was such a pleasure to make, and to get to know the spirit and culture of the Pearly Kings and Queens.What do you most like wearing?My Cary Grant suit. It's perfect for any occasion.What's the most romantic place in London?I would rent out a pod on the London Eye at night. The view is spectacular up there.What's your favourite London nightclub?I love Bungalow 8, it's classy and fun. As for pubs, it would have to be The Centre Page on Knightrider Street, near St Paul's.Meet the Hasselhoffs is shown on Mondays at 10pm on Living

Target Acquires Rights to Hasselhoff Docs

From Broadcast Now

Does this mean that we could see a video of "Meet the Hasselhoffs" in our local Target stores?

Target Entertainment Group has picked up the distribution rights to Meet the Hasselhoffs, the series of ob doc specials that launched this week on Living.Target director of sales and programming Jane Dockery said she expected the programmes would prove “really popular internationally.”

The 6 x 60-minute specials, commissioned by the Virgin Media-owned broadcaster, follow Knight Rider and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff as he immerses himself in British culture during a summer in the UK.It follows a one-off earlier this year, The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay. The new specials, produced by Summer Films, follows the actor and his two daughters as they go in search of the Loch Newss Monster, play polo and inspire lifeguards on the Devon coast.The specials launched on Living on 14 September in a 10pm slot.

Chatting to Scott Mills

From We Love Telly

In this week's We Love Telly, free with The Daily Mirror on Saturday, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills told us what it was like having Baywatch star and living legend David Hasselhoff staying with him in Britain.You can see what they got up to during The Hoff's trip to Britain in Meet The Hasselhoffs (Mon, 10pm, Living TV), and in the meantime here's more from our exclusive interview with Scott...

What's your role in the series?Basically I'm his UK tour guide this time. The original show we did was in LA where I went to stay with him and he showed me around. So I thought I'd do the same for him in Britain.Was living with The Hoff really as chaotic as it looks ?Yeah, it was exhausting, but fun, and I had a great summer. We did things I haven't done before like going on a yacht and a barge, visiting a haunted castle, and staying at a stately home.What did The Hoff have to say about his role on America's Got Talent?He loves it! He's having a great time on that show. He doesn't have that 'Hoff' thing in America that he does here - he finds the slightly strange hero worship bizarre. In fact, he asked me why this happens in Britain? I had to say that I've got no idea and told him to just go with it!You played the part of The Hoff in your Radio 1 musical, what did that involve? Wearing a pair of skin-tight stone washed jeans, a T-shirt with The Hoff on it and a leather jacket from the eighties. He does actually wear those T-shirts! You'll see it on the show.Were you pleased with how well your musical went down with Radio 1 listeners?Yeah, I couldn't believe it. I never expected it to go that well and it was one of the best things I've done on Radio 1. I'd like to do something more with it at Christmas. It would be fun to reunite again with the cast, maybe in London.

Meet the Hasselhoffs - Episode 1

meethehasselhoffsThe first part of "Meet the Hasselhoffs" aired today on LivingTV in the UK. DigitallyTuned was nice enough to upload the first episode to Youtube for the world to see, and I really like it so far. I would love to visit England someday, so until then I can live vicariously through David Hasselhoff. :)Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5A few of us were having troubles seeing part 2, with an error citing out-of-country copyright issues. Hopefully they can get this fixed soon.

Sneak Preview of Meet the Hasselhoffs

Thanks to Hayls for uploading a new sneak peak of "Meet the Hasselhoffs"!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace


Knight Rider, Baywatch and America's Got Talent star David Hasselhoff is back on our screens - but this time, he's letting us into his life.Click here to see the video!

Filmed at his UK home, Meet The Hasselhoffs is a six-part behind-the-scenes reality show about the star and his family following on from his last show: The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay.This time round, The Hoff is spending the summer in the UK to immerse himself in British culture, taking in stately homes, having a traditional cockney knees up with the pearly kings and queens, playing polo, going in search of the Loch Ness Monster, Morris Dancing and erm, inspiring lifeguards on the Devon coast.

Meet The Hasselhoffs is on every Monday from 14th September, 10pm on LIVING.

The Hoff: A Very British Summer

David wrapped up his visit to the UK by sharing his experience in one of his newest Hoffblogs and shows us some really spectacular photos.

Here is a taste of just some of the many things we have got up to in the last few weeks, as we have toured the UK filming for Living TV. The show, provisionally titled Project Hoff, will air in the Fall. It was great fun and very interesting but very hard work (thats why I haven't checked in here for a while) but I think you will all love it. We had a blast and did so many things. It was great working with Scott Mills and everyone at Summer Films again.

Find more photos like this on HoffSpace

Hoff heads for the hills

From Lochaber News

David Hasselhoff out on the hills with Mick Tighe, Kathy Tighe and Kev Mitchell.BAYWATCH star David Hasselhoff was hitting the high spots in Lochaber over the weekend.Not as a lifeguard, however, but as a mountaineer.The American actor and singer, who had lead roles as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch and as Michael Knight in Knight Rider, was in the Fort William area to film for a television action series.The six-parter will go out on satellite channel Living TV, chronicling his travels around the UK, experiencing British culture and customs.

Accompanied by his daughter and her fiancé, Hasselhoff was staying at plush Inverlochy Castle Hotel on the outskirts of Fort William.Using the hotel as a base, he spent time filming on the shores of Loch Ness and in Glen Nevis.Having been heavily involved with bereaved families of New York firemen killed in the September 11 atrocity, the actor, nicknamed "The Hoff", was keen to learn a little about the rescue services in Scotland.And as Inverlochy Castle is situated at the foot of Ben Nevis, where so many of Scotland's climbing accidents occur, mountain rescue was an obvious aspect to feature.Local climbing guide and mountain search and rescue expert Mick Tighe, of Nevis Guides in Roy Bridge, was drafted in to oversee an abseiling and stretcher lowering exercise on the Poll Dubh Crags in Glen Nevis.Hasselhoff abseiled down a cliff face, while members of the film crew volunteered to be mock casualties and were lowered down over the sheer rocks in a rescue stretcher.Mr Tighe was ably assisted by his wife Kathy, a former member of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, and by personnel from the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team, including their team leader Kevin Mitchell, who were exercising in the area at the time.The series, with the working title of Project Hoff, is due to be aired from September 28 and it is being filmed by the Summer Films production company.

The Hoff Tries His Hand at Rowing

From Henley on Thames

 ACTOR David Hasselhoff has been trying his hand at rowing in Henley.The Baywatch star joined a crew from Upper Thames Rowing Club for a trip along the royal regatta course.Sunseekers and rowers lined the bank to watch him take his first tentative strokes in an eight.Hasselhoff was filming for a “best of British” series for the Living channel, in which he will spend time with Radio 1 DJ and “Hoff” fanatic Scott Mills, when he spotted rowers training for the Henley Royal Regatta next week.After mooring up next to the club’s new �1 million headquarters, the 52-year-old American asked the mixed crew to teach him some techniques — and they were happy to oblige.

Following a short lesson, the eight headed in the direction of Henley Bridge before turning back towards Temple Island.Hasselhoff said afterwards: “It was an amazing experience — I had no idea rowers had to work so hard. It is a real team effort.“I am used to water but this was something else. I really enjoyed myself — I wish I could have told my crew to go home so I could have stayed all day.”Hasselhoff spent a night moored in Hurley on a canal boat he is sharing with his film crew and ate with his daughters in Hotel du Vin in New Street.One crew member, Henley college student Sammy Holt, 17, said it was “surreal” rowing with the actor.“I remember him from Baywatch and it was really strange to meet him,” she said. “He was really nice and polite and genuinely seemed to enjoy himself.”Hasselhoff is best known for his roles as LA County lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, which he produced until 2001, and Michael Knight in Eighties series Knight Rider.He also enjoyed a music career towards the end of the Eighties, achieving widespread attention for his performance when the Berlin Wall was brought down in 1989. He remains highly popular in German-speaking Europe.A spokesman for Upper Thames Rowing Club said: “We were delighted to welcome David to our club and hope he enjoyed his time with us.”

Ex-Baywatch Star Scales New Heights

From Press & Journal

American actor learns about mountain rescue service in Scotland

FORMER Baywatch star David Hasselhoff hit the high spots in the Highlands at the weekend – not as a lifeguard but as a mountaineer.

The American TV actor and singer, who had lead roles as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch and Michael Knight in Knight Rider, was in the Fort William area to film a new TV action series.

The six-part series will be broadcast on Living TV and chronicles his travels around the UK experiencing British culture and customs.

Accompanied by his daughter and her fiance, he stayed at Inverlochy Castle Hotel at Fort William.

Using the hotel as a base, the star spent time filming on the shores of Loch Ness and in Glen Nevis.

Having been heavily involved with bereaved families of New York firefighters killed in the 9/11 disaster, Mr Hasselhoff was keen to learn a little about the rescue services in Scotland.

On Ben Nevis, where so many of Scotland’s climbing accidents happen, mountain rescue seemed to be an obvious aspect to feature.

Local climbing guide and mountain search and rescue expert, Mick Tighe, of Nevis Guides based at Roy Bridge, was drafted in to oversee an abseiling and stretcher-lowering exercise on the Poll Dubh crags in Glen Nevis.

Mr Hasselhoff abseiled down a cliff face while members of the film crew “volunteered” to be mock casualties and were lowered down over the sheer rocks in a rescue stretcher.

Mr Tighe was helped by his wife Kathy, herself a former member of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, and by personnel from the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team, including leader Kevin Mitchell, who were exercising in the area at the time.

The series, with the working title of “Project Hoff”, is due to be aired from September 28.

The 'Hoff' swaps California for Croyde

From Devon24

FORMER Baywatch star David Hasselhoff chats to fans in Croyde earlier today (Monday). Picture taken by Gazette reader James Nunn.FORMER Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has swapped the beaches of California for North Devon to take part in filming for a new television series.The American actor - who shot to fame in cult 80s crime-fighting drama Knight Rider - has been spotted out and about in various coastal locations today (Monday).

He is understood to filming a new show with Radio One DJ Scott Mills for a series to be broadcast on satellite television station, Living TV.The star, currently a judge on worldwide television sensation America's Got Talent, was spotted by Gazette readers in Croyde this morning and at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe, this afternoon.He is thought to be staying in Woolacombe and was due to meet up with lifeguards in the village and RNLI crew members from Appledore this morning before having to cancel at the last minuteA spokesperson for Appledore RNLI told the Gazette that Hasselhoff, affectionately nicknamed "The Hoff" by fans, was supposed to be filming with the RNLI lifeguards at Woolacombe earlier this morning and then be transported by "rib" to the waiting Appledore lifeboat.She said that this was a way of demonstrating how the UK's joined-up coastal rescue services operate together.She said: "The lifeboat was already on the way to meet the star and had reached Baggy Point when we received a message to say Mr Hasselhoff's filming schedule was too tight and had to cancel."