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Hoffspace is holding a contest to win David's new CD "This Time Around."

What will you need to do to win a copy? Here's what:1. be a member of HoffSpace (obviously)2. answer a question (don't be afraid, it's not really hard question for any true fan)3. send us your answer using HoffSpace messaging system with subject COMPETITION (only answers we get that way will be considered, DO NOT send us answers via e-mail). If you don't know how to send a message through HoffSpace, here are instructions: click on and then once you are on our profile page click on Send a message...Now, here's the big question:HOW MANY STUDIO ALBUMS, INCLUDING "THIS TIME AROUND", HAS DAVID RELEASED SO FAR?Send us your answers through HoffSpace message with subject COMPETITION by Sunday, 18th of March 2012 and we will announce 2 lucky winners at Monday, 19th of March 2012.

Good luck to everyone! Enter by messaging through Hoffspace only.Winners: PETRA AKA DJ SUNNY, IVANA BENIAKOVA and KATHY THACKER!

The Pool After Dark with David Hasselhoff

Last week, David was hosting the Pool After Dark at Harrah's in Atlantic City. Check out some of these photos from the event, and the ones on Hoffspace by Bobby.

David Hasselhoff Addresses Oxford Union

US actor, singer and all-round entertainer David Hasselhoff was given the floor at Oxford Union to talk about truth and consequences, Tuesday.Dressed in a shiny grey suit and tie and carrying a Baywatch-style life preserver, Hasselhoff took to the platform to ringing applause and a standing ovation.Those present learned that Prime Minister David Cameron admits to being a huge fan of Knight Rider and the Hoff thinks reality shows have ruined TV.Hasselhoff gave away T-shirts carrying the slogan "Don't Hassel The Hoff". Those present were quickly enamoured by his charm and anecdotes. During a 10-minute introduction, Hasselhoff explained that he had just come up from Westminster, where he bumped into Mr. Cameron."I go to Parliament and I'm having a great time. I say, 'I'd really like to meet the Prime Minister', and as I turned around there is the Prime Minister."He said, 'I'm a big fan of Knight Rider'. I said, 'I'm a big fan of you - are you Tony Blair?'," Hasselhoff joked to the audience.During a half hour Q&A at the union, The Hoff talked about his role in the fall of the Berlin Wall and also discussed his daughter Hayley's battles with weight issues and his own personal problems.But for the most part, the talk remained light.The judge of Britain's Got Talent said his experiences filming the show led him to believe that Britain was every bit as "nuts" as America.Earlier in the day, Hasselhoff was shown around Parliament by lawmaker and former musician David Morris.The backbencher, a former songwriter who was once in a band with Rick Astley, has known Hasselhoff since the 1980s.An aide to Mr. Morris said: "The Hoff was in town filming (ITV show) Britain's Got Talent, and David gave him a tour. He kindly agreed to support our campaign to restore Morecambe's Winter Gardens."While we were waiting for a taxi in New Palace Yard afterwards, the Prime Minister's car pulled up and he walked straight into us.""The Hoff offered to help him with the Big Society. He also gave him a signed photo," the aide said.The two men posed for pictures and Mr. Hasselhoff, a friend of Tory MP David Morris, continued his tour of the historic Palace of Westminster.The former “Baywatch” star was helping Morris promote a campaign to restore a disused entertainment complex in Morecambe, the northern England seaside resort he represents in Parliament.[gallery]

Read David's blog post at HoffspaceArticle text from,, BBC, and The TelegraphPhoto Gallery from Zimbio

"Hoff is Back" in Vienna

David performed in Vienna on the first day of his tour yesterday, and sang some of his top hits like Looking for Freedom. Check out the photos from Hoffspace, and watch this video of David singing Looking for Freedom. A few more videos are after the cut of David singing Limbo Dance and A Real Good Feeling.Hoff is Back Tour Photos from Andreas Loidl (Hoffspace)Hoff is Back Tour 2011 from Maren Vollenberg (Hoffspace)David singing It's A Real Good Feeling (video from Andreas Loidl)Find more videos like this on HoffSpace"Limbo Dance" from Andreas LoidlFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

Hasselhoff Revisits Cancer Survivors

From ContactMusic

Actor David Hasselhoff has been reunited with two cancer survivors he first met when they were diagnosed with the disease as children 20 years ago.The Baywatch star first encountered the two men when they were just kids newly diagnosed with cancer in Vienna, Austria in the early 1990s, as part of his charity work.He visited them again on Monday (24Jan11) - and was pleased to see how well they've recovered from their early-life health scares.In a video posted on his website, Hasselhoff says, "Here we are at the St. Anna's Children Hospital in Vienna where I met these children here 20 years ago. We established a foundation called the David Hasselhoff Benefit Foundation for Children with Cancer."We started this foundation and these two children survived cancer and they lived. It's an amazing thing to come back and see this. Miracles happen. It's incredible."Check out David's blog post about his visit to Vienna here.Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

David Visits Völkersen


David visited the farm called "Hasselhof" today, which was named for the Hazelnut tree that stands near it. It was the farm where his ancestors lived, and he filmed as much as the fans did.See photos on Hoffspace here.

Hasselhoff Roast #1 on iTunes TV


The Top Charts on the TV section on iTunes list the Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff as #1 on the TV Seasons list. In the Comedy section of iTunes, the Roast grabs the #1 spot on both the TV episodes and TV Seasons top chart lists edging out Glee, Entourage and The Daily Show.Download it on iTunes here in HD or SDDon't forget: Everything in the Hoffshop is 50% off and now each order comes with an autographed photo!

Chopper Meets David

From Hoffspace

During his visit to San Gabriel Valley Humane Society David met Chopper. Chopper is too young to remember "Knight Rider" or "Baywatch" but plans to check out David's more recent ventures as soon as he gets adopted and has access to a television set! Aren't they cute? Who wouldn't want to adopt him?!

Cache Creek Concert in Photos

 Andrea Zabcik from Hoffspace uploaded photos from David's Valentine's Day concert!

Updated: Video from Andrea of "I'll Be There"Hayls also added some photos from the concert here. She wrote after the show: "Tonight I attended the best show ever! David's gig at Cache Creek Casino was absolutely fabulous. He performed a wonderful mix of old and new songs and his daughters are absolutely stunning. No wonder he is so proud of them! I'd write more, but I am still reeling from the performance."Bring David to VegasUpdated Feb. 24: David wrote a short blog about the concert and provided us with this video:Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

David Wants to Know: Where Next?

David wrote a blog today showing the view from his room of Napa Valley, but also posed a question to fans.Where should he go next? Read on!I started a discussion group for David to come to Vegas and/or the Knight Rider Festival. If you want him to come, please reply to it!Discussion for VegasFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

Happy New Year!

As the last day of 2010 comes and goes, I wish you all a happy New Year! Here's to 2010 being a fabulous year and I hope everyone has a safe and happy time today and tomorrow.Don't forget to check out David's new blog post today while checking out this Looking for Freedom live concert video uploaded yesterday to Hoffspace.

David to Perform on February 14!

From: Hoffblog, Cache Creek Casino

Today David let us in on some exciting news! He will be performing a special concert feature at the Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, California on February 14th. He will perform at the Casino's Club 88 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $65, $55, and $45. Purchase tickets here.He wrote:

I have some exciting news: this February a certain someone who, once upon a time, had a car that talked and a red bathing suit that heated up the Southern California beaches will be rockin' on the stage at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, CA just outside Sacramento. Yes, I am returning to the stage for a special concert feature and I hope to see you there. I cant tell you too much now but I can promise it will be rockin' and sexy...

'Knight Rider' Inspires Child Safety Program

One man can make a difference

Sgt. Glenn Young spent the last 25+ years working on child safety, and created a program centered around the original Knight Rider series for that very purpose. Along with his KITT replica, Sgt. Glenn Young brings his KITT-inspired mini "K.I.D." (Kids In Danger) car that can put out a fire, ride on two wheels, talk and even shoot an "anti-stranger" spray among others.The David Hasselhoff-endorsed program teaches kids about stranger danger, what to do in case of an emergency, fire safety, and how police are their friends, among other points.

Hoffspace's Nathan D Goughnour is a friend of Sgt. Young and posted some photos of KITT and KID and told us about it. Read what he has to say and view more photos.See photos and video after the jump.

Sgt. Glenn Young and David Hasselhoff on the set of Knight Riders Hills of Fire in 1986.The go-cart sized K.I.D (Kids In Danger) hand built by Sgt. Glenn Young

KITT replica and his transport vehicle that is a donated Keebler truck

The Hoff GPS

From Hoffspace

You can download David Hasselhoff on Navtones now! He's a silly guy, check out what he wrote on his blog:

Its great, by the way. I have it in my car. I suppose that's one of the great things about being the Hoff - you can have yourself giving yourself directions through your car's GPS. Oh well... if you're not me, you can still have me in your car but you can't have me driving your car, just directing your car. Only I can have me directing me while I am driving in my car. I am confused now so I will leave you with this video of me recording the GPS system...

Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

America's Got Talent Live Stage Show

Les uploaded some photos he took at the America's Got Talent Live Stage Show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Photos include Barbara Padilla, Texas Tenors and AcroDunk with host Jerry Springer.View the Photos at Hoffspace

Teigin at the Filming of Legend of the Dancing Ninja

Teigin was an extra at David's new movie, Legend of the Dancing Ninja yesterday, and posted photos and wrote about her experience on Hoffspace.She said it was an experience she'll never forget and learned what actually happens during the making of a movie. Read the rest of her blog, or check out her photos.