'Knight Rider' Inspires Child Safety Program

One man can make a difference

Sgt. Glenn Young spent the last 25+ years working on child safety, and created a program centered around the original Knight Rider series for that very purpose. Along with his KITT replica, Sgt. Glenn Young brings his KITT-inspired mini "K.I.D." (Kids In Danger) car that can put out a fire, ride on two wheels, talk and even shoot an "anti-stranger" spray among others.The David Hasselhoff-endorsed program teaches kids about stranger danger, what to do in case of an emergency, fire safety, and how police are their friends, among other points.

Hoffspace's Nathan D Goughnour is a friend of Sgt. Young and posted some photos of KITT and KID and told us about it. Read what he has to say and view more photos.See photos and video after the jump.

Sgt. Glenn Young and David Hasselhoff on the set of Knight Riders Hills of Fire in 1986.The go-cart sized K.I.D (Kids In Danger) hand built by Sgt. Glenn Young

KITT replica and his transport vehicle that is a donated Keebler truck