Celebrity Apprentice Australia: The Hoff Has Left the Building

Somewhere in the world, Elvis will be leaving a building. In Celebrity Apprentice land - The Hoff has left the show.No, he didn’t get fired. He resigned.David didn’t go into detail but his bombshell didn’t go down well with some of his fellow Apprentices."I can’t tell you my disgust when he just said, 'Hey guys, I’m out,'" spat a furious Jason."You’re leaving us in the lurch and if we lose this, if we don’t win this challenge – there's four dudes and three of them (have to) come to the boardroom."Okay Aker, let’s take a few deep breaths, build a boardroom table and move on. The Hoff has. In a cab. Into the night where the family promise he leaves for remains unknown but his admiration for his fellow celebs is no secret."I think what I've got from this experience is a great amount of respect for my fellow celebrities,” reflects The Hoff. "I feel awful about leaving but I'm very proud to have been part of Celebrity Apprentice."If you're in Australia, check out this video from Channel 9.

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 2 Recap

Check out Channel 9's Episode 2 photo gallery here.MARION Grasby is the first to admit it: she's a two-time reality TV loser.

The former MasterChef Australia favourite made another untimely exit from Channel 9's Celebrity Apprentice - after failing to reign in Baywatch star David `The Hoff' Hasselhoff in an art challenge.The friendly foodie conceded her "niceness'' may have worked against her on a TV program punctuated by powerful personalities and rampaging egos.TV boss Mark Bouris acknowledged her "gentle soul'' during boardroom discussion's following this season's art project episode, which saw Grasby lead Team Fortune to a loss against the Ian `Dicko' Dickson-led Team Platinum.But the meek-and-mild creator of Marion's Kitchen food range proved too sweet for the celebrity series."Before I went on the show I thought to myself `you know what, I'm going to have to really toughen up otherwise these people are going to be mean to me,'' Grasby told www.thetelegraph.com.au."But at the end of the day, I just can't be someone that I'm not.''Getting to know the personalities on board this season proved a mystery box, with Grasby warming to Charlotte Dawson, Ben Dark and Dicko."They were the big surprises for me. I found them really supportive and nice and lovely, even if they don't come across like that on the show.''Featuring in promos describing Dawson as a "bitch,'' Grasby said: "I think she's must nicer than she lets on. While she pretends to be mean, she's really not that mean at all.''This year's Deni Hines-style villain, Tania Zaetta had the ability to "rub people up the wrong way,'' Grasby revealed."I didn't know much about Tania before (the show). It surprised me how much people can rub people up the wrong way. Not that I think she was doing it intentionally. She's not a malicious person.''Ever-the-sofie, she added: "I think it's a bit sad that Tania's the villain. I hope by the end of the series people like her a lot more. She's just someone who talks a lot really...(laughs).''Grasby joked her early departure was "true to form'' given the national headlines she made after her shock elimination from the 2010 series of MasterChef."I think everyone thinks they're going to win when they sign on (Celebrity). I of course have already lost a reality TV show, so I'm just being true to form. Winning didn't really work out for me.''The Adelaide-based food writer and home-meal range creator is in Singapore attending a trade show and researching new products for her brand.But it may not be the last we see of Grasby on Nine's celebrity series. Stay tuned.

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 1 Recap

The Herald Sun gives us a quick recap of the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice which premiered last night.Check out Channel 9's photo gallery here.YOU'VE got to love David Hasselhoff.The former Knight Rider and Baywatch star has enough energy to light up a small city.Hasselhoff, or The Hoff as he likes to be called, is the X-factor that makes this year's Celebrity Apprentice Australia a treat.The Hoff didn't come to Australia to slum it. He brings a passion to the Channel 9 reality show that is infectious.Last night the men's Platinum team used the Hoff to win and raise $245,000 for charity in a dog pampering challenge.The most-watched star in the world - according to the Guinness Book of Records - was unstoppable as he was mobbed by fans on Bondi Beach.Male celebrities including Ian "Dicko'' Dickson, Ben Dark and Vince Sorrenti were in awe of The Hoff.Former AFL star Jason Akermanis was clearly jealous that The Hoff was getting so much attention.Even the female Fortune celebrities got caught up in Hoff-mania. Tania Zaetta banged on endlessly about her short stint in Baywatch.The Fortune females spent most of the dog challenge bitching about one another. The Platinum guys seem much more team spirited.Things got emotional near the end when The Hoff handed over that monster cheque to the Starlight Foundation and explained how a young child had changed his life on the set of Knight Rider.Celebrity Apprentice Australia is a winner. Long live The Hoff.

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia is Hoff and Running

WHEN you sign Elvis Presley to your band, you're hardly going to hide him down back on tambourine.You stick him out front, where he can swivel his hips for the screaming fans.In the opening scenes of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, contestant Ian "Dicko" Dickson claims David Hasselhoff is his team's Elvis - the man who will draw hordes of excited fans to Bondi Beach for a dog-wash challenge designed to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation.Dicko's on the money. Hasselhoff, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as The Most Watched TV Star in the World thanks to roles in Knight Rider and Baywatch, is dripping in sweat, but he's indefatigable as crowds flock to Bondi ostensibly to have their dogs shampooed."We raised $245,000 in the first round because they used me as bait," Hasselhoff says of his Team Platinum, a title that conjures images of men slipping bank notes into the garters of exotic dancers."They (the fans) didn't come over to wash their dogs, they came over to take a picture with a guy who is going to give them worldwide publicity. I know what marketing is about. I've marketed David Hasselhoff and I've marketed The Hoff."Hasselhoff loathes pretension. He knows there are peers and critics who see him as a man smothered in unironic showbiz cheese, but even they cannot deny his staggering global popularity as a singer (he performed for a crowd of over 500,000 in Berlin on New Year's Eve, 1989) and actor.Interviewing him, he's impossible not to like. There's no hint of manufactured niceness, or airbrushed dullness, about the way Hasselhoff answers questions.Not only is he prepared to rake over the coals of his colourful past, he's unafraid to show his vulnerable side.That sensitivity comes to the fore when talking about Celebrity Apprentice, where Hasselhoff was moved profoundly by an experience with a child who had arranged to meet him through Starlight.Tears well in Hasselhoff's eyes as he explains how the child reminded him of Randy Armstrong, who was a fan of Knight Rider."A boy from the Starlight Foundation ... he was an exact replica of Randy," Hasselhoff says."Randy was 16 and came to visit me on the set of Knight Rider. I got a letter from Randy that said, 'You taught me there was more to life than pain'. They (the family) sent me a picture of him, of him and his casket with a Knight Rider hat and jacket."That to me is what my life's about. Why did I get Knight Rider, maybe because I could make a difference in people's lives. Of course I can and I do. It's really frickin' easy."And here's a boy who came down to our set of Celebrity Apprentice to show his support and he's battling for his life. Those kids give me the power. That kid affected me, had soul and charisma and passion. He reminded me of Randy. Randy Armstrong still lives on."It's fair to say few have lived a life as public as Hasselhoff's. His fan base is monumental and mobile phone technology ensures he rarely has a public outing that is not filmed or photographed.He says if people act "inappropriately" in trying to get a snap when he's with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts or daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley "they are going to get a reaction from me".It's a sign of the times that fans rarely ask for permission before pointing a lens in his direction."People don't even think about it, they just start (filming) and I know they don't think about it because if somebody did it to them I think they'd freak out. But they are just so enamored they saw a celebrity, or The Hoff, that they just don't act rationally."There's also a side of me that says the time to worry is when nobody wants to film you," he adds with a laugh.Hasselhoff, born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1952, has been singing, acting and dancing since the age of seven.His TV work is internationally known, but he also has a long list of lesser-publicised stage credits including Jekyll & Hyde, Chicago and The Producers.For all the successes, however, Hasselhoff has at times had to draw on deep reserves of resilience to overcome life's knocks. He clearly has the capacity to believe in himself when many others have lost the faith."You just have to pick yourself up and move on," he says."I find an amazing amount of strength through humour, 'Whoa, that was a bad move', and laugh about it. Everyone knows when we screw up. And you go, 'I know I was stupid, I know I was an idiot', but so what, it's part of life."I find an amazing amount of strength through my children. They are stronger than I am. I'll take something (criticism) a little too seriously and they'll go, 'We know how much we love you' and they know how much I love them."A low point for Hasselhoff came in 2007, when he was filmed drunk at home with one of his daughters. He saw the release of the footage as a disgraceful invasion of his privacy and was mortified his daughter had to endure the indignity of it being played on YouTube 11 million times."Everyone decided to exploit it. It didn't happen 11 million times, it was just YouTubed 11 million times," he says."It was an intimate moment between me and my daughter, but everyone chose to take it and exploit me. More than anything it embarrassed my daughter, hurt her and hurt me because it was something that was not legally put out."It made me really sad that it was exploited because it involved my family and was never anything but a private moment. It wasn't to talk about alcoholism and David Hasselhoff and his kids, it had everything to do with ratings."Hasselhoff is decidedly more upbeat when talk turns to acting ventures. He bursts with enthusiasm as he speaks during a break from filming the movie The Christmas Consultant."The best part is that I am the Christmas consultant - back on the call list of being number one. It's a real family movie," he says.He also has a role in the dubiously titled Piranha 3DD, which promises gore, bikini babes and Ving Rhames playing a character sporting a leg-cannon. "I have just finished Piranha 3DD. I've got the college crowd, I have a big following with that group. But I always want to keep the family audiences fresh."I've done a heap of things - Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent - that keep me hip with the kids."There is also a possibility Hasselhoff will squeeze a wedding into his busy schedule at some point.He's had two failed marriages - to Catherine Hickland and Pamela Bach - but his romance with Roberts, 32, has him thinking he'd like to have a third go.He has jokingly proposed to her five times in a series of bizarre situations, once while swimming with sharks.The next celebration coming his way will be his 60th birthday in July."I want to put on something big. I might have The Hoff Festival celebrating my 60th birthday. Right now there's an offer to have it in Austria because that's where I started my music career."I said 'Whichever comes first - the festival or the funeral'," he says with a laugh.

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Hair by the Hoff: Celebrity Apprentice Challenge

Source: Northern District Times, by Alicia Tetley

TEENAGE girls were screaming, children were screaming, men were screaming, and I was screaming.“Hoff, Hoff, Hoff.”Imagine seeing Baywatch hunk David Hasselhoff, 59, less than 10m away from you, styling a woman’s hair. Could you believe it? I couldn’t.Top Ryde City was host to 12 celebrities, including The Hoff, who were being filmed for the second season of Australia’s Celebrity Apprentice on Monday.The crowd was filled with screaming fans, including me, waiting for The Hoff to grace the stage.Comedian Vince Sorrenti was presenting the men’s team who were challenged to style a women’s hair in different categories such as “rocker chick”.“I’m not a hairdresser as you can see,” Hoff said to Sorrenti. “I’m going for the rock look.”On either side of The Hoff was former AFL star Jason Akermanis and former Australian Idol judge Dicko.But all eyes were on the American superstar. Sales assistants in Esprit were holding a sign saying “we love The Hoff”, The Hoff was chanting his name and I was taking pictures on my phone.The women’s team was out before the men’s with Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson presenting water-ski and boxing champ Lauryn Eagle, Dancing With the Stars’ Patti Newton and Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta.Taking only 20 minutes to style their participants hair, the women’s team seemed to do a better job.But who cares? The Hoff was coming up next.The winner will be revealed when the show is screened later this year.

Kids at Sydney Children's Hospital Inspired by Hoff's Big Heart

It began more than 20 years ago with a letter from a dying child - since then David Hasselhoff has never been able to resist the opportunity to bring a smile to an ill child's face.He was at it again yesterday, entertaining patients at Sydney Children's Hospital.Inside the Starlight Express Room, surrounded by arts and craft, beanbags and gaming consoles, The Hoff danced, ran in slow motion, sang a duet and had his picture taken with the kids.It was the latest in a long line of hospital visits around the world that began when he was working on hit '80s TV show Knight Rider."It was the second day on set and a seriously ill child visited me. He left a letter thanking me for teaching him that there's more to life than pain," he said."When we realise how blessed we are, we should share our blessings and love."Excited three-year-old Holly Collins was at the hospital when Hoff arrived yesterday. She said: "The Hoff talked to me when I was sitting on the beanbag."Her mother Julie said: "Being in hospital can be tedious so it was great seeing Hasselhoff putting a smile on kids' faces and being an inspiration."

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David posted this on his twitter yesterday:

Next Challenge For Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Hassel the Hoff for charity tomorrow (Tuesday) for the next challenge on the Celebrity Apprentice Australia! David tweeted he will be at 47 George Street - The Rocks starting at 1pm for a Celebrity Art Auction. He asks for people to take a piece of the Hoff wall. So come on down and support the Save the Children charity and help David win!The auction features artworks ranging from smaller pieces of Hoff's smashed-up Berlin Wall to a vanity mirror and an artwork Team Fortune collectively created alongside The Hoff.Project manager Tania Zaetta has created smaller artworks that reflect her move to India for work while facing a cultural barrier and achieving her dreams in Bollywood.The Rocks Popup Project takes up residence in temporarily vacant buildings. Painters, sculptors, designers, writers, experimental artists, musicians and even inventors are turning The Rocks into a nucleus of studios, galleries, and event spaces as they breathe new life into familiar surrounds.More photos below the cut.

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Dog Day Afternoon on the Celebrity Apprentice

Click here to check out this video from A Current AffairToday David Hasselhoff appeared in a motivator type role for Australia's Celebrity Apprentice as he participated in the celebrity dog wash antics at Sydney Park, Alexandria, in front of an appreciative crowd of almost a thousand (and a few hundred dogs).The 59-year-old hunk served as the leader of the group straight from the Cremorne's Orpheum Theatre where they all shot the opening parts of the brand new season of the hit show. The tall American celebrity left everyone somehow starstruck with his presence especially those of the attention of Jason Akermanis and Ian Dickson.Ian "Dicko" Dickson and Vince Sorrenti appeared to be the most vocal on the megaphone in getting pooch (and Hoff) lovers to part with their hard earned cash. All had to work hard as the celeb dog wash and other doggie activities occurred in 30 something degrees (86 F) heat. Hoff was able to cool off a bit with his young girlfriend and was seen reaching for the sweat rag more than once.  Even Batman and The Joker from DC Comics fame showed up for the fun. On the other side of the park, the women's team got into the spirit of things too, but Hoff's team drew the biggest crowd 10:1.When it comes to what his fellow Apprentice contestants have to say about his fast and unstoppable determination to emerge as the winner of the challenge. Even Ben Dark is willing to serve him coffee if Hasselhoff keeps up with all the energy up to the end.When quizzed about his favourite breed of dog, Hasselhoff joked "Hoff Dog", which got a nice reaction from the crowd. His shirt removal appeared to get the biggest pop from the crowd and as you would expect news media and fans focused in on Hoff's chest.To their credit, event organisers offered water to the crowd. Police were on hand for the event and its understood things ran smoothly throughout.Thousands of dollars was raised today but we understand you will have to tune into Channel Nine to find out exactly what the final $ bottom line was.Dressed in overalls for the task, Hasselhoff and his fellow celebrity contestants were also wearing women's high heels.

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David Hits the Beach for Celebrity Apprentice

As we told you last night (or early this morning) David was hitting Bondi Beach for a pet grooming service as his first challenge on Australia's Celebrity Apprentice. If he wins, all the proceeds go to his charity, the Starlight Foundation.After his breakout role in Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff revived his career as head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch.And 23 years after he first appeared on the show, he still doesn't look half bad without his shirt on.The actor, who turns 60 in July, showed off his toned chest at Bondi Beach in Australia as he filmed scenes for the country's version of Celebrity Apprentice.

Even one of his teammate, Aussie model Nathan Joliffe, complimented the American.

'He's not wearing Speedos but looking b***** good if you ask me,' he told The Telegraph.He didn't show any signs of jetlag after the massive flight from London the day before.

David arrived at Sydney airport with his girlfriend, Welsh shop assistant Hayley Roberts, ready to fulfill his duties.And his first task didn't look too strenuous.He was reportedly rounding up props and support for a pet pampering service.The father-of-two was seen handing out flyers for an event with two teammates, while riding a quad bike.But he made time to take a dip in the waves, and was spotted hugging a bikini-clad girl, with Hayley nowhere to be seen.He eventually put his top on, although his black T-shirt and trousers were probably not a good choice in the scorching weather.

Big heart: Hasselhoff is raising money for his nominated charity, the Starlight Foundation, during the show

David is raising money for his nominated charity, the Starlight Foundation, during the show.The show is in its second series, and will show on Australia's Channel 9.David joins Australian Football League identity Jason Akermanis, former Australian Idol judge Ian 'Dicko'' Dickson and TV presenter Charlotte Dawson.Also in the show is Amazing Race winner Nathan Jolliffe, MasterChef favourite Marion Grasby, water-ski and boxing champ Lauryn Eagle, comics Vince Sorrenti and Fiona O'Loughlin, Getaway personality Ben Dark and Bollywood star Tania Zaetta.

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Help David Win: Come To Sydney Park Wednesday

The filming for Australia's Celebrity Apprentice is underway, and the first challenge is Wednesday. If you want to meet David and help him win the challenge for his charity, Starlight Children's Foundation, follow these instructions:He needs all Starlight supporters to come along to Sydney Park Wednesday from 12-3pm to show their support by pledging a gold coin donation. Bring your dog to be washed, dried & massaged by the Hoff himself! All proceeds will come back to Starlight if he wins the challenge.Address: Cnr King St & Sydney Park Rd, St Peters Time: 12-3pm

Celebrity Apprentice: Playing for Charity

David Hasselhoff arrived in Sydney, Australia last night for his run on Celebrity Apprentice.Hasselhoff will raise money for his nominated charity, Surf Life Saving Australia -- a nod to his Baywatch days.Channel Nine producers have claimed former Baywatch star Hasselhoff will guarantee the second series of Apprentice will make global headlines.Click here to view more photos.

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