Celebrity Apprentice Australia: The Hoff Has Left the Building

Somewhere in the world, Elvis will be leaving a building. In Celebrity Apprentice land - The Hoff has left the show.No, he didn’t get fired. He resigned.David didn’t go into detail but his bombshell didn’t go down well with some of his fellow Apprentices."I can’t tell you my disgust when he just said, 'Hey guys, I’m out,'" spat a furious Jason."You’re leaving us in the lurch and if we lose this, if we don’t win this challenge – there's four dudes and three of them (have to) come to the boardroom."Okay Aker, let’s take a few deep breaths, build a boardroom table and move on. The Hoff has. In a cab. Into the night where the family promise he leaves for remains unknown but his admiration for his fellow celebs is no secret."I think what I've got from this experience is a great amount of respect for my fellow celebrities,” reflects The Hoff. "I feel awful about leaving but I'm very proud to have been part of Celebrity Apprentice."If you're in Australia, check out this video from Channel 9.

Source: Channel 9, post from HoffArmy