Kids at Sydney Children's Hospital Inspired by Hoff's Big Heart

It began more than 20 years ago with a letter from a dying child - since then David Hasselhoff has never been able to resist the opportunity to bring a smile to an ill child's face.He was at it again yesterday, entertaining patients at Sydney Children's Hospital.Inside the Starlight Express Room, surrounded by arts and craft, beanbags and gaming consoles, The Hoff danced, ran in slow motion, sang a duet and had his picture taken with the kids.It was the latest in a long line of hospital visits around the world that began when he was working on hit '80s TV show Knight Rider."It was the second day on set and a seriously ill child visited me. He left a letter thanking me for teaching him that there's more to life than pain," he said."When we realise how blessed we are, we should share our blessings and love."Excited three-year-old Holly Collins was at the hospital when Hoff arrived yesterday. She said: "The Hoff talked to me when I was sitting on the beanbag."Her mother Julie said: "Being in hospital can be tedious so it was great seeing Hasselhoff putting a smile on kids' faces and being an inspiration."

Source: The Daily Telegraph

David posted this on his twitter yesterday: