David to Perform at the Glock Horse Performance Centre Horse Show

Update: David will arrive at about 18:30 on Friday for the horse show. Then he will be at the rider's lounge at 22:00. Access to the VIP lounge is 200 Euro. Click here for the program.

David Hasselhoff is set to perform at the Glock Horse Performance Centre in Treffen, Austria today through Feb. 3. The exact dates and times he will perform are not available at this time from the Hasselhoff-Foundation. However, admission is free except of the performance of Andy Lee Lang. They just request a donation of 60 Euros to the Kleine Zeitung action "not in Carinthia".

Live from L.A. and wildly determined to turn night into day: when Baywatch star David Hasselhoff starts rocking the GHPC, show jumpers are guaranteed to show a different side of themselves. It goes without saying that the Knight Rider will bring all his greatest hits: Limbo Dance, Looking for Freedom and much, much more. If you think of yourself as a party animal, you cannot possibly sit still through all this, so get partying with David Hasselhoff!

Source: Hasselhoff-Foundation, Kleine Zeitung, thanks to Michaela Zweckmayr for the updated information!