Dog Day Afternoon on the Celebrity Apprentice

Click here to check out this video from A Current AffairToday David Hasselhoff appeared in a motivator type role for Australia's Celebrity Apprentice as he participated in the celebrity dog wash antics at Sydney Park, Alexandria, in front of an appreciative crowd of almost a thousand (and a few hundred dogs).The 59-year-old hunk served as the leader of the group straight from the Cremorne's Orpheum Theatre where they all shot the opening parts of the brand new season of the hit show. The tall American celebrity left everyone somehow starstruck with his presence especially those of the attention of Jason Akermanis and Ian Dickson.Ian "Dicko" Dickson and Vince Sorrenti appeared to be the most vocal on the megaphone in getting pooch (and Hoff) lovers to part with their hard earned cash. All had to work hard as the celeb dog wash and other doggie activities occurred in 30 something degrees (86 F) heat. Hoff was able to cool off a bit with his young girlfriend and was seen reaching for the sweat rag more than once.  Even Batman and The Joker from DC Comics fame showed up for the fun. On the other side of the park, the women's team got into the spirit of things too, but Hoff's team drew the biggest crowd 10:1.When it comes to what his fellow Apprentice contestants have to say about his fast and unstoppable determination to emerge as the winner of the challenge. Even Ben Dark is willing to serve him coffee if Hasselhoff keeps up with all the energy up to the end.When quizzed about his favourite breed of dog, Hasselhoff joked "Hoff Dog", which got a nice reaction from the crowd. His shirt removal appeared to get the biggest pop from the crowd and as you would expect news media and fans focused in on Hoff's chest.To their credit, event organisers offered water to the crowd. Police were on hand for the event and its understood things ran smoothly throughout.Thousands of dollars was raised today but we understand you will have to tune into Channel Nine to find out exactly what the final $ bottom line was.Dressed in overalls for the task, Hasselhoff and his fellow celebrity contestants were also wearing women's high heels.

Sources: Street Corner, Mail Online, International Business Times
Thanks to: Vanessa for an article tip and Mandy for the video