David Wants to Know: Where Next?

David wrote a blog today showing the view from his room of Napa Valley, but also posed a question to fans.Where should he go next? Read on!I started a discussion group for David to come to Vegas and/or the Knight Rider Festival. If you want him to come, please reply to it!Discussion for VegasFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

Pee Wee Herman and the New A&E Show

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David posted today an interview he did at the Pee Wee  Herman Show Premiere on his blog... he talks about his new reality show and his friendship with Pee Wee. He poses the question: What should I call the new A&E Reality show?

David to Perform on February 14!

From: Hoffblog, Cache Creek Casino

Today David let us in on some exciting news! He will be performing a special concert feature at the Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, California on February 14th. He will perform at the Casino's Club 88 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $65, $55, and $45. Purchase tickets here.He wrote:

I have some exciting news: this February a certain someone who, once upon a time, had a car that talked and a red bathing suit that heated up the Southern California beaches will be rockin' on the stage at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, CA just outside Sacramento. Yes, I am returning to the stage for a special concert feature and I hope to see you there. I cant tell you too much now but I can promise it will be rockin' and sexy...

Vegas Baby!

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David was in Vegas this weekend and made a stop at Planet Hollywood for their new show, "Peepshow" and also made a stop at the Cadillac Ranch.

You all know I love Vegas, so this weekend I decided to take a little trip up there. As always, I had a FANTASTIC time at Planet Hollywood and a great time at their new show, Peepshow. Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door was great!

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Also had a great meal at Cadillac Ranch; it was so good I wanted to take a tour of the kitchens!

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The Hoff GPS!

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The Hoff GPS is coming! It will be downloadable to TomTom and Garmin GPS devices,  and will also be available to UK users. See the videos after the jump.

Yesterday I was in the studio recording the voice of my very own GPS! The guys at Navtones.com were really great in helping me get this together and it should be up on the their website really soon. Check out the videos for more info; can't wait to go "Hoff-roading" with you!

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David's Favorite Things...


David's coming back to  the states in a few days and shares with us some of his favorite things since he's been away.

hoffblogThis year has been so amazing for me both personally and professionally. I feel so blessed to be able to do the things I get to do, like go to South Africa to dive with sharks and sing a duet with an amazing woman, or to spend the summer in England, or to spend some time in Dubai.As many of you know, I've been out of the country for a while, but I'm coming back to the good old U.S of A in just a few days and I thought I'd share my favorite photos and videos from my year so far.Let me know what you think!DH

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Taylor and Hayley Rock...

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David posted a clip of his daughters singing from the show When Scott Came to Stay. They really have great voices!

I just want to share with you this amazing clip of my daughters doing their song on The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay. Sorry.. Just a very proud Dad!!

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