David Hasselhoff Confirmed for Next Year's Panto.. Already!

 David Hasselhoff as Captain HookDavid Hasselhoff will play Captain Hook in Peter Pan, which will run at the SECC Clyde Auditorium from Saturday, December 12, 2015 until Sunday, January 3, 2016. He said,

"I love Scotland and after a great run in Edinburgh at the Fringe, I'm thrilled to be heading to Glasgow next year with Panto. It has become a terrific excuse to bring the whole family together to enjoy a wonderful and entertaining time at the SECC. I'm honoured to be part of Peter Pan and look forward to getting 'my hook' into the Clyde Auditorium next Christmas."

Jonathan Kiley, executive producer of Peter Pan, said: "With David Hasselhoff confirmed we know that Peter Pan is going to be a truly swashbuckling and unmissable pantomime adventure! David is a first-class actor and a great panto villain, with a sense of humour which our Glasgow audiences will love".Tickets are on sale now!

Source: Herald Scotland


David Hasselhoff Back at the Berlin Wall… in Wax Form

IMAGE: ANITA BUGGE/GEISLER-FOTOPRESS/ZUMA PRESSDavid Hasselhoff has traveled back to the Berlin Wall for the 25th Anniversary.. but this time in wax. Madame Tussaud's in Vienna brought the wax Hoff to the Brandenburg Gate for the special occasion, and is reportedly going to be around for another three months.IMAGE: JENS KALAENE/EPAJonas Mueller from Madame Tussaud's adjusts the wax figure of singer David Hasselhoff. IMAGE: JENS KALAENE/ZUMA PRESS

Source: Mashable


David Hasselhoff on Gaming, 3D-Printed Hoff Dolls and Happiness

 Zombie HoffWired.co.uk had a fantastic article interviewing David Hasselhoff recently. David talks about upcoming and current projects, and of course, happiness.

Why? "I love zombies -- who doesn't?" [Cue much laughter] He explains the premise, and the highlights: "It's a funny game, we made a zombie out of Pamela Anderson and different people we know and they keep coming at you. I drive up in the Knight Rider car and say 'surf's up brain dead' and shoot them with a nerf gun. I have a secret weapon where I can actually sing, and the people explode because they hate my voice."The whole thing is a representation of what the Hoff does best -- he gives the people what they want, without taking himself too seriously. He admits, when I ask, he's not really much of a gamer… "My girl is the ultimate gamer of all time and she's trying to sit me down to play a game -- I haven't figured out how to sit down in the last 30 years."In the last few years the Hoff has embraced the career-flourishing cliche of what it means to be David Hasselhoff -- loved by the Germans, full of "Hoffisms" and living life in the kind of loud and gregarious and wholehearted way only the Hoff can. And in doing so, he has also embraced the proliferation of new technology and trends, of social media, memes and hashtags, to reach out to his fans. And somehow, that doesn't make him fame-hungry -- it just makes him even more affable.Hoff Zombie BeachCase in point, he touches on a project he has going with Things3D called Smartselfies -- essentially a 3D printed celebrity doll business, with interactive elements thrown in. He tells me why he revealed the details earlier this month at a conference, ahead of schedule. "I said I really don't want to talk about the 3D dolls, it's not done yet, we haven't even begun to launch it. But then I thought, why not? The internet is about entertaining, and the internet is the wackiest and craziest fun things that draw attention... You can do just about whatever you want on the internet." The Hoff is all about connecting with his fans -- he has 513,000 Twitter followers, and he's not in this business to disappoint and cling to embargos. While the rest of the entertainment industry sticks with regional restrictions that frustrate and annoy, alienating fans and fanning the flames of copyright infringement everywhere, the Hoff is happy to divulge whatever his fans ask of him. For him, the point of the internet is to have fun, spread the fun and connect with people -- namely his fans. And why the heck not?With Smartselfies, he and Things3D are planning on using 3D scanning and printing tech to bring fans closer to their desired celebrity. "We went in and got scanned and it takes one second. They use 64 cameras. It comes out an exact replica of whomever you want, whether it's David Hasselhoff, whether it's you. It's incredible."

So if you're a fan of One Direction or a Belieber, he posits, you can head to a location to be scanned with your favourite star -- with or without the star actually being present."We have a way of doing it so you can stand there and take a picture -- you could be like [chuckles] holding hands, kissing [more chuckling], doing whatever you want.""You can take the David Hasselhoff doll home or go to a specific spot and take a picture with me and you have a little doll of yourself with me."Stealing a bit from concepts like Skylanders, every doll will have a chip embedded into its foot. "It carries information, and that scans onto an app on your phone and it can be updated. So what I want to do with Hoff the Record [an upcoming mockumentary series] is put a 15-minute teaser on a little Hoff doll and send it all over the world."As with all his projects of late, the point is to capitalise on new technology to harness and reach out to his existing fanbase. Which brings us back to Hoff Zombie Beach. The app will have a photo booth function where players can have their photo "taken" with the Hoff, which they will then be encouraged to share with friends, or the Hoff, on Twitter. "Hoffisms" (his pearls of wisdom) are unlocked with each level. But more than all this, Hasselhoff wants to bring the connection back into the real world. "It's one of those games you can just play on the tube -- it's easy and it's fun. And in the end what we're trying to do now is make it worth everyone's while -- someone with the highest points can come and hang out with the Hoff and family and have dinner; or we're talking about whoever has the highest score, next year putting them in the game as a zombie."The whole project came about after he did Dance-Hoff with Playstation a few years back -- developers told him he was too expensive, Hasselhoff retorted: "I don't want your money -- I don't care about the money. Money comes, I want to make something that's entertaining and fun for everyone and that is easy to use -- because I'm a bit of a novice at the games because I don't have the time. But I like them."The Hoff is truly, ridiculously busy. He's just landed into our "stinking cold" London weather having finished filming Ted 2with Seth MacFarlane ("we're doing a really funny bit I'm really excited about"), and he hops across Europe doing conferences and concerts. Then there's Killing Hasselhoff, a comedy he had the idea for two years ago which stars "Ken Jeong, Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff and Jon Lovitz" -- Justin Bieber also makes an appearance as the voice of K.I.T.T. And Hasselhoff Vs The Berlin Wall, a National Geographic documentary, will air 4 November to celebrate 25 years since the wall came down -- and, of course, 25 years since that infamous performance of his hit "Looking for Freedom", which became something of an anthem for East Berliners in some quarters.Reminiscing about that time, he tells me: "Years ago, when I went behind the wall, I met a couple of girls and I said how do you know me. Do you know me as a guy who talks to a car. They said 'no, we know you as the man who sings for freedom'. And that really kind of touched me."My 15 minutes with the Hoff is up, and I didn't get to ask about the real David Hasselhoff, how Oculus Rift would revolutionise the future Hoff Zombie Beach series, or the modern nihilism of celebrity culture in an internet age.But none of that really matters.Particularly, because the gentleman delivers a Hoffism for our consumption, before signing out."Download the app, have a little fun, don't take life seriously. I have a saying, it's on my bracelet, which is 'if you see it, you believe it, you will live it' -- you have to create your own environment and you draw what you want to. We've all drawn bad stuff [laughter] and we've all drawn good stuff [more laughter, obviously -- he's making a point about happiness]. So just make sure you're on the right page. Thank you to my fans for being so loyal -- they really have made my career so enjoyable and fun, and that's the key. I was doing a movie yesterday with Seth MacFarlane, and I said 'WHAT ARE WE HAVING? FUN!"And in the least Hoff-voice he can muster, David softly says: "Because you forget, you know, life is supposed to be fun."

Peter Pan Opening Night

Peter Pan VIP Party

Peter Pan started Saturday in Nottingham with Hoff the Hook with a VIP Reception. The Royal Centre posted photos to their Facebook page of the event.David Hasselhoff has helped spark record-breaking ticket sales this year for Peter Pan. The Nottingham Post wrote a review of the Panto. Here's an excerpt:

He [good-natured pirate Mr Smee] found the perfect foil in Hasselhoff for other side-splitting moments, including a marvellous section where he and his camp troupe of twerking pirates repeated everything ‘the Hoff’ said.There were also some amusingly smutty misunderstandings when Smee stored a telescope in his trousers as well the bikini-clad pirate’s own must-see tribute to Hasselhoff’s hit show Baywatch.Ironically, it fell to Smee to give the legend that is the Hoff a suitably over-the-top introduction when the television colossus joined proceedings 25 minutes in.

Read the rest of the article here.

Peter Pan VIP Reception

Sources: Nottingham Post, The Royal Centre, HoffArmy


Don't Hassle the Hoff - Play HoffMania

HoffManiaGreentube is proud to announce the launch of Hoffmania™ – a fun AllPay-Slot starring none other than the world famous cult TV star of the 1980s and 90s: David Hasselhoff.

The ‘Hoffinator’ himself is on hand to help you land the main prize and with a bit of luck players can open up rewarding free games with the HOFFMANIA Feature. Collect the Scatter symbols to unlock the big bonus and a message from the Hoff.The game will be launched on www.stargames.com on November 19 and there are already high expectations that this will be a great performing game:Greentube’s CEO, Thomas Graf, stated:“Every generation knows David Hasselhoff and this game is not only fun, it also offers a lot of winning combinations. We are certain it will do really well and we are proud to launch yet another great Novomatic/Greentube innovation into the market.”http://www.greentube.com/en/home/don-t-hassle-the-hoff-play-hoffmaniaHoffMania

Good Evening Wales: David Talks HOFF Comic

BBC Radio WalesAudio: David Hasselhoff discusses being immortalised as a comic book hero by a Welsh Illustrator on Good Evening Wales with Gareth Lewis and Mark Hutchings.

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

David Hasselhoff on Shark After Dark

As we were tweeting last night, David Hasselhoff was on Shark After Dark on Discovery channel. He sang the theme song with Bob the Shark and then stuck around for an interview along with Allison Sweeney. Check out Discovery's videos.Bob the Shark meets David Hasselhoff:

David Hasselhoff sings the Shark After Dark theme:

Hoff After Dark

Source: Discovery


The Hoff's Best Films Is Back!!

 As some of you have noticed that The Hoff's Best Films have been missing on air for a couple of weeks. Well last night it was back on, BBC THREE with the 4th episode. The best dance films. You can watch it here for the next 6 days or if your in the UK you can catch it on BBC THREE next -Fri 19th at 2:00Sat 20th at 3.30Mon 22nd at 2.25Tues 23rd at 00:35Weds 24th at 03:00The 5th episode is Monday at 10:00pm 

David Hasselhoff Launches His Own Comic Book

Retro Comics Group announced one of the super special guest-stars for the upcoming RETRO TALES comic book…. none other than the legendary TV/Hollywood star DAVID HASSELHOFF! The Hoff will make his official comic-book debut in RETRO TALES, and will be teaming up with the Discotronic Funk Commandos… and will then spin (H)off into his own action packed comic book! RETRO TALES artist Simon Williams got in contact with the Hoff via his website, and has since spoken to the legendary Knight Rider star several times: “I am so incredibly proud to be able to announce this… getting to speak to David and exchange ideas for this has been beyond awesome. It’s very surreal, but also very, very cool when my mobile rings… and it’s David Hasselhoff!! David has told me that I’m officially “Hofftastic”… possibly the most amazing compliment of my career!!”The Hoff character, co-created by the Hoff and Simon will appear as a time-travelling agent of H.O.F.F. (Heroes Of Fearless Freedom), and will team-up with the Funk Commandos in a history-making special team-up issue when RETRO TALES is released later this year… and will be co-written by Simon Williams and David Hasselhoff.

Sources: Bleeding Cool and Retro Comics Group

Win Dinner with David Hasselhoff

The video tells fans to go to David's facebook page. Click the link above to enter. Good luck!Rules:
  1. Entrants must be 18 years old or older.
  2. Competition winner will be entitled to dinner with David Hasselhoff, and can bring 1 other person.
  3. Dinner will take place in London, England and between the dates of March 1, 2012 and March 4, 2012. (TBC)
  4. Winning entry will be notified by email.

David Hasselhoff Returns as Captain Hook in This Year's Panto

David is returning as Captain Hook for this year's panto.The family show will be put on at Bristol Hippodrome starting December 10 for a month-long stint.The Britain's Got Talent judge said: "I am so delighted to be returning to the role of Captain Hook, I had a blast last year in Wimbledon."I can't wait to spend Christmas with the people of Bristol... watch out - Hoff the Hook is coming to get ya."Christiaan de Villiers, manager at the Bristol Hippodrome, said: "The Hippodrome staff weren't quite sure they'd heard me correctly when I told them who our pantomime star was going to be this year."[They said] the Hoff, you mean THE David Hasselhoff?"Tickets are on sale now for the pantomime which runs from December 10 to January 8 with prices ranging from £20.50 to £33.50.

Source: This is Bristol, BBC News

Android App - Follow Hoff

Anyone who has an android phone, is addicted to The Hoff and has always dreamed about touching him! here is the perfect app for you Follow Hoff. Also it's FREE.I've been playing this today myself and the time does go by without even realising! The write up when you loose is funny especially on the puppy picture!!
Have Fun!!

Embracing all things British, David Hasselhoff steps out of the Radio One studios!

Scott Mills and David HasselhoffToday David was at the Radio 1 studios. Where he spoke to Scott Mills. You can listen to today's show here. Check it out, will only be up for another 6 days.Some picture's here as he was leaving the studios:

Hoff hooks 'em in Wimbledon

As you might all be aware last night was the press night of Peter Pan. Thank's to whatsonstage.com You can click the link to check some photo's out from the curtains call of the cast and the after party. Even Jeremy Jackson was there to support David.untitledhoffd_415 Jeremy is playing Hook this weekend. Don't worry David will be back as Hook come the evening show on Sunday.

Comedy Central Roast Clips


Comedy Central emailed me a few short clips from the Roast. This first clip is Seth Macfarlane poking fun at Pamela Anderson, and it brings out his inner Stewie. Lisa Lampanelli then takes her shots at the Hoff, followed by Pam Anderson focusing on Hulk Hogan. Jeff Ross comes out in a leather jacket and speedos, and rips on Seth MacFarlane, before Greg Giraldo goes after him again. Whitney Cummings goes after Lisa Lampanelli before Jerry Springer finally comes out and takes a few shots at the Hoff. Enjoy!*Remember: Some strong language is used, but it's all bleeped.

The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Seth MacFarlane - On David Hasselhoff
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Lisa Lampanelli - On David Hasselhoff
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Pam Anderson - On Hulk Hogan
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Jeff Ross - On Seth MacFarlane
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Whitney Cummings - On Lisa Lampanelli
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Greg Giraldo - On Seth MacFarlane
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday, August 15
Preview - Jerry Springer - On David Hasselhoff
Roast of David Hasselhoff Big Lake It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia