Peter Pan Opening Night

Peter Pan VIP Party

Peter Pan started Saturday in Nottingham with Hoff the Hook with a VIP Reception. The Royal Centre posted photos to their Facebook page of the event.David Hasselhoff has helped spark record-breaking ticket sales this year for Peter Pan. The Nottingham Post wrote a review of the Panto. Here's an excerpt:

He [good-natured pirate Mr Smee] found the perfect foil in Hasselhoff for other side-splitting moments, including a marvellous section where he and his camp troupe of twerking pirates repeated everything ‘the Hoff’ said.There were also some amusingly smutty misunderstandings when Smee stored a telescope in his trousers as well the bikini-clad pirate’s own must-see tribute to Hasselhoff’s hit show Baywatch.Ironically, it fell to Smee to give the legend that is the Hoff a suitably over-the-top introduction when the television colossus joined proceedings 25 minutes in.

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Peter Pan VIP Reception

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