David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts lift lid on romance

The romance between Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and his Welsh girlfriend has been a tabloid staple and is now the subject of a behind-the-scenes TV program.BBC takes us on a ride through David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts' relationship since 2011. They talk about how their relationship began and where it is now. David also hints at where he's going to live next.. Wales or L.A.? Below are a few excerpts from the article. Read the whole thing here on BBC News.The program deals with his fame and the line between David Hasselhoff the person and The Hoff, the celebrity. It is a classic culture clash. The tale of a woman from the valleys who helps bring some normal life to a celebrity. Hayley and the Hoff airs Monday at 9pm (21:00) on BBC One Wales.

The programme shows Hasselhoff spending Christmas Day with the Roberts clan, all in Christmas jumpers."It was a nice Christmas for me, " he recalls. "I was away from my family and it was a rough time, my father had passed away, so it was my first Christmas without my family and I was invited to come to her home.

In the programme, he says the former Debenhams shop assistant's "love of life" and helping him keep healthy after well-publicised alcohol issues has been "one of the best things to happen to me."She says: " I don't know what people think The Hoff is. I get confused, to me it's just David - a happy person and larger than life."

"We're trying to figure out where we live right now - we're between two houses. We're having a discussion about whether we live in Wales or LA."Right now we're living out of a suitcase and we will be for seven months from July from doing Hoff The Record and the musical, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life with music from the '80s."We're house-hunting all the time. I went to the Cotswolds and didn't want to leave it was like being in the musical Oliver!"I haven't been to north Wales yet and we're hoping to go there in a couple of weeks when we have some time and see Snowdonia."

Source: BBC News

Newport girl battling cancer meets David Hasselhoff

Hoff and Libby A brave Newport girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October has had some famous visitors at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales in recent months.Libby Fussell, 12, was diagnosed with the brain tumor, which was made up of a combination of two different types of cancer, on October 31, 2014. She had two operations in November to remove the tumor and began her first week of radiotherapy and chemotherapy last week. Among the visitors Libby has had at hospital are Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton, and the Cardiff City footballers.

Libby’s mother, Sarah, said, “David Hasselhoff brought in Christmas presents in November and she really enjoyed speaking to him. He was singing songs from Les Misérables to her and she loved that, as she is in the Young Venture Players’ drama group in Newport. She’s very at ease with people and very easygoing. She’s going to kick cancer's butt.”

Libby is currently in a wheelchair, having partially lost the use of the left-hand side of her body, and is receiving extensive physiotherapy at the University Hospital for Wales.To read Libby’s blog, visit

Source: South Wales Argus


Good Evening Wales: David Talks HOFF Comic

BBC Radio WalesAudio: David Hasselhoff discusses being immortalised as a comic book hero by a Welsh Illustrator on Good Evening Wales with Gareth Lewis and Mark Hutchings.

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

David Hasselhoff to Raise Cash for Welsh School on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff will raise cash for a South Wales primary school when he appears as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in a panto special.The Knight Rider actor and one-time Britain’s Got Talent judge will team up with Loose Women’s Denise Welch for the quiz programme to be screened on December 9.The Hoff will be dressed as Captain Hook from Peter Pan when he appears on the show, aiming to raise cash for Pengeulan Primary School in Mountain Ash.He said: “I just hope I can win some big bucks for them. One minute I’m terrified, the next I can’t wait to jump in to the seat.“I’ve been gearing up and I’m ready to face the million pound question.”Welch will be dressed as the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella when she sits beside him.The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Pantomime Special is being screened by ITV1 on Sunday, December 9 at 6.40pm.

Source: Wales Online

David and Hayley Check Out Each Other's Favorite Sports

Last week, David was rooting for Wales. Now Hayley is experiencing a Laker's game for the first time.

Wales has fans in every corner of the world. And one man in Hollywood will be getting up early to watch the game.Actor and TV personality David Hasselhoff has become an avid fan thanks to his Welsh girlfriend, Hayley Roberts.Check out this video of David talking about Wales.

Welsh rugby fan Roberts thoroughly embraced the game and wore a yellow Lakers basketball jersey.

A proud Hasselhoff tweeted a photo of his girlfriend of one year, writing: 'Go Lakers! On the way to her first Laker game!'However, today Hayley's mind was firmly on rugby as Wales took on France in the Six Nations.It was clear she was missing being at home in Wales due to her frequent Twitter statuses about her home country.She wrote: 'I really wish I was in Wales tomorrow sooo bad..... there is no place in the world I would rather be tomorrow.'Come on Wales, I'm so nervous .... Hope you Wales fans have an awesome day and night .. Grand Slam Wales 2012 :-) .'

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Huffington Post UK: David Hasselhoff Interview

"I didn't know you could become legendary by getting the crabs."Before you think the worst, David Hasselhoff is reflecting on the latest honour to be received by this most multi-faceted of our cultural heroes - having a newly-discovered crab named after him by scientists, by virtue of the crustacean's unlikely broad and fluffy chest. And The Hoff is loving it:"I have a Guinness Book of World Records entry as the most watched person on television, now I have a new entry as the only man who has a crab named after him. My daughter sent me a photo of the Hoff Crab - I think it’s very funny, very cool and endearing."This is only the latest episode in the unique career of David Hasselhoff, with his enduring global success and celebrity. He's a massive pop star in his ancestral Germany, and has been taken truly to British hearts, too. As well as dating a Welsh lady - "I've been spending a lot of time in Wales, brilliant" - he's just finished a run in panto at Bristol Hippodrome (Hoff the Hook in Peter Pan, what else?). And he's already spent a season as a judge on Britain's Got Talent, a stint on which he now casts a curious perspective:"When I was doing Britain's Got Talent, I really enjoyed it, but I found it very difficult to be in the audience. I like to be on stage, I feel safer on stage because I'm in control."It seems he's more at home with his latest venture, into magic. He is the guest on this Saturday'sThe Magicians, assisting world champion Jason Latimer with a trick "of epic proportions", and it seems this has inspired him further:"(Las Vegas legends) Siegfried and Roy gave me my first platinum record on a German TV show years ago, and I became good friends with them, always trying to figure out their illusions. I'm going on tour with my own show from late Feb and March, and wanted to put an illusion in the show. So when I got this call to assist Jason Latimer, I told him I was on board if he would help me, and that was the deal."I saw the rehearsal (for the trick in Saturday's show), and it's fricking Hoff The Hook. I’ve been inspired for my own show, as he can pretty much design whatever trick I want, whether it’s bringing a girl on stage from a hen party to do a makeover, or making her lose her clothes, or making something disappear... "It seems Hasselhoff's imagination knows no bounds. He chuckles happily and agrees:"The Hoff has become larger than life, so I can't do anything small any more. If I mess up, it becomes big no matter what it is, so if I do something positive, it has to be equally big."If anyone has had to treat those two imposters triumph and disaster just the same, it's the Hoff. As well as becoming one of the most successful men in TV history, with not one worldwide hit series but two - Knight Rider and Baywatch - he's experienced humiliating renown too, a low point presumably being filmed drunk and eating a cheeseburger by his daughter, who then put the video on the internet in a masterstroke of globally public intervention. Is Hasselhoff scared of failure any more?"Failure usually works for me in the end," he explains. "I look at failure, think 'oh my god'. Then, two days later, I find some way of turning it into a joke, doing a TV show about it, doing a commercial or something. So the only things I worry about are, Can I make it to the gym on time, can I work out?"I'm just trying to figure out how to get eight hours sleep, because even when I'm sleeping, my brain is usually whirring away."Hasselhoff is not a man to second-guess himself. He put his own money on the line when Baywatchwas first axed, and was rewarded with riches beyond measure when it went global. So is there a plan?"My plan is to be a good father, to make sure I represent my children as a good dad, as a role model, to learn from my mistakes, and try to remain innocent, young and appreciative. The generation of my parents had less and appreciated it more - that's about the best advice anyone ever gave me. I just look at life as an opportunity - I'm still amazed planes can get off the ground and in the air."What's the secret to his infectious serenity?"I feel like I'm on a train, we call it the Hoff Train, and the Hoff Train is smoking. The train is guided by nature, by opportunity, and we just go. I always say, we may fall off the Hoff train because we move too fast, but we get right back on it, and we keep going.Relaxed?"I'm just ridin' the train, baby."I think that's a yes.The Magicians is on BBC1 on Saturday at 6.35pm (UK).

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