David Hasselhoff on Wake up Essex

David Hasselhoff on Wake Up EssexListen to both parts of the interview here!

Source: David Hasselhoff Online


Good Evening Wales: David Talks HOFF Comic

BBC Radio WalesAudio: David Hasselhoff discusses being immortalised as a comic book hero by a Welsh Illustrator on Good Evening Wales with Gareth Lewis and Mark Hutchings.

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

High Peak Radio - Interview with David and Bella Vida

As heard this morning on the show. The Hasselhoff girls - Taylor Ann & Hayley Amber together with their dad 'The Hoff'. Leighton Morris Breakfast Show1Here's Part 2, the bit with 'David'. Leighton Morris Breakfast Show2Don't forget you can now download 'Kiss Kiss Me Bang bang' here if your in US and here if your in UK.

Week in Vegas Wrap-Up

David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts were in Las Vegas this past week for his 59th Birthday, and were quite busy seeing shows and visiting clubs.Saturday





New Radio Interview Confirms November Concerts, Talks About A New Show

David called in to the Mark and Mercedes morning show on Las Vegas' Mix 94.1 Monday morning to talk about his Birthday party, his upcoming concerts, Bella Vida and some new shows he's working on.He confirms he's coming to The Orleans in Las Vegas on November 18-20, and says he's working on a new show called, "An Audience With The Hoff" that he wants to come to Vegas.Take a listen.

David and Bella Vida on BBC Radio

Yesturday, David and Bella Vida popped into Radio1 to have a chat with Scott Mills and basically have fun!You can listen to the interview here at Radio1 for the next 6 days, or you can download the podcast from yesturday's show here.Watch The Hoff play Innuendo Bingo here. Very funny!!Dont forget today The Hasselhoff's are popping into Richard Bacon's show on Radio 5 from 2:00pm GMT.

Yet More TV and Radio Appearances - Thursday Part 2

As tired as I am trying to keep up with all the TV, web and radio appearances by the Hasselhoffs, I can't imagine how they do it. Check out a few more radio interviews and these videos. Friday, the Hasselhoffs will be on Access Hollywood and the Rachael Ray Show, so don't forget to tune in to those.

Radio links from HNC:

Thanks to Hayley Munday for this video:Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

SWR Germany Interviews David Hasselhoff

Thanks to HNC, Marie, Steffi, and Maria for the translation

Update: Maria translated the article that talks about the podcast:

During the talk show "Leute" ("People") at German radio station SWR1, which aired on Sunday 25th of July 2010, David found out for the first time that his family original came from place called Völkersen positioned around 30 km from Bremen.He was very surprised and touched by this information and immediately asked are there still some Hasselhoffs living in Völkersen and said how he'll for sure go and search for his "new" family.Professor Jürgen Udolph, well known expert in the field of genealogy from the Leipzig University and by the order of SWR1 radio station, has been able to track David's ancestors all the way to 16th century. It seems that the farm was in the near of hazelnut tree (Haselnussstrauches in German). Udolph has also said that the house and the farm should still be existing in Völkersen, 30km south of Bremen. Until this moment, David thought that his family is coming from Nordhessen near Kassel because there's a place called Hasselhof.Show moderator Birgit Steinbusch gave David copies of the documents that professor Udolph has found and they included signatures of family members for population census, a draft of notice from the First World War and even the passenger list from the ship that brought David's great-great-grandmother Meta Hasselhoff and her family to Baltimore in 1865."This is the greatest and the most important gift I've ever got" said excited David and finished with: "I love Bremen!"

 While David was in Stuttgart, he recorded an interview with SWR1 Radio Station that was broadcasted this morning in Germany. We'll be looking for the podcast to be put up on their website and will let you know when it's up. Here is the link to the podcast page.

1Live Interview with David Hasselhoff

Update: During the interview, David talked about his book, his time in Knight Rider, Baywatch, and Looking for Freedom. He also announced he would be back in Germany on October 3! A German radio station, 1Live, will broadcast an interview of David on Saturday on their show, "Das allerbeste am Samstag." It will broadcast from from 9am to 2pm (GMT +1), but David's interview will not be live. It was recorded on Wednesday, since he is back in the states.You can check out the interview here when it airs.Here is another interview David did in Germany.. watch here.

David on Ryan Seacrest August 12

David will be on Ryan Seacrest's show on KIIS -FM 102.7 Los Angeles Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m PST! (That's 14:30 GMT)
You can also listen online at their website KIIS-FM.

Editor's Note: (8/12) David was on this morning and spoke a bit about America's Got Talent. You can listen to his interview here on KIIS-FM's podcast page. If you are outside the U.S., you can listen to the Interview at this alternate website (thanks to Hayls) or on her Hoffspace.

Meeting the Hoff

Jacaranda FM contacted Reynard Botha and asked him to bring his KITT replica to Monte Casino as a surprise to David. Here is his story:

Last week was very busy for me as I was trying to get my car and myself ready to meet the Hoff.  Yes the real Michael Knight. err David Hasselhoff.JacarandFM contacted me and asked my if I can bring KITT to Monte Casino as a surprise to David while visiting SA to sing a Duet with Patricia Lewis an old friend and ex-girl friend to David.  The schedule was jumped by a few months in order for the song to be completed before Patricia is to be operated for tumors on the thyroid, and operation that might render the blond super voice of South Africa quite forever.  Well I certainly hope not, I wish Patricia all of the best for the operation.Well back to the Hoff.  What a nice guy, looking back on track with his life and a pleasant celeb to meet.  He chatted with me about my car and told e about his own.  He played out a little scene with my KITT in the car and signed my car and my owners manual that I wrote for the car.  He posed for some pictures with me and also did a host of other interviews for the event, he then sang a song on stage and also did a round of signatures for the crowds.

He posted a ton of pictures of his time with the Hoff and shows off his awesome KITT replica.See the rest of the photos here.The Hoff with Reynard Boffa