SWR Germany Interviews David Hasselhoff

Thanks to HNC, Marie, Steffi, and Maria for the translation

Update: Maria translated the article that talks about the podcast:

During the talk show "Leute" ("People") at German radio station SWR1, which aired on Sunday 25th of July 2010, David found out for the first time that his family original came from place called Völkersen positioned around 30 km from Bremen.He was very surprised and touched by this information and immediately asked are there still some Hasselhoffs living in Völkersen and said how he'll for sure go and search for his "new" family.Professor Jürgen Udolph, well known expert in the field of genealogy from the Leipzig University and by the order of SWR1 radio station, has been able to track David's ancestors all the way to 16th century. It seems that the farm was in the near of hazelnut tree (Haselnussstrauches in German). Udolph has also said that the house and the farm should still be existing in Völkersen, 30km south of Bremen. Until this moment, David thought that his family is coming from Nordhessen near Kassel because there's a place called Hasselhof.Show moderator Birgit Steinbusch gave David copies of the documents that professor Udolph has found and they included signatures of family members for population census, a draft of notice from the First World War and even the passenger list from the ship that brought David's great-great-grandmother Meta Hasselhoff and her family to Baltimore in 1865."This is the greatest and the most important gift I've ever got" said excited David and finished with: "I love Bremen!"

 While David was in Stuttgart, he recorded an interview with SWR1 Radio Station that was broadcasted this morning in Germany. We'll be looking for the podcast to be put up on their website and will let you know when it's up. Here is the link to the podcast page.

Book Signing in Stuttgart & Innsbruck

David's in Stuttgart today, and had a book signing earlier. Here's a video of the event. Markus was there, and was able to meet him and take a photo! After the photo and video, there are some photos and a video from when David was in Innsbruck.Markus and DavidHe was also in Innsbruck yesterday, and here are some photos. Here is a fan video from the event.