David Hasselhoff on HuffPost Live Talks Sharknado 3 and Latest Projects

"Baywatch" and "Knight Rider" alum David Hasselhoff joins HuffPost Live to discuss his latest projects, including the upcoming films "Killing Hasselhoff" and "Sharknado 3." He'll also tell us about his new iPhone game, "Hoff Zombie Beach."

He also talks about his time singing on the Berlin Wall, talking to people about what it's like living with the wall, and how "Looking for Freedom" became their anthem.

Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall: National Geographic Documentary

We've known for awhile about David's National Geographic Documentary on the Berlin Wall, but we finally have some press coverage to share!

David Hasselhoff Berlin Wall

Germany was united in song in December of 1989 when David was there singing "Looking for Freedom." Later this year will mark the historic 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the National Geographic Documentary, Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall.David Hasselhoff will retrace the history of the wall by meeting people affected by the barrier and recall experiences of performing there on New Year's Eve 1989. The special will be one hour.

Looking for Freedom on Berlin Wall 1989

"Looking for freedom behind the Berlin Wall, I discovered so much more," David said."I witnessed firsthand the horror and the pain the East Germans experienced throughout their unwavering fight for freedom. They are an inspiration to us all, and I am proud beyond words to present their saga to the world in partnership with National Geographic Channel."David Hasselhoff Berlin Wall 1989Hamish Mykura, executive vice president and head of international content for NatGeo, added: "Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall brings to life the extraordinary triumph over tyranny that sent the wall crashing down, while also weaving together an inspiring and surprisingly personal narrative of how David's unique story fits into the Berlin Wall's big picture."David Hasselhoff Berlin wall 1989The documentary will look at David's personal experience of the historic event on November 9, 1989 and his connections to Germany. David Hasselhoff used his Knight Rider success to launch a music career there, and became very popular. "Looking for Freedom" became a hit, going triple platinum and an unofficial anthem of the reunited nation of Germany.“David didn’t just witness one of the 20th century’s most historic moments, his song "Looking for Freedom" also provided the soundtrack," said Simon Young, an executive producer at shingle DSP, which is producing the documentary for National Geographic. "Through David’s journey, and the powerful stories he uncovers, the startling human cost of the wall is laid bare. And it becomes clear why David’s song meant so much to so many."Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall will premiere in the U.S. on National Geographic later this year and air in 171 countries worldwide.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

There's a second documentary with David on the Berlin Wall called, Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall.

Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall

David Hasselhoff in Berlin for Acceleration 2014, and Hoff Documentary

David Hasselhoff with the HoffArmyDavid Hasselhoff has been in Berlin, Germany this week to shoot a Hoff documentary, perform at Celebrate the 80s and 90s and also had his photo put up in the Checkpoint Charlie museum.David posted photos on his Google+ page of his recent Berlin trip.

"Berlin trip to shoot #hoffdoc. Going to miss Berlin, but I'm happy I had a chance to show my girlfriend what it's all about, and share the incredible history and what so many people went through looking for freedom."

Here is a video of his photo at the Checkpoint Charlie museum, part of the "Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall" documentary.

David Hasselhoff Leaves Germany's Promi (Celebrity) Big Brother

David Hasselhoff left the Big Brother house at 5:43pm Germany time where he was met by a limo and camera crew to the airport. The fans have all enjoyed David being on Big Brother, loved seeing his videos and we're all very proud of him.Promi Big BrotherFans have said it was a pleasure to see David on German TV again, it's sad to see him leave, but they loved every minute and are very proud.From HoffArmy via Sat1:
Shock for the residents: David Hasselhoff (61) suddenly has to leave the "Celebrity Big Brother" house. What happened? The world star undergoes the surgery that his father is ill. No question, David wants to him immediately. Overcome by his feelings, he admits his celebrity housemates that he will immediately move out of the house: "I must go When I came here, my father was sick I did not know how long I can stay I have now... got a call he is not dying, but he has lung problems and the only one he has, I am I thought the hardest part for me would be to collect here -...., but now it is to go the hardest for me "The background to the extract, the reactions of the remaining eleven residents and what David thinks of his celebrity colleagues, see you tomorrow at 22:15 clock in SAT.1.

Bruno posted in HoffArmy what exactly happened in the house:

Here the picture is of the protocol excerpt:15.18 clockDavid comes from the consulting room. All residents are sitting at the dining table. He calls Marijke to him. David: "I have to go. I need you to translate. I speak English and German you. My father is not well. When I arrived, I knew that I can stay as long as he's fine. I fly back to L.A. tonight. He's fine, but he had to be hospitalized again. I asked my father if I could go and he said it is ok. Then we made a deal, and I said, I'll stay as long as it goes. And now I must go. I want you to explain to the other. "15.20 clockMarijke at all: "I need your attention. David would like to tell you something. This is very important! "15.21 clockDavid speaks and translates Marijke. David: "I have to go. When I came here, my father was ill. I did not know how long I can stay. I've now just got a call. He does not die, but he has a lung problem. And the only one he has, that's me. I thought the hardest part for me would be to collect here - but now it is to go the hardest for me. I want to tell you that this was a cool experience for me. "15.22 clockThe residents fall individually on his neck.15.54 clockDavid begins to pack.16.19 clockAll the villagers gather in the garden and put in the garden for a group picture for the cameras.17.33 clockAll residents sing with David, "Looking for Freedom".17.35 clockDavid Hasselhoff leaves the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, gets into a waiting limousine and goes directly to the airport.20.35 clockWith the British Airways will fly to London and from there back to LA

Promi Big Brother

Sources: HoffArmy, Sat1, Mr. Pocher,


Germany Promi Big Brother: What's Happened So Far

Promi Big Brother

Markus from the HoffArmy has kindly sent us a recap of what's happened in the Big Brother house so far, since some of David's fans either can't watch or don't understand enough German to know what's happening.

Friday, September 13th 2013:It became official - David entered the german BIG BROTHER house. Before he got in he sang a tiny bit of "Looking for Freedom" and was challenged by host Oliver Pocher in regards of his past troubles with alcohol: "Just so that you know - there IS alcohol in the fridge" Oliver Pocher said....quickly David responded "Just to so that you know....I only drink red bull". David appeared to be well received by the other celebrities which are all german. He then was asked if he d like a drink, and he said yes. Then quickly corrected what he said after he noticed some bottles on the table and turned around with the words "I'll get myself a red bull" followed by "I am still learning" which he appeared to say to himself, laughing.Saturday, September 14th 2013:David became the "hero" by finding the closets. Several people inside the house, especially the ladies struggled to store their luggage 'til then. The tv channel decided to show a montage of david getting dressed and played music to it. David seemed a bit lost that day, due to the language barriere - maybe.Sunday, September 15th:First montage of David showed him taking care of his beauty, shaving, creaming, the whole stuff needed to feel comfortable.David and Martin (Semmelrogge, german actor who once played in a Wolfgang Petersen movie "Das Boot" from the early 80s) worked out together, and obviously David is in a better condition than Martin. Later on David and Lucy (Diakovska, a former pop band member before and afterwards musical singer) collected eggs and three hens from a conveyer.  in the late afternoon David took the chance to sing with one of the three new residents of the Big Brother house and asking the viewers for help because most of the time all the people inside speak german.Monday, September 16th:At the beginning he was joking about his german not becoming that good when the experiment is over but his english pretty bad. First longer david scene was when he talked about his dad to Lucy. Second was that he had to say a german tongue twister. "Gibst du opi opium bringt opium opi um." Try that and record it. He ended up singing that line to looking for freedom. Practiced in the restroom, came back al smiles and sang it out loud. Lucy was amazed by the last long tone he sang, bet she never says that he cant sing. He was in such a good mood so far. He had to catch eggs again.
They have a rule saying they are ONLY allowed to speak english when David is around. Cold showers for all of them besides them in the "comfort zone", so David has to take cold showers now.

YouTube: Sharespot: Towels! We need towels!YouTube: Sharespot: David says hi to friends, family, fans and HayleyYouTube: Sharespot: David Hasselhoff and Manuel Charr in the house!

Promi Big Brother

David Hasselhoff on Germany's Celebrity Big Brother

David Hasselhoff on Big Brother

Big news coming out of Germany with Sat1's Celebrity Big Brother airing it's season premiere tonight at 20:15 Uhr. David came out on stage singing "Looking For Freedom" before talking with the hosts for a bit. Before entering the Big Brother house, his last words were, "Ich bin ein Berliner!" Which means "I am a Berliner."The houseguests will spend 2 weeks inside the house. Germany's Promi Big Brother will air daily at 22:15, except for Friday when it airs at 20:15 on Sat1.Click here for the complete TV schedule auf Deutsch.The guests look to be Lucy Diakovska, 37, from the former German girl band No Angels; Dutch TV presenter Marijke Amado, 59, and Martin Semmelrogge, the 57-year-old star of film Das Boot who was locked up last year for driving without a license.Hasselhoff is no stranger to Germany and his links to the country have been much documented.

Source: HoffArmy, The Local

David Hasselhoff at Berlin Wall Protests

 Source: Huffington Post

BERLIN — David Hasselhoff put his name behind a campaign to preserve one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, calling it a "sacred" monument to cheers Sunday from Germans who fondly remember his schmaltzy hit "Looking for Freedom" as one of the soundtracks to their peaceful 1989 revolution.The actor, best known for starring in "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch," joined ordinary Berliners in protesting a real estate developer's plans to move part of the wall to make way for an access path for a luxury housing development."It's like tearing down an Indian burial ground. It's a no-brainer," said Hasselhoff, before recounting his own memories of visiting East Germany – grim cities, grim food – shortly before unification.Plans to move part of the East Side Gallery – a 1.3 kilometer (3/4 mile) stretch of wall painted by artists after the fall of communism and popular with tourists – sparked angry protests earlier this month. Activists have denounced it as part of a wider trend of steamrolling Berlin's tumultuous history to make way for gleaming but soulless developments in the heart of the city.At least 136 people died between 1961 and 1989 trying to cross the wall that divided the communist-run East Berlin from West Berlin. Most of the wall has since been destroyed, with only two large sections remaining as memorials."It's a stupid idea to rip parts of the wall out for luxury apartments," said Roland Junge, one of thousands of locals who accompanied Hasselhoff on an impromptu walk along the wall Sunday."This last piece of the wall is really sacred," Hasselhoff told reporters. "It's about people and it's about hearts that were broken, hearts that were torn apart and lives that were lost. That's what we're talking about today, not a piece of real estate."Asked if he thought his song – belted out by a million people on both sides of the wall during a New Year's Eve concert in 1989 – had played any role in bringing down the most visible section of the Iron Curtain, Hasselhoff said: "Whether it had anything to do with anything, it's a song about freedom and it stuck in their head because it had a good hook."Berliners can prepare for a reprise if talks involving the developers, authorities and campaigners fail to reach a compromise next week."If it goes to the next step, we'll come back with a huge concert and really rock Berlin," said 'The Hoff.'

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David Hasselhoff at the MTV Europe Music Awards

David was at the MTV Europe Music Awards today. If you weren't able to catch him with the live streaming, check out these photos and videos.Here are some more photos from photography sites:

Get More:EMA 2012, MTV2

I've collected these photos from Twitter. Enjoy!

David Hasselhoff to Appear at MTV EMAs

David Hasselhoff at MTV EMA's 2011According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Hasselhoff will appear as a presenter at the MTV EMAs' Red Carpet show in Frankfurt, before heading backstage to be a social media reporter. Kim Kardashian, the Jonas Brothers, Brett Davern from MTV's Awkward are other celebrities set to appear.

The red carpet shindig will be hosted by Tim Kash, Louise Roe and Sway and is due to air Nov. 11, an hour before the main event, which starts at 21:00 CET.Additionally, French producer/DJ Madeon will be dropping his one-of-a-kind mixes throughout the evening for the entire audience to enjoy. Hasselhoff will be reporting from backstage via social media tweeting his thoughts on the performances, interacting with other stars and generally showing the world the 2012 MTV EMA from the Hoff's-eye-view.Hosted by Heidi Klum, the 19th annual MTV EMA will broadcast live from Frankfurt’s Festhalle.Taylor Swift, Muse, No Doubt, Carly Rae Jepsen, fun., Rita Ora, Alicia Keys, Pitbull, The Killers and Psy are all booked for turns.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

WGN Chicago Interviews David Hasselhoff

You know David Hasselhoff from the hit 80's TV shows "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider." In fact, today he is one of the most recognizable faces around the world.'The Hoff' talked to WGN Monday morning from Los Angeles to discuss his continuing popularity and his growing work in Germany and the UK.In the last few years, the La Grange native has done several online campaigns. His most recent work comes as the new spokesperson for 'Lean Pockets.' In the commercial, Hasselhoff plays “Mr. Lean," a German-accented man who tries to persuade a young woman to make 'Lean Pockets' her meal of choice.The Nestle brand is hoping to revive their name and believe Hasselhoff can do just that.

Source: WGN

'The Hasselhoffs' Coming to Germany

The next stop after the UK for 'The Hasselhoffs' reality show is Germany! As most of the german fan base has known this for sometime, they sure are excited. If you're one of the lucky fans that get to finally see the show in Germany, get ready, because it starts August 14 on VIVA.Check out the VIVA site for more information.
Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

David is the Judge of Good and Bad Entertainment in New TV Ad

In an advertisement for the new web video store "MyVideoTV", David is the judge of good and bad entertainment, beating up the bad and rewarding the good.The fresh P7S1-video portal went online in mid-March and boasts of a wide range of professional content, including TV series ("Fringe, " "Vampire Diaries"), movies ("Dune, " "Malcolm X") and Concerts and music clips. Total of 150,000 video channels in 450 topics are free to offer.In conjunction with the video on the station platforms or "" and "" as well as the online video platform MyVideo maxdome and mother managed the P7S1 group monthly claims to up to 100 million views.


'A Real Good Feeling' Coverage

David's new album came out in Europe on Friday, so he's been doing a fair amount of TV appearances to promote the album. This page will update as soon as we find photos and videos of David's promotion tour. If you find any new videos or photos, feel free to comment or tweet us @davidnet! Check Hasselhoff-Foundation for a complete schedule.Upcoming appearances:

  • April 10, 2011: "Voll auf die Nüsse"at 03:00 from skycomedyGERMANY

Click to watch:

David Hasselhoff at the Carmen Nebel Show on 02.04.2011 ZDFPunkt 6 on March 31, 2011"Leute Heute" (People Today) April 2, 2011Thanks to Nadja EigendorfDavid Hasselhoff in der Wiener U-Bahn April 2, 2011Thanks to Natalie MarshallThe Hoff im Talk - TV Total, April 4, 2011ZDF, April 4, 2011Thanks to "TheHickland"Watch on, April 6, 2011Hamburg Morning Show with David Hasselhoff, April 8, 2011 Part 1Hamburg Morning Show with David Hasselhoff, Part 2Interview with - April 8, 2011Interview.. April 9, 2011 - Not sure where it's from, if you know, please let us know!Photo Gallery of David on the Carmen Nebel Show - April 2, 2011

'A Real Good Feeling' Promotion Tour

David Hasselhoff is out in Germany promoting his new album, 'A Real Good Feeling' which comes out tomorrow. David was in Köln yesterday for Willkommen zur Mario Barth Show and some fans were out to see him, so check out the video below. David Hasselhoff was also on RTL yesterday to promote his new album, kick-starting a whirlwind of television appearances in the next month.Remember, you can order David's new album 'A Real Good Feeling' on April 1 and on April 12 for USA fans.From Hasselhoff-Foundation:

Vote for DavidFrom next Monday on, David's new Single "A real good feeling" will be listed at the "Get the clip" show on VIVA. You can choose David's video by phone and have an influence on how often the clip will be played. Be part of it! Click on the headline to get further information. (Be careful: Mind the costs of dialing in to the show. One call will cost 0,50 EUR, using your mobile might be more expensive)

Here is a list of his Promotion and TV Appearances in Europe courtesy of 31, 2011 "Voll auf die Nüsse" 19:55 from skycomedyGERMANYApril 1, 2011"Voll auf die Nüsse" 13:15 from skycomedyGERMANYApril 2, 2011Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel live aus Klagenfurth (Austria) ab 20:15 UhrApril 2, 2011"Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" 20:15 on ZDFGERMANYApril 4, 2011TV-Total Aufzeichnung in Köln (Germany)April 4, 2011"TV-Total"23:10 from Pro7GERMANYApril 5, 2011"Volle Kanne"09:05 on ZDFGERMANYApril 5, 2011 "Voll auf die Nüsse" 19:45 from skycomedyGERMANYApril 10, 2011 "Voll auf die Nüsse" 03:00 from skycomedyGERMANY

Video from TheHickland on Youtube

on3-Startrampe Interview with David Hasselhoff

David spoke with on3-Startrampe while he was on tour in Germany, and says he wouldn't mind going back to Baywatch.. but only as the boss. He also talks about his music and concerts with the Bavarian Band Dobré.

The interview itself is all in english, just the beginning is in german.