Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall: National Geographic Documentary

We've known for awhile about David's National Geographic Documentary on the Berlin Wall, but we finally have some press coverage to share!

David Hasselhoff Berlin Wall

Germany was united in song in December of 1989 when David was there singing "Looking for Freedom." Later this year will mark the historic 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the National Geographic Documentary, Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall.David Hasselhoff will retrace the history of the wall by meeting people affected by the barrier and recall experiences of performing there on New Year's Eve 1989. The special will be one hour.

Looking for Freedom on Berlin Wall 1989

"Looking for freedom behind the Berlin Wall, I discovered so much more," David said."I witnessed firsthand the horror and the pain the East Germans experienced throughout their unwavering fight for freedom. They are an inspiration to us all, and I am proud beyond words to present their saga to the world in partnership with National Geographic Channel."David Hasselhoff Berlin Wall 1989Hamish Mykura, executive vice president and head of international content for NatGeo, added: "Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall brings to life the extraordinary triumph over tyranny that sent the wall crashing down, while also weaving together an inspiring and surprisingly personal narrative of how David's unique story fits into the Berlin Wall's big picture."David Hasselhoff Berlin wall 1989The documentary will look at David's personal experience of the historic event on November 9, 1989 and his connections to Germany. David Hasselhoff used his Knight Rider success to launch a music career there, and became very popular. "Looking for Freedom" became a hit, going triple platinum and an unofficial anthem of the reunited nation of Germany.“David didn’t just witness one of the 20th century’s most historic moments, his song "Looking for Freedom" also provided the soundtrack," said Simon Young, an executive producer at shingle DSP, which is producing the documentary for National Geographic. "Through David’s journey, and the powerful stories he uncovers, the startling human cost of the wall is laid bare. And it becomes clear why David’s song meant so much to so many."Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall will premiere in the U.S. on National Geographic later this year and air in 171 countries worldwide.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

There's a second documentary with David on the Berlin Wall called, Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall.

Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall