See It. Believe It. Live It. David Hasselhoff at Cambridge Union

Cambridge UnionToday, David Hasselhoff visited the Cambridge Union in the UK to talk to students. The press release talks about what happened during the speech he gave.

On Saturday 24th May, David Hasselhoff visited the Cambridge Union to talk tomembers about his career as a singer, actor, and entertainer. Despite the pressures ofan examination term event, he attracted a large and enthusiastic audience whocrowded in to see the Knight Rider and Baywatch star.The event kicked off with a five-minute video documenting the life of ‘The Hoff’, andhis rise to fame on the back of the international success of both Knight Rider andBaywatch, before reminding the Chamber of the great array of activities he had takenon during his decades in the entertainment industry.Mr. Hasselhoff entered the historic chamber to roaring applause from the assembledstudents. The discussion started off with an exposé of the ‘Brand of The Hoff’ andhow it had developed: “The Hoff father got Hoff with my mother because he thoughtshe was Hoff stuff,” he jested. There was, however, clearly more work that went into‘The Hoff’ brand. Life is a “bizarre, spiritual, universal psychic path,” Mr. Hasselhofftold us, and to get ahead we need to “see it, believe it, and live it.” This positivitypervaded the rest of his speech, a running theme that seemed to unite the vast array ofpursuits ‘The Hoff’ has undertaken during his lifetime.Mr. Hasselhoff told us that Knight Rider, in particular, meant a lot to his audience, asit showed people how to “make a difference in your own life”. He went on to tell usthat, “thirty years later it’s all coming true.” And it really did seem to be, with ‘TheHoff’ telling the audience how Google created a talking car, and in true Knight Riderfashion, offered him a test drive.With these things, however, Mr. Hasselhoff tells us it’s not just luck. “Luck is beingprepared for opportunities when it presents itself,” he goes on. “Although a lot ofsolace can be found in coffee,” he smiles, “as without coffee I don’t think this couldbe true.” This drew an audibly empathic response from students in the midst of theirexaminations terms.In terms of future projects, Mr. Hasselhoff is clearly busy. He told assembledmembers how his plans for his new movie, ‘Killing Hasselhoff’, had been confirmednot 24 hours before speaking to the Union, telling them that he wanted to finish thewhole production in 25 days. Usually, he said, “film is like watching grass grow,” buthe pointed out that that was what was great about Baywatch; they could move a lotfaster than that because they owned the show.Overall the event was a lively one; and audience members were engaged and, in thecase of the long-term Knight Rider fans, largely in awe. The overwhelming messagewas positivity and an ability to get out and go change things. “See it, believe it, live it,”he reiterated, exiting to yet another roar of applause.

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Source: Cambridge Union