David Hasselhoff Leaves Germany's Promi (Celebrity) Big Brother

David Hasselhoff left the Big Brother house at 5:43pm Germany time where he was met by a limo and camera crew to the airport. The fans have all enjoyed David being on Big Brother, loved seeing his videos and we're all very proud of him.Promi Big BrotherFans have said it was a pleasure to see David on German TV again, it's sad to see him leave, but they loved every minute and are very proud.From HoffArmy via Sat1:
Shock for the residents: David Hasselhoff (61) suddenly has to leave the "Celebrity Big Brother" house. What happened? The world star undergoes the surgery that his father is ill. No question, David wants to him immediately. Overcome by his feelings, he admits his celebrity housemates that he will immediately move out of the house: "I must go When I came here, my father was sick I did not know how long I can stay I have now... got a call he is not dying, but he has lung problems and the only one he has, I am I thought the hardest part for me would be to collect here -...., but now it is to go the hardest for me "The background to the extract, the reactions of the remaining eleven residents and what David thinks of his celebrity colleagues, see you tomorrow at 22:15 clock in SAT.1.

Bruno posted in HoffArmy what exactly happened in the house:

Here the picture is of the protocol excerpt:15.18 clockDavid comes from the consulting room. All residents are sitting at the dining table. He calls Marijke to him. David: "I have to go. I need you to translate. I speak English and German you. My father is not well. When I arrived, I knew that I can stay as long as he's fine. I fly back to L.A. tonight. He's fine, but he had to be hospitalized again. I asked my father if I could go and he said it is ok. Then we made a deal, and I said, I'll stay as long as it goes. And now I must go. I want you to explain to the other. "15.20 clockMarijke at all: "I need your attention. David would like to tell you something. This is very important! "15.21 clockDavid speaks and translates Marijke. David: "I have to go. When I came here, my father was ill. I did not know how long I can stay. I've now just got a call. He does not die, but he has a lung problem. And the only one he has, that's me. I thought the hardest part for me would be to collect here - but now it is to go the hardest for me. I want to tell you that this was a cool experience for me. "15.22 clockThe residents fall individually on his neck.15.54 clockDavid begins to pack.16.19 clockAll the villagers gather in the garden and put in the garden for a group picture for the cameras.17.33 clockAll residents sing with David, "Looking for Freedom".17.35 clockDavid Hasselhoff leaves the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, gets into a waiting limousine and goes directly to the airport.20.35 clockWith the British Airways will fly to London and from there back to LA

Promi Big Brother

Sources: HoffArmy, Sat1, Mr. Pocher, bb-unzensiert.de