David Hasselhoff on Germany's Celebrity Big Brother

David Hasselhoff on Big Brother

Big news coming out of Germany with Sat1's Celebrity Big Brother airing it's season premiere tonight at 20:15 Uhr. David came out on stage singing "Looking For Freedom" before talking with the hosts for a bit. Before entering the Big Brother house, his last words were, "Ich bin ein Berliner!" Which means "I am a Berliner."The houseguests will spend 2 weeks inside the house. Germany's Promi Big Brother will air daily at 22:15, except for Friday when it airs at 20:15 on Sat1.Click here for the complete TV schedule auf Deutsch.The guests look to be Lucy Diakovska, 37, from the former German girl band No Angels; Dutch TV presenter Marijke Amado, 59, and Martin Semmelrogge, the 57-year-old star of film Das Boot who was locked up last year for driving without a license.Hasselhoff is no stranger to Germany and his links to the country have been much documented.

Source: HoffArmy, The Local