David Hasselhoff To Talk to NCN Students

Hoff at NCNBefore David leaves Nottingham, he has one more thing to do.New College of Nottingham says it's getting the new term off to a hoff-tastic start, by welcoming no other than guest speaker David Hasselhoff.More than 300 students from ncn’s academy of Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries will get the chance to hear from and question the international superstar about his life and career in the media industry.Students will attend the special event at Broadway Cinema this Friday (10th), which will officially launch ‘jamcon’ - ncn’s creative careers conference.David will speak about his rise to stardom in Knight Rider and subsequent global success with Baywatch and his more recent stints on stage in Chicago and on-screen as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, not to mention his 5m record sales worldwide.As a thank you to David for ending his time in Nottingham with ncn, he will be escorted to the venue in an E-type Jaguar, which comes courtesy of the Nottingham Motor Company - the car dealership purchased by ncn last year to launch its new motor vehicle training courses.New College Nottingham Head of Academy for Media, Film & Digital Technologies, Jonathan Laud said:“At ncn we’re massively excited that the Hoff is making time before his last weekend in the city to come and talk to our students. His speech kick starts our annual event which throws a spotlight on careers in the creative industries - we can’t think of an artist who has had a more diverse and successful career covering a whole variety of creative careers, from actor, presenter, singer/songwriter, producer, theatre star and director. He’s been immortalised in cartoon animation and in videogames and his story is nothing short of fascinating. It’s a privilege to be welcoming him to ncn.”TV and Film BTEC ncn student, Sandra Tkacz, 19 from Aspley, added: “I’m very excited about meeting the ‘Hoff’, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. It’s amazing that he is coming to speak to us, I remember watching him when he was on Big Brother. I’m looking forward to hearing about his career and experience and how he got into the industry. I think it will motivate us all, I’m really looking forward to it.”

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Baywatch Beach Party at Oceana: Photos

Baywatch Cast Gathers After 25 Years

Entertainment Tonight is interviewing the cast of Baywatch all this week. Check your local listings. 7:30pm PST on CBS or 6:30pm MST.Monday:25 years and a billion-plus viewers later, the Baywatch cast embarked on a trip down memory lane with ET on the landmark anniversary of the hit TV series' first show.David Hasselhoff's daughter Taylor played correspondent for the gathering at a huge autograph session in Los Angeles called The Hollywood Show which included Gena Lee Nolin, Nicole Eggert, Parker Stevenson, David Chokachi and the Hoff himself, who reflected fondly back on their toned and tanned days.From the pressure to fit inside those famously tiny suits to fun times on set, the Baywatch crew let loose when talking about the show that put many of them on the map.Tuesday:As one might imagine, it isn't easy to maintain a bikini-ready body all year long, but the former stars of Baywatch tell ET that's precisely what they had to do at the height of the show's popularity."The suits were regulation standard for part of our partnership," Erika Eleniak divulged of a very strict weight clause in many of her female co-stars' contracts, which gave them a mere five pounds leeway before facing termination."There's a lot of pressure," added Traci Bingham. "It was in my contract. You really had to stay fit for the show."Although a few of the ladies have been pretty open with the media about their struggles with weight after leaving the show, they laid no blame on Baywatch for their issues."It was later in life when I found out that I had thyroid issues and gained a ton of weight," explained Gena Lee Nolin. "I got up to 200 pounds."Wednesday:Boasting one of the most gorgeous casts in TV history, it's no surprise that the guys and gals ofBaywatch fancied their fellow cast mates, some of which (believe it or not!) were too shy to pursue their crushes.Reminiscing at The Hollywood Show, held quarterly for fans in L.A., David Chokachi tells ET that his on-screen love interest Carmen Electra had eyes for him on set, but he was blind to her advances."The awareness came a little late, unfortunately," he laughed, adding that, on the bright side, they took every opportunity to spice up their love scenes with a little illicit tongue action.Taylor Hasselhoff (daughter of David) was a staple on the beach set, even appearing in an episode or two. Acting as host to our group interview, she revealed a huge crush on cast member Jeremy Jackson. In fact, her love for him ran so deep that she owned a life-sized cutout of the actor which she kissed every night."You did?" he responded, shocked.Taylor was just seven at the time, so it's safe to say that Jackson was understandably oblivious.

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New Movie in the Works: The B Team with David Hasselhoff

BaywatchAccording to the Internet Movie Database and a confirmation from the film's director on Twitter, David Hasselhoff has been slated to appear in a new movie called "The B Team."Premise: An action comedy reality movie about CIA spies going undercover on the most watched TV series in the world, to save humankind.The "most watched TV series in the world" implies Baywatch, and the cast so far has included actors from the show, including Alexandra Paul, Kelly Packard, Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi, Gregory Alan Williams and Michael Bergin. 

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David Hasselhoff is Willing to Wink at Himself: Interview

David HasselhoffBy:  Theatre Critic, Published on Fri Aug 16 2013Let’s get one thing straight about David Hasselhoff: he knows that people laugh at him, but he doesn’t care as long as he gets the last laugh.The star of Knight Rider, Baywatch and an infamous video involving a cheeseburger is coming to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada (a.k.a. Comic-Con North) from Aug. 22 to 25 and he’s pumped about it.“I love these conventions,” said Hasselhoff, 60, on the phone from California. “The people who show up are great. Sure, some of them are geeks, but who else but a geek would love me?”Well, actually, over the years a lot of people have gone “Hoff Crazy” as he calls it. It started with the housewives who swooned over him on The Young and Restless as Dr. “Snapper” Foster from 1975 to ’82. Then he got a whole new fan base thanks to Knight Rider, where he played Michael Knight from 1982 to ’86. Those are the peeps who will be lining up to see him in Toronto.But what made Hasselhoff the most money and the biggest name was playing Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch. The beefcake and cheesecake series about the life guards on the L.A. county beaches folded after one season in 1989, but Hasselhoff saw its potential, raised the money, produced it himself and put it back on the air and in syndication for another decade.Hasselhoff found a lot of the investment he needed in Germany. “I’m very big in Germany. Very. They loved Knight Rider, so I went to some German bankers forBaywatch. They asked me, ‘Does it haff a car in it?’ ‘No, but it’s got a lot of hot people in bathing suits.’ ‘Almost as gut as a car.’” They signed the cheques.“It gave the world Pamela Anderson,” jokes Hasselhoff, “and it gave me a couple of million dollars.” Actually, according to many sources, The Hoff wound up earning a personal fortune of $100 million, mainly thanks to Baywatch.When it finally went off the air, Hasselhoff tried a variety of projects, including acting on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde, the musical, under the direction of Robin Phillips, but times were a bit lean.“There’s a funny thing about being on a hit show for a long time. When it ends, people think you died or something. The phone doesn’t ring a lot.”When it did, it was for spoofy, self-mocking things like his appearance in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004) and for his often outrageous off-camera behaviour in real life, culminating in a video of him, supposedly intoxicated, rolling on the floor, doing nasty things to a cheeseburger.“All that stuff is old news to me now,” says Hasselhoff, trying to change the subject. When asked if it’s true he’s been on better behaviour since 2011, he says,“Look, nothing really turned me around. The amount of negative press I got for doing nothing but being human was unfair. But I never kind of addressed that. I just kept moving forward.“Hollywood is not the pleasantest or fairest of places. But once you realize that it is not fair and that people are going to screw you no matter what, you stop taking it personally and just move forward.”One of the things that Hasselhoff cheerfully admits has changed his view on things is attending events like the one here in Toronto.“If I had known how good these things were, I would have started coming to them a long time ago. Barbara Eden was at one next to me. Wow. There I was with I Dream of Jeannie.“And Christopher Lloyd is always at these things and he is an inspiration to me. We didPiranha 3DD together and believe me, when Lloyd speaks, he makes you hear every single syllable.”He launches into a very plausible imitation of Lloyd in the final scene of the horror-porn-spoof announcing, “They are spawn-ing and they are go-ing to waaaaaaalk!”Hasselhoff pauses for a minute. “I know I’m making it all sound like fun and it is, but there’s something touching about it, too. I saw one kid who suffered from muscular dystrophy in his wheelchair, all done up like something out of Star Wars and when I said hi to him, he said, ‘Hey, Hoff, the geeks shall inherit the earth.’“For one day in his life, he can say, ‘F--- the world, I can dress up like R2D2.’”The once and future Baywatch king is also anxious to explore the Comic-Con part of the festival because “we’re going to launch the second edition of my comic book there. It’s called The Hoff. And it doesn’t just mean me, it stands for The Heroes of Fearless Freedom.”Hasselhoff is on a roll as he warms to his subject. “The Hoff lives inside The Hassle Castle. He’s Hoff and running. My career is Hoff crazy!”A few sample pages show that the comic book is indeed funny, but it’s all at Hasselhoff’s expense.“Sure, it’s a caricature version of me, but you’ve got to wink at yourself. Look, no one knows the real me. They tell you that truth is everything? Well go on, man, try and find the truth and let me know when you do. I’ll be waiting for a long time.“Do you know they’re making a documentary about my involvement in East German history? It’s true. Knight Rider was so popular there that they were flinging satellite feeds onto trash-can covers to see it. And then I hit it big over there with my song called ‘Looking for Freedom’ and I wound up singing it on the Berlin Wall. For real.”He chuckles a little ruefully. “That was my Elvis period and I was doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted, just because I could. That’s over now.”A short pause and then The Hoff slips into gear again.“Nowadays, I kinda do whatever comes along. I take it day by day. I was asked to audition for Les Misérables onstage, but I thought that would be too much real work. I’m opening a hotel in Bali called Bask, with a bar they’re naming ‘Hoff’s Hideaway.’ I’ve got a TV commercial on the air now for Cumberland Farms where I’m singing about their iced coffee. I do it all.“The funniest thing I’ve got going now is a movie someone wrote called Killing Hasselhoff. It’s about a death pool for celebrities and when this guy can’t get Gary Busey or Lindsay Lohan, he goes after me. Hey, you have to wink at yourself.”We’re about to hang up when he decides to add one more thought.“My girlfriend has a magazine she showed to me. It was called Too Soon, all about these people who died way earlier than they should have. John Ritter, John Belushi, Freddie Prinze, that kid from Glee. I don’t want to be part of that list.“My dream in life is to have a stem-cell replacement so I can live 20 more years. I’m still ready to do it all.”FIVE FAVE ROLESKnight Rider“Everyone wanted to have a friend like me, someone who would take care of them. Hell, don’t we all?”Baywatch“That really was a licence to print money and NBC cancelled it after one season. Good thing they did, because I picked it up and ran with it.”The Young and the Restless“When you’re on a soap opera five times a week, people think you’re part of their lives. Women would throw themselves at me, thinking I was really that guy. Crazy.”The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie“Hey, it put me back in touch with the younger generation of fans and that is so important.”Jekyll and Hyde“I loved singing those songs onstage, but you’ve got to show up[ every night, no matter how you’re feeling. I couldn’t handle that.”

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David Hasselhoff on Wendy Williams

Are they making a "Baywatch" movie? What does David Hasselhoff think about Justin Timberlake playing the role he originated? Will "Knight Rider" make a comeback?David sets the record straight.Then, all month long you've been voting for what you want to see on the show. The results are in and you elected for Wendy and David to act out a steamy soap opera scene!

Access Hollywood Live: David Hasselhoff Talks Christmas Consultant

Today, David Hasselhoff was on Access Hollywood Live to talk about proposing to Hayley Roberts, his new movie Christmas Consultant (airs Nov. 10 at 8pm on Lifetime) and why he was always impressed while working with Carmen Electra on Baywatch.

David Sixty, Sexy and in SA

For a 60-year-old, David Hasselhoff has quite a bit going for him - and he can still make women swoon, as was witnessed outside the Avastar nightclub in Rivonia, northern Johannesburg, where he will perform tomorrow night at the Ultimate Baywatch Beach Party.The Hoff couldn't help but shout "siyabonga" and "sawubona" at everybody in sight. He also believes Michael Knight, the 1980s TV star of Knight Rider, which made him famous, is bigger than James Bond will ever be.Heck, one of his most memorable moments in South Africa was when he found Knight Rider bed sheets on sale while visiting this country with his father, Joe, 87.Hasselhoff is still a major drawcard.Just 20 minutes after The Times joined the club owners on a limousine ride to transport the Hoff from his Sandton hotel to the nightclub yesterday, his personal assistant, Nick Corjan, said he had just been booked to perform at the Sydney Opera House in January."Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself, thinking that perhaps I would have loved to be James Bond, I think: 'Who cares?', more people know about Michael Knight than about Bond," said HasselhoffHe said Baywatch's Mitch Buchannon was "basically Knight Rider in a bathing suit"."Instead of a talking car, we had babes," he said.Hasselhoff was affable with the hotel staff and the four scantily dressed women who greeted him.The media were asked not to quiz him about his past relationship with local star Patricia Lewis, or about his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, or alcohol.The Hoff will be at the children in the cancer wards at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital today.The Hoff is happy to do silly poses or run in slow motion with a bevy of babes on his arm ."When I was in the UK recently I took pictures with girls in bathing suits and would run in slow motion, and all the papers - even though my shows are a big success there - had headlines saying: 'Will you stop living in the past?', and I would say: 'Baby, you just fell right into it; you printed the picture'."

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Edinburgh Festival 2012: David Hasselhoff Interview

David Hasselhoff, whose one-man show runs for a week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, talks to Celia Walden of the Telegraph.

David Hasselhoff’s pet pig has made him late again. “I’m sorry,” exhales the TV star, sinking into a deckchair on the beachfront of a Santa Monica hotel. “He was stuck in the house scratching at the door asking to be let out. Then the water dragons needed feeding.”

Welcome to Hoff-world: an alternative universe where pot-bellied pigs govern schedules, conversations veer off on wild tangents and waitresses swoon like schoolgirls. It’s no surprise that the actor and singer turned talent show judge – who maintains his position in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most famous TV star on the planet – can’t stop smiling. “It’s fun,” he says when I ask whether it ever occurs to him that his life is ridiculous. “Isn’t it fun?” He turns the full, electrifying force of that smile onto his girlfriend, Hayley Roberts – a delicate-featured 31 year-old from Glynneath in Wales. It is, she concedes, fun.
Hayley must be doing something right. The 60 year-old, tanned and lean in blue jeans, an emerald green T-shirt and white jacket, is a different man from the one I first met four years ago, on the set of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The manic, restless quality is still there behind the eyes, but a vicious optimism has replaced the torment. His talent-judging days may be over, but with a one-man show opening at the Leicester Square Theatre this month followed by a week-long run at the Edinburgh Festival, the Hoff is undergoing yet another resurgence.
“That’s what the show is about – my crazy journey. My whole life I’ve been like, woah!” he whoops. “Then, 'Oh what happened?’ Woah! 'Oh what happened?’”
Hasselhoff’s 30-year career has been up and down enough to bring on motion sickness. The Baltimore-born actor’s early roles as Michael Knight – a crime crusader saving the world one person at a time with the aid of his trusty black Pontiac – and then as Mitch Buchannon – the patriarchal lifeguard in Baywatch – saturated the public consciousness throughout the Eighties and Nineties, leaving Hasselhoff a multimillionaire – and typecast.
“But you know, 30 years on, the shows still hold up. Yesterday these kids were asking for autographs, and they didn’t know me from the SpongeBob movie or America’s Got Talent – they knew me from Knight Rider.”While a secondary singing career kept him afloat between hit shows in Austria and Germany, where he continues to conduct sell-out tours (his song Looking for Freedom became the anthem for the fall of the Berlin Wall), it took a video of the inebriated actor eating a cheeseburger during a divorce battle with his then wife, Pamela Bach, to catapult him to a new league. Overnight, Hasselhoff made the transition from figure of fun into The Hoff – a man deserving of his own lexicon, a TV legend fiercely defended by his ''Don’t Hassel the Hoff’’ T-shirted fans.“Ninety nine per cent of people now call me The Hoff – and it’s out of respect,” he assures me. And an overriding fondness, perhaps? (How can you not love a man whose business card is also a hand sanitiser?) “I think people know that I’ve got a good heart,” he nods. “If I do something wrong, I’m the first to say 'Boy, did I f--- up’.”Nowadays his alter ego’s celebrity is such that he endorses endless products (“The Hoff makes a lot of money; David Hasselhoff doesn’t”), makes lucrative guest appearances at Hoff-themed parties (“I went to this school in Hertfordshire where 2,000 people were dressed up in Hoff wigs – and they weren’t making fun of me”) and counts Justin Bieber as a fan.“He wanted to wear a T-shirt that said 'I’m with the Hoff at the MTV awards.’ Can you believe that? I got Bieber Fever.” Why does that matter to him? “Because it means I’m current with the kids.” And why does that matter to him? He looks at me like I’m mad. “Because it means I’m hip.”Whereas he enjoys “the craziness of Hoff-world,” he takes his role as a modern-day knight a little more seriously. “Celebrity means that I can affect people in a positive way. And that’s why it was difficult doing America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent because it’s hard for me to criticise. Knight Rider was all about making a difference, and so was Baywatch. In a cornball way, I think being a celebrity is about making a difference, too.” Hoarse-voiced with emotion, he tells me about the little boy in a coma he went to visit on Christmas Eve. “'How do you keep your faith?’ I asked his parents. 'Because you came,’ they said. They prayed for me to come and I came. That’s when I realised the power of celebrity – and that maybe I got Knight Rider for a reason. When you start to get self-pitying about the parts you didn’t get, you remember those moments.”Ask him to describe the rush of being on stage and he doesn’t have to think about the answer. “Control. I feel like I’m in control. I’m so much more in control on stage than I am off stage,” he explains, a shadow crossing his face, “because I don’t know what’s going to happen off stage. Now, I tell kids that life isn’t fair. Don’t assume that somebody’s really your friend or that you’re going to do another year on Britain’s Got Talent. Once you assume that s--- happens, it’s really f------ easy to move on. I’m the guy who was up for everything: James Bond and Superman – I met with Spielberg for Indiana Jones…” Yet he’s still smiling? “Because it’s like the song I sing in my show: This Time Around I’m Going to Get it Right.” Does he believe that? Does he still crave recognition? “Oh, I’ve got recognition,” he flings back: “I get full houses and standing ovations.”His strong, Germanic features soften as he looks over at his girlfriend of a year and a half, shivering in the ocean breeze. Hayley has got him into curries and football, he tells me as we head down to the beach for our photo shoot. He’s pretty sure he wants to marry her. “We’ve been talking about a baby, but what scares me is having to share her.”On the sand, it’s pandemonium. “The Hoff is back!” slurs a homeless man. “Back?” gawps a British blonde. “I didn’t realise he’d ever gone away.”

'David Hasselhoff Live’ is at Edinburgh Festival 2012 at the Pleasance Grand (0131 556 6550), August 21-26

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David Hasselhoff on UK's 'This Morning'

David was on "This Morning" in the UK today to talk about his upcoming concert, "David Hasselhoff Live."Listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as 'the most watched TV star in the world' thanks to starring roles in both Knight Rider and Baywatch, David Hasselhoff is now inviting us to spend an intimate evening with him as he brings his show to the UK. Promising to deliver a night of song, dance, and laughter, David will be offering the audience a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at his life.He joined "This Morning" to tell them more about a show that regards audience participation as compulsory.David was surprised when Donny Osmond invaded the set and demanded his autograph during the live TV interview.The Baywatch legend made an appearance on British chat show This Morning and was discussing plans for a movie version of his hit 1990s TV drama when fellow guest Osmond ran into shot.Osmond leaped onto the sofa where Hasselhoff was sitting, put his head in the actor's lap and said, "Will you sign my hand?"Hasselhoff was happy to join in the prank, pretending to autograph Osmond's digits before performing a mock heart-resuscitation on him.The bizarre stunt left Hasselhoff looking bewildered, as Osmond walked off the set, telling him, "I love you, man."If you're in the UK, you can check out the video here.

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David Hasselhoff Celebrates His Birthday at Greystone Manor

David Hasselhoff to Play Himself in New Baywatch Movie

Biggest surprise of the night - at least to me - was that David Hasselhoff will not be reprising his role as Mitch Buchannon in the new Baywatch movie. Editorial comment: a little disappointing, in my own opinion, as I loved Mitch and would've loved it if he reprised his role. We'll have to see how 'David Hasselhoff' fits into this movie. It might just be a cameo, who knows.

From ContactMusic:

David Hasselhoff is set to play himself in the new 'Baywatch' film, not his former character Mitch Buchannon.

David Hasselhoff is set to play himself in the new 'Baywatch' film.The 59-year-old actor says he won't be reprising his role as lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the big-screen version of the hit TV show and will instead appear as himself.He said: ''I've just met the guy writing the film. I'm going to play myself.''The former 'America's Got Talent' judge is the only cast member certain to star in movie but it is rumored Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber could also appear.David - who was one of the star performers at the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival last weekend - added to BANG Showbiz: ''There will be certain people in the movie for the original parts and we're trying to make it a very cool, updated version.''Pamela Anderson - who played long-running character CJ Lewis in the 90s series - is yet to be confirmed, although bosses are hoping the blonde babe will sign up.David said: ''I don't know. All I know is that they've had the script for four years now.''

The Celebrity Cafe Interviews David Hasselhoff

From The Celebrity Cafe

David Hasselhoff is known for his roles in the 1980’s hit series Knight Rider as well as the 1990’s hit Baywatch but “The Hoff” is more than a lifeguard in red swim shorts. Since he has contributed to America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent is currently working with Play Station to create his own video game. He has also teamed up with Lean Pockets as well as released his newest album,This Time Around; not to mention a series of online work which fans can contribute to! The hilarious Hoff took a moment to talk to about his current work and future work, but it wouldn’t be an interview with The Hoff if there weren’t a twist of sarcasm and humor mixed in.TheCelebrityCafe: Tell me about your work with Lean Pockets.David Hasselhoff: Mr. Lean came to me through, well, I don’t know how he came to me. [Probably] through my manager because I’ve been doing a lot of work online - I have a big online presence with my website and my Twitter. I’m getting a lot of things actually. I’ve things with Play Station where I’ve done a “Dance Hoff.” I have a game coming out on iTunes for the iPhone from Play Station.I have a commercial in Norway which is an interactive commercial where you can actually co-star in the commercial. We’ve green screened everybody and you put your Facebook in there and it says that “David Hasselhoff is looking for Sarah in the mall,” and there’s a picture of you, and at the end we find you in your house. If your house is on satellite we actually shoot coming to your house - it’s pretty wild.I’ve been doing things in Germany that actually involve my video tape. Basically my online presence is generating a lot of resources for me. We have a keen sense of recognizing the obvious and the obvious is that Baywatch is still the number one syndicated show in the world and since people know me so well they respond to whatever I do.Then from there, America’s Got Talent to Britain’s Got Talent and episodes ofKnight Rider and Baywatch are still running and so, this came to me. [Lean Pockets] know I have a crazy sense of humor, and they know that I like to make fun of myself. They brought me in and said they have this German metrosexual crazy character, and they told me what it was like and it kind of (In his best German accent) “Talks like this! And it’s up to you!...”He’s very funny. I went and did the show and I went 2000 percent crazier than they expected and it was great. When it first came out the reviews said, “Has Hasselhoff gone crazy? What won’t this guy do?” And I thought, “Oh my God my career is over.” My girlfriend came in and told me some negative report right online and the next thing that came out was 3 million hits and we went, “Oh! I guess we’re a hit!”So now it’s a hit. It’s a funny character, it’s not gay, it’s not making fun of anybody. He’s just a crazy character like Will Ferrell or Steve Martin would do, and I was always a fan of those guys, so it was kinda cool to do it! Besides that, the Lean Pockets are good, so it’s not like you’re promoting cigarettes, they really taste good!They actually sent me a bunch of them when I was making The Christmas Consultant which will be out on Lifetime next Christmas. I came home from work one freezing cold night in Canada and there was Lean Pockets there and thought, “Ah! Let’s try one of these baby’s out!” I ate about six of the cheese ones right away, they’re really good.TCC: Are those your favorite kind?DH: The three cheese are my favorite, but there is this one that has meat in it, gives you a little protein if want to work out. You know, they’re definitely munchy food.TCC: You were mentioning games that you were going to put out, what are the names of those games?DH: The game is called “Hoff Zombie Beach.” It’s Hoff against the Zombie’s and it’s going to be awesome. We’ve been working on it for, gosh, it’s going to be 8 months and we designed it ourselves. I went to Play Station and I said I don’t want an advance, I don’t want any money, I don’t want to own this. I want to develop with you guys, I want it to be the Hoff’s and all of the “Hoffisms” - like we have the watch from Knight Rider - and it’s all kind of little things that have happened in my life. I’m dressed as a lifeguard at the beach and all of these zombie’s come out of the water. There are a lot of other things coming out as well.I’m on a thing called Trust Us With Your Life which is on ABC on July 10. I’m on the third episode and it’s kind of like What’s My Line with Drew Carey and Fred Willard is the host. It has Wayne Brady and a bunch of comedians; it’s really, really, funny. Right now I am trying to get back into a line of things in America but I am so busy with Europe.Each Christmas I do a panta in the U.K which is like Peter Pan where I play “Hoff the Hook.” It’s a big sendoff; it’s fun and very, very successful and it only lasts 5 weeks, but it’s Christmas so I have to bring Christmas over there, which in a way is great, but it’s kinda not the same. In a way it’s neat because my girls come over and it’s usually snowing and cold, but I’ve done a lot of concerts and I am working on my own show for Broadway called “Hoff Broadway” and I’m trying to get back into a line of television in the states.The last two years I just really got into touring and I said, you know, there’s really nothing happening in the States right now other than reality and I didn’t want to do America’s Got Talent, and I did Britain’s Got Talent for a year. It’s fun to do it when it’s live, but the rest of the time it’s not. It’s a lot of travel and watching people on stage and sitting there. I kind of feel like, I’m 59 years-old, I don’t want to be watching people. I’d rather be on stage doing it. Even if I don’t make the same amount of money, I don’t care about that. I want to do what makes me happy and that’s singing and pleasing people and adventure and surprise.I like the adrenaline. I go to South Africa after this and we’ll go on a safari after our concert. So, we try to find some sort of adventure that kind of coincides with whatever we are doing.TCC: You just released an album titled This Time Around, can you tell me about that?DH:This Time Around is an album that took me a few years to finish. The music of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse who wrote “Jekyll and Hyde” and they did, “Stop the world, I want to get off” and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Their music is just phenomenal and it comes from Broadway and it comes from Frank’s library and This Time Around is a tribute to those who made fun of me singing because I can sing. I grew up in the theater and I trained for this and I’m very proud of the album; people who hear it, love it. It’s kind of a Josh Groban album, it’s beautifully done. I was out promoting that, so when I’m in my concert tours I’m doing the Edinburgh Festival between the 20th and 27th and then I do Leicester Square in the U.K on the 17th and 18th of August.In those shows I will do half way Broadway and half these beautiful ballads then I’ll turn it into a rock n roll Hoff party. I do a tribute to Hoff, a tribute toBaywatch, a tribute to Knight Rider. I sing “Jump In My Car” which was a big hit in Europe. Then, I actually do disco! They called me and I said, “Disco? Why would I want to do a disco for?” They said, “How about 20,000 pounds?” I said, “I’ll do a disco!” They all dress up as me and when they play the Baywatchtheme they all take off their tops! I said, “Let’s just do disco’s for the rest of our lives.” It’s crazy, guys are ripping off their tops, girls are ripping off their tops revealing bikini’s and they’re all dressed as Baywatch and they stand there and scream, “Oh we love the Baywatch!” They kiss me, then they leave and give me money. Then I went, hmmm… hmmm… this is fun! So we do a few of those a year, and now we’re starting to do a university tour.Universities are coming after me to do a homecoming because I sing at the homecoming game and its entertainment for the parents and the kids. It’s kind of a funny place in my life right now so if a TV series comes along I would probably do that, but nothing has really come along that I really like. I did Sons of Anarchy but they’ve kind of run their course and been around the block, so I’m looking for something new and we’ll see what happens.TCC: You also make an appearance in Keith Lemon: The Film where you star as “The Hoff” what is like playing your infamous nickname?DH: Well Keith Lemon is a good friend and one time I did his show and I didCelebrity Juice about five times. So, I’ve been on Keith Lemon about twenty times now and I always say I’d like to do my own show and call it “Hoff an Hour” so he wrote “Hoff an Hour” in his show and I’m a host like David Letterman. I’m interviewing Kelly Brooke and she’s telling me about her new calendar and I get turned on - on stage and I get very embarrassed that I can’t get out of my seat. Then Keith Lemon comes on with the Keith Lemon phone and it’s a really funny cute movie and he’s a first class guy, I love working with him and I think the movie is going to be crazy. Same reason I did Piranha 3 DD , it’s probably the worst movie ever made, but that’s why it’s so good it’s so frickin' funny, it’s so stupid it’s so funny, everybody gets eaten and beheaded. I won’t make any rescues because I’m not really a lifeguard I’m David Hasselhoff. It’s really funny! We went and saw it in 3D and we laughed, of course there were only 5 people in the audience but we laughed with our audience.TCC: You have The Christmas Consultant, Keith Lemon: The Film , the video games, the commercials and not to mention your album- where will fans see you next?DH: You know, I don’t know… I’m working on an online series called “Bum Baywatch.”TCC: Based off of the Baywatch series?DH: Based off of David Hasselhoff going to Bum Bay to make a Bollywood movie! You can see what happens to me when I go there…just put a camera on my head and you would not believe the kind of stuff that happens to me. It’s just crazy. Here’s a series: Hide a camera in my head, follow me with a camera, two guys with other camera’s and let’s watch what happens! I can shut down Time Square in 28 seconds, just by going out and handing out autographed pictures. I’m just saying, I go to Zimbabwe in the jungle and every time someone sees me or delivers me room service they say, “Knight Rider!” Or another guy goes, “Knight Rider, when did you get so old?” [laughing] And that’s in Zimbabwe! I mean, Knight Rider, so I got down on my knee and proposed to my girl and I was doing that as a gag on Twitter and it says, “Knight Rider proposes to girlfriend” in Victoria Falls. They didn’t even say my name; they called me “Knight Rider” the whole interview.You know it’s funny and endearing, and it’s wonderful it’s a positive thing. When I see people on the street, even the homeless people, “Hey Knight Rider, how you doing?” They all know Knight Rider.

Fox and Friends Interviews David Hasselhoff

David sure is making the rounds today! Trying to keep up with all his appearances.Actor David Hasselhoff, known for running down the beach and saving lives on TV’s famous show ‘Baywatch,’ joined Fox and Friends today to discuss the buzz over news that Hollywood may be making the popular show into a new movie. Justin Timberlake is being talked about to play Hasselhoff’s former role, Mitch Buchannon.Haselhoff said that he’s not involved at all in the film, but could see producers asking him and Pamela Anderson to make cameos. He joked, “[They’ll] have us really running in slow motion, because that’s about all we can do right now.”He said that he would make an appearance in the movie if the role were appropriate and handled with respect and fun.

Source: Fox News Insider (Thanks to Marina for the tip)

WGN Chicago Interviews David Hasselhoff

You know David Hasselhoff from the hit 80's TV shows "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider." In fact, today he is one of the most recognizable faces around the world.'The Hoff' talked to WGN Monday morning from Los Angeles to discuss his continuing popularity and his growing work in Germany and the UK.In the last few years, the La Grange native has done several online campaigns. His most recent work comes as the new spokesperson for 'Lean Pockets.' In the commercial, Hasselhoff plays “Mr. Lean," a German-accented man who tries to persuade a young woman to make 'Lean Pockets' her meal of choice.The Nestle brand is hoping to revive their name and believe Hasselhoff can do just that.

Source: WGN

David Hasselhoff on Howard Stern

David Hasselhoff called in to Howard Stern's show this morning at around 7:05am. This video is a taste of the interview, and below you can find a transcript.Audio: David Hasselhoff on Howard SternHoward said he has David Hasselhoff on the phone. He said he's formerly a judge on America's Got Talent. David said he's formerly from everything. Howard asked what he's up to. David said he's getting ready to go drive in the Gumball rally.David asked why he keeps taking his place on TV shows. He said he did Baywatch and then Howard did Son of the Beach. Now he's taking his spot on America's Got Talent. Howard said he's actually taking Piers Morgan's spot.Howard asked David if he walked away from that show or was he fired. David said that it was a contract negotiation thing. He said it was 4 years of arguing with Piers and it wasn't easy. He said Howard will see how hard the work is. Howard said he doesn't have to work out a script or anything and it was pretty high profile. He said he does see the huge time commitment it is though.David said the show is fun if you take your wife or girlfriend but after 4 years it wasn't fun anymore. He said he had Howard would have had a blast but with Piers it was just too much. He said he couldn't take it any more. Howard said David's persona is Mr. Nice Guy and the thing with Piers seemed pretty real. David said Piers was writing stuff behind his back and putting in the papers and denying it. He said he threatened to kill him on the air and they finally became good friends.Howard asked why he threatened to kill Piers. He said he gets that they battle a lot because you tend to defend people you like. David said that the production company will tell you to put people through at times.Howard said he saw that David wanted to butt heads with Piers. David said he changed that to ''we were butting heads.'' He said that Piers didn't like that he threatened him. David said that they had agreed that year that they weren't going to call each other out and get nasty on the show. He said Piers went for the jugular and said he was going to put people through to get at David Hasselhoff. He said Piers called him out so he called Piers out. After that they became close and got friendly.Howard asked how he gets close to a guy who betrays him and prints stories about him. David said you have to sit next to them through 80 acts. Howard asked if he would hold it against him to this day. David said they had it out on Piers' show and Piers apologized. Howard said he could never forgive that. David said Howard did that to him and he called him off the air and Howard apologized to him for it off the air. Howard said he doesn't recall that. Gary said he thinks he made that whole thing up. David said he did do that. He said that Howard wanted him to be on Son of the Beach or something and he talked to him about it and then Howard got on the air and said something that he said in confidence.David asked when the show starts. Howard said it's started already and he has to be watching. David said he doesn't watch the show. Howard said he happens to love the show. David said he loves the show too. He was on Britain's Got Talent and he did a year of that. He said he only signed on to do one year.Howard said he heard a story about David at AGT. He said he heard the producers got mad at him because he went out and got spray tanned during a break and the producers freaked out. He said that his spray tan caused a bunch of commotion. David said that is not true. He said that's something that Piers Morgan ran with that story. He said he didn't come back orange. He said he did get the spray tan at lunch but no one said anything about it. Piers was the one who ran with the story and made a big deal out of it.David said he and Piers are good friends now. He said he does things over in London and he hangs out with Piers' kids over there. He said he's been a real stand up guy with him. David said he was always very kind to his kids so that's how he judges someone.David's dog was barking so Howard asked if he has a lot of pets. David said he has 7 dogs and a pig. Howard asked if he's worth more than $10 million. David said it's more. Howard asked if he owns Baywatch. David said he owns part of that. He said they brought the show back because of the success of the song he did. He tried to bring Knight Rider back but NBC took that away from him. Howard asked if he's trying to bring out a movie based on Baywatch. David said that the people at Imagine own Baywatch the movie. He said he has no idea where they're going with it. He said he is in the middle of a Knight Rider thing with the Weinsteins. He said he lost the rights to the show though. He said he's in a new Piranha movie that's coming out on the 29th. David said that it's Piranha 3DD.Howard asked if he needs one serious part to prove that he's a serious actor. David said he's had those parts. He said that he was Nick Fury. He said he's not sure why that didn't keep going. David said when you're a TV star you remain a TV star. He said that Knight Rider will come back. David said the Piranha movie is great and he thinks that his audience will love it.Howard asked if David is nude hanging aroudn. David said he's actually packing to fly to New York right now. He said that he has to fly out in about an hour.Howard asked David about his wife. David said his first wife married a guy named Michael Knight which was very weird to him. He said now she drives around in a Knight Rider car.David told Howard about how he got custody of his kids. Howard asked how that happened and how that tape of him being drunk on the floor with a hamburger got in the hands of the public. David said it wasn't his daughter who released it. Howard asked if it was Piers Morgan. David said that he should ask a few more questions. David said that it could have been someone who had access to his daughter's computer. Gary said it must be the ex-wife. David said he can't say that but it could have happened that way. David said that he had to put everything he could into showing that he was a cool guy and that his wife was playing the kids. He said within 6 weeks he had full custody of his kids. David said that he asked the judge where he saw the video and he told him it was on E.T. David asked if he was really going to judge him based on a TV video tape.Howard asked David when he found out that tape was on Youtube. David said he was doing America's Got Talent and they were between shows. He said his attorneys and agent walked in and told him what they had seen. David said there was no tape and he doesn't do that. He said they insisted there was a tape. David said they told him that there was a tape of him drunk eating a hamburger. He said they told him it wasn't funny, it was bad. They told him it was going to be out the next day. David said he got calm and saw the writing on the wall. He said he knew he had to get his shit together and stop feeling sorry for himself. Howard asked if he was embarrassed to go out after that. David said he just asked if anyone knew where he could get a good cheeseburger.David said the first call he got was from Simon Cowell and he said everyone makes mistakes. He said that he defended him and so did Ozzy Osbourne. David said he just looks at life like ''shit happens.'' Howard said he'd be in a panic if that was going on in his life. Howard said it's embarrassing to see that kind of thing. Howard said people think he's crazy anyway so that's the kind of thing people would love to see.David said he lost his job on The Producers because of that tape and it was devastating to him. He said he was having a great time doing that play.David told Howard that the judge in the custody battle was great. David said that he's clean and sober now. He said he was clean and sober when that tape was made. That was just a one off thing. Howard asked David about being hospitalized a bunch of times for alcohol poisoning. David said it can be tough when you're an alcoholic. He said that life is fantastic now. He said he has a girlfriend from Wales and she looks like Farrah Fawcett. He said he's going to drive to Indianapolis this week and he's having fun.Howard asked David about the girlfriend and if he's having sex all the time. David said he has it as often as he can. He said he met her on Britain's Got Talent. Howard asked if he had someone bring her to him. David said that he walked right up to her in the audience and said ''you're the one.'' He said she wouldn't go out with him for 6 weeks because she thought he was too old for her. He said he's 59 and she's 32. Howard asked if he has a strong erection or does he use Viagra. David said he's the Hoff and he's like morning wood.Howard said he heard that he's proposed to her and she's turned him down. David said that's not true. Howard asked if he gives her everything sexually. David said they don't do anal. Howard told him to hit his erection against the phone right now. David said okay, whacked the phone and yelled in pain.Howard said he heard that they had the chance to hire Leonardo DiCaprio on Baywatch and they turned him down. David's bird was making noise so he told it to be quiet.Howard asked if the Leonardo DiCaprio story was right. David said that it was. He said that it's best that they didn't hire him because he did just fine without that. He said he would have played his son on the show if they had hired him. He said they went with Jeremy Jackson instead. Howard said that kid ended up on Celebrity Rehab.David said that he has no regrets. He said he did embarrass his daughter with that drunk tape. He said that was the sad part about the whole thing. Howard said he was a legend in the drinking community. He said he read he was clocked at a .39 blood alcohol level. David said he has broken some records. Howard said he read that David ran out of rehab in sweat pants to get a drink. David said he may have done that.Howard asked if David tried to commit suicide once. David said his life is too good and he's never done that. He said he was at a hotel and he was shaving and ended up breaking a lamp that sliced tendons in his wrist and arm. He said he got stitched up and then his ex-wife went out and said he tried to kill himself. He said he wouldn't do that. He said he has so much to live for. He said he has to go and do the Gumball rally tomorrow. He said they're shutting down Times Square tomorrow to do that.Howard asked David if his dad still calls him Michael Knight. David said that he has done that by mistake. Howard said that's not funny. David said it's fantastic. He said his dad used to carry cards aroudn that said ''Knight Rider's Dad.''Howard asked if he ever fucked Pam Anderson. David said he did not. He said that there were too many other people around. Howard asked if he would like to. David said no. He said he's afraid. David said he's just afraid. He said she's gorgeous and lovely but he's afraid. He said there have been other wankers in there before. He said he's happily engaged to a hot Welsh girl and he doesn't need to have sex with Pam.Howard asked David who he's going to vote for. David said that he'd probably go for Obama again. He said Romney reminds him too much of the Bush administration and he didn't like that.Howard gave David a plug for his movie Piranha 3DD. He asked what he's up to next. David said he's doing the Gumball rally and then he's going to the premiere of the movie and doing a bunch of other things like going on a safari and going on an underwater thing. Then he's going to try and bring Knight Rider back as a movie. He's got a lot going on.Howard asked David if the Welsh chick is there. David said she's meeting him in New York. He said she's in Wales right now. Howard said he'd love to talk to her. David said he'd bring her on the show. Howard said he has to ask her about the anal thing because she must not love him if she won't give him that. David said they have a lot of fun together. Howard asked if he's ever had a gay experience. David said he has not. He asked Howard if he has. Howard said a guy did ask him to put his hand on his dick once when he was little but he knew it was wrong and took it off.Howard gave David some more plugs and talked about Piranha 3DD. David said this is the worst movie ever made. He said it's a goofy movie with topless women and things like that. Howard said it sounds like something he'd like.Howard and David talked about the John Travolta controversy that's going on right now. They talked more about the Piranha movie and David said that he gets to see himself in 3-D so that's kind of fun. He said he shot for a week on that movie. He said there are some penises that get bitten off in the movie. He said there are some young stars in the movie whose names he doesn't know. He said they have Christopher Lloyd and Gary Busy in the movie too. He said it's a lot of fun. Howard told David to come see him sometime. David said he will come to an AGT show and say hi there. Howard thanked him for calling in and let him go. He said the movie sounds like fun for the whole family... if you're the Manson family. David got a laugh out of that.Howard said he thinks that David has hit the wall. He is 59 years old. George said he was shocked at Gregg Allman and how aged he is. Howard said he put his body through the mill. George said it sounds like David has too. Howard said you have to hand it to David because he walks aroudn like nothing is happening after that video came out. Howard said he has to learn something from him. He said he worries too much about that stuff. George said that's what's great about Howard. He said David is just oblivious to everything.Howard said David has this career and family life that makes it seem like he's squeaky clean. Howard said it turns out he just doesn't give a shit. Howard said the guy is worth tons of money and he seems to be having a great time.Howard asked George if he's ever turned down a movie role. George said even he has turned down roles. He said even he appeared on Son of the Beach. He played the Grandpa in the show. He said he was happy to land that role. He said he was still in his 50s back then. Howard said he had to go to break after that.

Source: Marks Friggin