New College Nottingham was delighted to welcome David Hasselhoff at The Broadway Cinema.

New College Nottingham Interview
ncn gets Hoff-tastic
New College Nottingham was delighted to welcome David Hasselhoff to speak to our Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries students on Friday 10 January.David pulled up to Broadway Cinema, where the event took place, in an E-Type Jaguar, courtesy of the Nottingham Motor Company, a car dealership purchased by ncn to run motor vehicle training courses at.Whilst speaking to students David said: “I’ve been around the block, I’ve been at the bottom and I’ve been at the top, what I’ve learned is that you have to be impeccable with your word, do your best and don’t assume anything. You’ve got to show up in life, you’ve got to show up for your parents, show up in business and show up for yourself.”“If you have natural talent, you just need to get on it. Whatever opportunities you can find, go for it. Never give up, believe in yourself, see it, believe it and you’ll live it.”When asked about his time in Nottingham David added:“Your weather here is so bad that it’s been easy for me to walk the streets because I’ve always got my head down in the rain so no-one recognises me, but when they do, the people are Nottingham are so sincere, I’ve loved meeting them.”He spoke to more than 300 students about his rise to stardom in Knight rider and global success with Baywatch, including the more difficult and enlightening times of his career.TV and Film BTEC student, Ashlea Carter, 16 from Arnold said: “It’s amazing that we got to meet David and listen to his experiences. He’s had such a varied career and to be able to hear from someone who has experienced so much in the industry was brilliant.”TV and Film BTEC student, Frazer Miller, 17 from Underwood added: “It’s really great that the Hoff came to ncn to speak to us, I remembered him from when I was younger, seeing him on Baywatch and Britain’s Got Talent, but to be able to speak to him himself and hear about what he’s achieved throughout his career was really inspiring.”New College Nottingham Head of Academy for Media, Film & Digital Technologies, Jonathan Laud said: “It’s been a brilliant experience for our students, to have someone of David Hasslehoff’s experience and status to come and speak to our students is a real coupe. Students thoroughly enjoyed his talk and interacting with him and have been really inspired by his talk. This has been a great way to kick-start our annual event known as ‘Jamcon’, which throws a spotlight on careers in the creative industries.”The event officially launched ‘jamcon’ - ncn’s creative careers conference, which begins on Monday 13 January and sees a week of guest speakers and workshops taking place at the college, to inspire students about the creative industries that they could be working in. ITV Central news is doing a segment about it tonight, Here's bit of the interview NCN facebook for more pictures here 

Fox and Friends Interviews David Hasselhoff

David sure is making the rounds today! Trying to keep up with all his appearances.Actor David Hasselhoff, known for running down the beach and saving lives on TV’s famous show ‘Baywatch,’ joined Fox and Friends today to discuss the buzz over news that Hollywood may be making the popular show into a new movie. Justin Timberlake is being talked about to play Hasselhoff’s former role, Mitch Buchannon.Haselhoff said that he’s not involved at all in the film, but could see producers asking him and Pamela Anderson to make cameos. He joked, “[They’ll] have us really running in slow motion, because that’s about all we can do right now.”He said that he would make an appearance in the movie if the role were appropriate and handled with respect and fun.

Source: Fox News Insider (Thanks to Marina for the tip)

David Hasselhoff is "crazy for" NEWS.AT

David Hasselhoff was the star guest of the royal stables NEWS.AT relaunch party in the Museum District to "Hoff" stables. has a message from David Hasselhoff: "To all my friends at It was fantastic last night. Please check out my daughters @realbellavida on Twitter! And their Facebook bellavida/music! We hope to be on tour again in Austria soon! And check out the new site on monday! it rocks!Don't forget Monday not only a completely new look in NEWS.AT, but also a detailed party video report and photos of the re-launch party.

Press Tour: The Hasselhoffs on ABC GMA and E! - Wednesday Part 1

The video is already rolling in on the Hasselhoffs press tour this week. The Hasselhoffs stopped by Good Morning America to chat with Robin Roberts about their upcoming reality show, The Hasselhoffs. The second video is an E! News story about the upcoming series as well.

David Hasselhoff Visits KCRA TV

This morning David visited KCRA TV in Sacramento, California. Among his interviews, he did their Traffic update, Dierdra's Diary and others. If you watch the traffic video, it really is pretty backwards if you've ever tried to do things with a green screen!Here are the links to the videos on their site. Below I've included some YouTube links in case anyone is unable to view the video from the KCRA website.

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