Fox and Friends Interviews David Hasselhoff

David sure is making the rounds today! Trying to keep up with all his appearances.Actor David Hasselhoff, known for running down the beach and saving lives on TV’s famous show ‘Baywatch,’ joined Fox and Friends today to discuss the buzz over news that Hollywood may be making the popular show into a new movie. Justin Timberlake is being talked about to play Hasselhoff’s former role, Mitch Buchannon.Haselhoff said that he’s not involved at all in the film, but could see producers asking him and Pamela Anderson to make cameos. He joked, “[They’ll] have us really running in slow motion, because that’s about all we can do right now.”He said that he would make an appearance in the movie if the role were appropriate and handled with respect and fun.

Source: Fox News Insider (Thanks to Marina for the tip)